Scouting Helicopters

First thing you need to do is get to the outside & begin scanning the helicopters after you finishing talking. Once you have found the correct helicopter, ride it to obtain the code needed to take command of the fleet. You can do this over at Wonder Tower, so glide over & land as close as you can to the middle section. Fight the snipers & go inside.

Command Center

Follow the passageway & enter the next door. Go down a level & cross into the next level. Fight through the two waves of enemies, & then defeat the third wave to gain access to the sewer via the manhole cover. Inside you will need to continue on until you reach the gap. Employ the line launcher consecutively to head left. Put some gel on the ground there to discover a new path & an intern you can speak with. She will inform you of the enemies in the area.

This new predator situation is the hardest one yet. Begin by disabling as many weapons as possible. Preferably the two snipers as they tend to be the biggest threat. The enemies here have thermal vision too, so you need to be always on the move. Pick off the enemies when you can to eventually clear the room of all the thugs. Once the area is safe, head over & hack the elevator to reach the next section.

Wonder Tower

On your elevator ride you will need hack once more. This will get you to the top of the tower & into a brand new ambush of enemies. Start the fight with a takedown & defeat the rest of the thugs. Then locate the console on the side of the shaft to open up the next gate.

Make your way to the landing. Follow the linear path & grapple when you need to cross the gap. By the end of the path, you will end up at the outside of the shaft, & inside of a room. Hack the console on the left to open an area up above. Get to the top with your grapple & use the ventilation to reach the gargoyles.

Once again you need to take out the enemies in this area. Strange will be in the middle, & act as a lookout for the rest of the thugs. This will require a ton of patience so stick with it & you will be rewarded with a confrontation with Strange after you hack the terminal.

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