Penguin’s Museum Hideout

Once you are outside of the building you can head over to the museum. It will be sitting in the western third of the city, so glide over & find a vantage point across the street. Locate the armed thugs sitting outside of the entrance & take them down. With the thugs removed you can hack the security terminal near the gate.

Inside of the museum will be a healthy amount of enemies, this time some will be carrying bladed weapons. These types of enemies will require a special style of counter. Otherwise they are nothing to worry about. So eliminate the present thugs & head through the window to discover a console you can hack. But first, you will need to go back outside to locate & disable the jammers interfering with your gadgets.

Removing the Interference

Head up to the roof of the museum to spot the jamming device in the northern half of the roof. Do not rush into the fight; you need to remove the enemies as stealthy as possible since any sign of a threat will trigger the alarm & allow the thugs to pick up firearms from the nearby crate.

When the enemies are cleared out, punch through each screen on the device to disable it. The second jammer is going to be sitting just east of your current position. Just as before, you will need to take down the thugs quietly. Otherwise the alarm will sound & the enemies will get guns. Once the second device is destroyed you will need to find the third & final device.

Glide off of the museum & towards the subway station. To quietly destroy the jammer, you need to enter from the west side. Then hop down the stair sand over the railing while combing that with a takedown of the duo just ahead. Continue going down in the subway station & go into the ventilation on the left. But wait, first grapple into the train above & follow it to get underneath the pipes. Keep proceeding under the pipes & over the trains.

Now you should be in the next predator situation. Head into the grating on the floor & use it to pick off a few lone thugs. From there you can maneuver around the area without much worry. Just leave when the thugs investigate, & continue to take them down until the room is clear. You can now go & disable the last jamming device. Once it is complete, head back over to the museum entrance to deal with Penguin.

The Museum Again

Go to the area where you were stumped before. Now you should be able to fix the hack the console & gain access to the next room. Head back down to the take out the ground of thugs to help out the police officer mixed in. When the fight is finished, exit into the hallway past the lone door. It will seem like you are unable to access any way out, but just toss a Batarang over the gate to hit the button. This will unlock the door on the left.

You will now be entering a room with a ton of enemies. Upwards of 20, so keep & simple & work your way through them all. The final enemy for the room is a Titan. The best way to defeat him is to dodge his charge & then follow up with a cape stun. It will take a good amount of punches to final topple the Titan but stick with it.

With the wave of thugs taken care of the Penguin will flee to a new area. You will need to toss another Batarang over the fencing & hit the button attached to the wall. Walk through the newly opened path, follow it & charge up the generator to ride the lift up. Next apply some gel to the ceiling & destroy the roof to climb out of ride.

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War & Torture Rooms

Head along the shaft & locate the weakened wall that can be destroyed with the gel. Enter in the new section & watch the cinematic. When it is over then you can go & save the officer on the ice. Remember to walk slowly so that the ice remains stable. With the first cop safe, you need to rescue the remaining two. You will need to pull yourself across the water using the Batclaw & a boat. Once you have the saved the lives of both officers you will be allowed into the main room in the south entrance.

On the other side of the door in the new area are a couple of thugs. Take them out & hack your way past the security console. Enter through the next door & slide past the door & get near the prisoner. Use the gel to help free the prisoner & now you can fight the thugs guarding the room. When you have the men in the room eliminated, you can head into the strange cell on the right to release Freeze. He will need your help in retrieving his suit. So go back up & through the next door.

Helping Freeze Stay Cool

You will now be entering a new predator situation. So get to a vantage point to spot Freeze’s suit. The thug near the suit is an easy silent takedown, but once he is eliminated the rest of the thugs will spread out. So just like previous stalkers, try to pick off the remaining goons one by one. One thing of note, some of the thugs are equipped with infrared vision, meaning that you cannot hide in the shadows. They will spot you & fire at you, so keep moving from hiding place to hiding place.

Once you have defeated the final thug you can head back to the chamber. But Penguin has a surprise for you, so make your way over to the lounge. Inside the lounge, Penguin will be standing the middle of the room with Freeze’s gun. All you need to do is dodge to the side consistently so that you can eventually get behind him & walk up to disable the gun.


You can punch Penguin, but that is not the end of the Penguin. Cobblepot will unveil his final surprise in Solomon Grundy. The best way to approach this fight is thinking of it like a bigger Titan. So dodge his initial overhead strike & chain swing.

In order to harm Grundy you will need to apply gel to the pads on the floor. There are only three so you can set the gel & wait for the right time to detonate. With all three pads disabled, you can start punching Grundy. This will lead to the second portion of the fight. Again you need to place gel on the pads. Grundy will have a new attack but it is nothing to really worry about. By the time you destroy the pads, you can again punch Grundy until you reach the third phase.

The new attack for Grundy in this third phase is a ground pound shockwave. So always be aware of the motion Grundy performs just before he strikes the ground. Your objective remains the same, just destroy the pads again with the gel. Attack Grundy again to finally put him to rest. Penguin will try to shoot you again, but just get within punching range to end the fight quickly.

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