This item allows Batman to reach new heights & chain his gliding across Gotham. It is controlled by the R1/Right bumper button depending on the controller.


A projectile thrown by Batman. Usefully for hitting switches or distracting enemies with a stun. Once upgraded, you can use can throw multiple Batarangs to execute a group takedown.

Remote Control Batarang

As the name implies, this variation upon the Batarang allows Batman to directly control the path, speed, & direction of his projectile.

Reverse Batarang

Another style of the Batarang. This one is preferably for stealth of predator situations. It will take a bit of time to set up, but the distraction that can be useful in certain scenarios.

Sonic Batarang

The final variation of the Batarang should only be used in stealth & predator situations. The sound that emits from the Batarang will distract other enemies or draw them into a takedown when used correctly.

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A rather simple tool, the Batclaw can be used on enemies, weapons or items out of combat. You can disarm enemies or pull them closer towards Batman to help in a fight.

Remote Electrical Charge

An interesting & useful tool for Batman. The electrical charge can turn generators on, & in combat the device can be used to alter enemies weapons or physically stun them.


Perhaps one of the more unique tools at Batman’s disposal. The disruptor can turn enemy firearms into useless weapons, making fights drastically easier.

Freeze Blast

This device is used primarily in combat. It will keep thugs in place allowing Batman to take out other enemies. Be aware that the blast will not freeze an entire enemy, just prevent them from moving. So disarm an enemy before freezing them in place.

Freeze Cluster Grenade

Another freezing gadget, this grenade however differs from its blast counterpart. This can freeze multiple thugs at once. So you will have to make the choice of freeing one with the blast, or many enemies with the grenade.

Explosive Gel

A very useful out of combat device, the gel can be applied to weakened walls/floors to take out enemies or access new areas

Line Launcher

Fairly nice in idea, the Line Launcher is similar to a zip line that only moves horizontally. Upon upgrading the device, Batman can hop off of the line & fire it again to move in 90-degree directions. Eventually you will be able to walk on the line, providing Batman with another vantage point.

Smoke Pellets

A great distraction to escape from enemies with guns or even gunfire. The pellets are a last resort, when you do not see any way of getting away cleanly.

Cryptographic Sequencer

A limited, but useful gadget. The sequencer is going to primarily be used for locating coordinates when overlapped on your map. The second use will be in completing certain Riddler puzzles. Once you upgrade it, then you can increase the distance from you which you can attempt an unscrambling.

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