Arkham City occurs a year later in the aftermath of the events in Arkham Asylum. Quincy Sharp has now become Gotham City’s new mayor, using the events from a year ago to bolster his campaign. Sharp decrees that Blackgate & the Asylum are unsuitable for the criminals of Gotham. Instead, the slums of Gotham will now house the inmates, in an enclosed camp called: Arkham City.

Hugo Strange has to be placed in control of the facility, & along with the TYGER mercenaries are out to bring Batman to justice. Meanwhile, the Joker remains sick from a mysterious ailment. It is up to Batman to keep watch over the new Arkham City, & the dying Joker.

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Once the cutscene has concluded you will be in control of Catwoman. You will need to defeat the thugs, so treat this as an opportunity to get accustomed to the controls. After the fight is finished walk over to the safe to progress forward.

Bruce Wayne

After another a brief cinematic you will now be in control as Batman’s alias Bruce Wayne. You will be tied down to a chair, so you will have to break yourself free. Rock back & forth to make the chair fall eventually. As soon as the guard attempts to restrain you, counter his attack to relieve yourself of the chair. Again this fight should be treated as a warmup to get you familiar with the combat & controls.

You will need to follow along & eventually you will be presented with the ability to escape from your restrictions. After the next big fight, go over to the dumpster & make your way up to the roof. This whole area will be a bit of a platforming section, so take your time & get to the top.

At the roof, you will be in touch with Alfred. He will inform you that your equipment will be arriving on an adjacent rooftop. Follow the marker that pops up on the screen to find the delivery, & suit up to deal with the upcoming threats.

Two-Face & the Courthouse

First things first, you will need to unscramble the signal with your decryptor. Listen to the recording & head over to the courthouse. Drop down towards the front entrance to engage with the thugs guarding the door. After getting inside head to the top by the glass window to initiate a cutscene. Then follow the linear path down the ladder & get over the crowd. Take out the the thug with a gun, just like Batman suggests & takedown the rest of the thugs. With the rest of the henchmen disposed of, watch the cinematic as a reward for your hard work.

Finding the Trigger Man

With the scene finished scan the glass to begin reconstructing the crime scene. You will need to deduct the trajectory of the bullet if in order to locate where it came from.

The bullet trail will take you outside & up to the roof. Follow the marker & you will end up perched on the gargoyles near from the thin tower. You will need to go into the church. However its entrance is being guarded by three thugs. Take them out & enter the abandoned holy building.

Once you get inside, you will need to counter the first attack you are subjected to. Create a distraction with your smoke pellet & head up into the rafters to begin the first stalker segment of the game. Batman is going to lead you on to each of the next possible interactions. Just follow his actions to understand the mechanics of the scenario in order to free the hostages.

With the room safe & the hostages free you will need to make your way up to the bell tower in order to find the shooter. Climb & grapple your way up the wooden beams & up through the trapdoor to the shooter’s perch. Scan the rifle in the room to collect some more evidence. Only this time the Joker will interrupt with an ominous message about an explosion. Jump out of the window to escape from the trap set by the Joker.

Find the Joker

Now that we know who is responsible for the shooting we just need to apprehend them. Follow the marker & glide over to the Industrial District to the hangout of Joker & his goons. However, you cannot enter through the front door. Instead you will need to descend via the chimney stacks. So get to the top stack to enter hideout.

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