Watcher in the Wings

Batman will find a few emails within the side mission tab that detail the sightings. However it will be up to the player to connect the scenes into one timeline. After visiting the four sights from the emails a figure will reveal themselves to you.

At each of the previous four sites will be a similar figure. What you will need to do is solve the puzzles in order to create the map that will lead you to the culprit. Use your map to see how to complete the necessary circle.

Once the puzzle is finished a mark will appear on the church. Scanning the mark will lead you to Azrael.

Fragile Alliance

Batman will have the chance to go to a distress call that starts in Krank Co. Toys. Bane will be inside, & after a brief conversation you will be told that you have to locate & destroy the twelve containers filled with the Titan formula. Bane & Batman agree to be responsible for half.

Below is a list of the tanks that Batman will need to destroy.

Tank #1

The war room within the Museum

Tank #2

Off to the western edge of the mill

Tank #3

At the back of the mill, the tank will be in Cooling Tunnel B

Tank #4

Along the edge of the Bowery & the Subway Entrance

Tank #5

Just before the Subway Terminal

Tank #6

Sitting in Wonder City. Locate the Wonder Tower & examine the south side of the building.

Once you are finished with your half of the tanks, head back to Bane. Defeat the thugs with the help of Bane. Watch the cutscene that unfolds after the fight & eliminate the remaining tanks.

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Batcomputer A.R. Training

The A.R. Training has a basic level & an advanced level. As the name implies the basic level should be easy, while the advanced should be a bit challenging.


Shot in the Dark

This will be one of the longer side quests in the game. It will begin over at the GCR tower. You need to speak with the prisoner, & watch him die from a sniper’s bullet. Examine the area to find clues & recreate the shot that just occurred. Once you have found the casing from the bullet, you will now know that Deadshot is behind the murder.

Glide over to Park Row to meet the second victim. Once again you will need to scan the crime scene in order to locate the clues that will lead you to Deadshot. Follow the arc of the bullet to the casino & you will discover a tripod. Scan it to reveal powder that is traceable.

You will still need more clues in order to pinpoint the mercenary’s location. The next victim is again in Park Row. Scan the crime scene to spot the hole in the wall caused by the impact of a bullet. Follow the trajectory to understand how Deadshot killed this victim. The trail will lead you to the rooftop of the Courthouse.

Now that you have amassed enough clues, Batman will have narrowed down the list of possible locations to just three. You will need to go to the Bowery, Industrial District, & Amusement Mile. In each area look for maintenance entrances that Deadshot has been using. The correct one is in Amusement Mile, so you will now need to hack Deadshot’s equipment. Once the hack is finished, Batman will comb through the newly acquired information & save the next person on the list.

That target is Jack Ryder, the journalist. You will be given a timer, only three minutes, to stop Deadshot. Watch the cutscene, then fight the marksmen. The simplest way to defeat him is using the ventilation to get underneath him & perform the takedown.

Identity Theft

Begin the side mission by heading over to the victim near the subway station. Scan the scene to collect evidence & figure out what took place. Once you progress far enough, follow the trail of the victim’s blood. The person that you are lead to is a prisoner that states he saw Bruce Wayne at the murder scene.

Head over to the second victim near the courthouse. Go through the scanning of the scene to gather up the clues. Your conclusion from the evidence will be the revelation that Bruce Wayne’s fingerprints are on the knife used to kill the victim.

Victim number three will be in an alleyway outside of Ace Chemicals. Complete the scan of the evidence, & follow the trail of bleach. You will need to confront & interrogate the thug washing the bleach away. The thug will reveal that Bruce Wayne ordered him to move the victim. It is time to face the new “Bruce Wayne”, so head over to the courthouse, by Catwoman’s house.

Go inside & listen to the audio journal to discover who the culprit actually was. Then hack your way out of the trap room to successfully complete the side mission.

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Iceberg Lounge Remote Hideaway

A fairly simple side mission. You will need to get Batman into the Iceberg Lounge but you need to find an alternative route. So head over to the north section of the building & go to the double doors. Eliminate the thugs, & go to the new door. The stranded police will unlock it for you & as a reward they will give Batman the Disruptor for Mine Detonator.

Mad Hatter: The Tea Party

This side mission will start with Alfred informing Batman that a cure has been delivered to a roof in the Park Row area. Retrieving the cure will reveal that the transmission was a trick set up by the Mad Hatter. The sequence is fairly short. After the cutscene, hit the button prompt & defeat the bunny masked enemies. Whenever the Mad Hatter appears you will need hit him. After enough times, Batman will exit the hallucination.

Nora Fries Heart of Ice

Freeze will ask Batman to get his wife, Nora, back from her kidnappers. Freeze will inform you that his wife has been taken by the Joker & that she is in the industrial area of the Steel Mill. Glide over & defeat the thugs only to find out that Nora is locked behind a door. So walk over to the edge of the water & create a raft from the freeze blast. Pull yourself over to the weakened wall & blast through it with the gel.

Now you can go into the ventilation & take out the remaining armed thugs. Once you have defeated the last thug, hack the nearby terminal & go to GCPD to inform Freeze that his wife is safe.

Stolen FreezeTech: Hot & Cold

Another simple side mission. Head over to the Steel Mill & go up in the elevator. You will be blocked. So reverse the magnet & send the elevator back down into the boiler room. Eliminate the thugs & pick up the Freeze Cluster for your gadget arsenal.

Zsasz Cold Call Killer

This side mission can be a bit tedious, so just be patient if you fail one of the calls. While Batman is roaming around Gotham, you will occasionally hear telephones ringing until someone picks them up. That someone is you! When you pick up the phone, the side mission will start. While mission seems simple you will be on a timer. As soon as you get a location, you need to hurry over to the next phone. Each time you get Zsasz on the phone, Batman will trace the location of the killer. After enough times Batman will have found out that he is hiding in the Industrial District.

At the marker head down the passage to discover a locked door. Use the ventilation to go around & at the dead end, have Batman slide down towards the water & create a raft from ice. Now you can make your way across the obstacles & pull yourself up to the door. Head inside to take out Zsasz & complete the side mission.

Arkham Assault Acts of Violence

This side mission will take some time, so I recommend just chipping away at it when you need a break from the main story. You need to stop & prevent the attacks on the political prisoners in the city. The best way to find them is listening to the cries for help.

Or you can employ your detective vision to spot them. You will only have a limited amount of time, so you have to act fast.

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