Inside of the smoke stacks will be a wire that you will land on. Use it to position yourself towards a more favorable glide into the passageway out of the chimney. Soon after you enter the hallway will be an obstacle that you can slide under. Keep moving forward until you come to the flames. Make use of your scanners to locate a way to take care of the flames. When you spot it, use the Batclaw to open up the hatch.

Continue onward onto the railing & then fall to the middle of the ledge below. Hedge over to the left & keep going down towards the next railing. Hop from the rail to rail to reach the next platform & the next area. You should be at a dead end, so use your scanners to unveil the wording in blue on the ground. Apply the gel & blow through the weakened floor then head down.

Duck underneath the pipes & spot just in front of the steam. Toss a Batarang at the hole in the wall & continue crouching forward & you will immediately see the thugs in the next area. Get across the spitting flames & follow the path into the next section.

Docking Bay

Inside of this larger room you will begin in the ventilation. Travel along until you can stand up. Then head over to the right & duck to the left. You will be stopped by some more steam, so toss a few Batarangs at the green switches nearby. This will stop the steam & allow you to progress forward. Now you can begin to take down the initial thugs & take out the rest.

Once you have eliminated the eight thugs in the room, go through the only available door. Pass through into the next set & use the red button attached to the conveyor system. Ride the belt until see you see a ledge that you need to grapple up to. Continue on into the next room & prepare for another predator situation.

This should be short & easy. So just take out each enemy one by one since they are spread out. Once you are finished enter the door to begin the next situation.

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The Chamber

Inside the smelting chamber will be six henchmen. Take out the duo that is nearest to your entrance. Then use the vantage points to remove the other threats. I recommend that you focus on the two guards over to the outer edges of the room. Then deal with the final ones that check on the first takedown victims.

Head into the next room after you have dealt with the six thugs. Keep passing through rooms until you come the center of a much larger room. You should be able to spot the door with a generator over the top of it. Charge it up with you electrical disruptor. Fire off a charge & pass through the door will it is open. Continue onward until you enter the ventilation system again.

At the other end of the vent is where you can perform a takedown on the unsuspecting thugs. Take out all four of the enemies & can enter the door again. Only this time, you will be in the loading bay with a greeting from Harley & the Joker.

Docking Bay – Part 2

In order to get to Harley, you will need to charge the generator that controls the massive hook. Fire some charges off & eventually you will get the hook to swing into the mouth, allowing you an opportunity to grapple inside. Of course though, it will not be that easy. You need to deal with the thugs charging at you.

Distract the hammer-wielding thug & focus on the unarmed goons. Be aware of the hammer thug at all times, & when you are ready turn your attacks onto him. It will take a few times, but with enough effort & successful attacks the big will come collapse.

Catwoman – Part 1

This will be the first Catwoman portion of the story since the opening vault robbery. Begin this section by following the in-game marker over to Catwoman’s residence.

Head up to the roof & you will see a caged up section. Go inside of the cage by entering through a hatch in the ceiling. However be ready to fight some thugs that were waiting fro Catwoman. With the fight over, you can go to the window of her house & pick up the new gadget, her Caltrops.

Leave the area & follow the marker to the next building. There will be more thugs walking around. So finish them off & continue past the bridge to deal with the armed thugs. They will be equipped with firearms, so you need to be careful of how you proceed. Try to sneak up on a few to reduce the threat of the encounter.

Once the thugs are taken down you can go up the stairs, & crawl underneath the catwalk. Pick up the Riddler trophy & climb down again, only this time you over past the locked gate. Pass through the door & fight the five thugs waiting for you. Be aware that once you have finished the fight, poison will flood the room, so you will need to leave the area quickly.

There is one last fight now. You will have to deal with these enemies after you escaped the toxin. Clear out the eight enemies & hop over to the next roof for yet another fight. Again clear them out to finish the Catwoman portion of the game.

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