Park Row

Head over to the courthouse where you faced Two-Face early on in the game. Go up the stairs towards the containment area & look behind you to spot the statue hanging over the doorway.

Then go to the back entrance & examine the ceiling. Once you spot the wire in the archway, toss an RC Batarang towards it, then turn left & down the staircase. After reaching the bottom turn right & then go towards the far corner while aiming over the bars & at the open fuse box. Hit that to open the cell beside the Calendar man to get the trophy.

Amusement Mile

Enter GCPD & hack your way into the cells residing in the western hallway. Inside of the cell is a weak wall that can be blown up. Do so & retrieve the statue sitting on the bed next door.

Make your way over to the morgue, & check the desk on the left side of the door you entered through. This should be pretty simple to spot.

You should leave the morgue & go up the stairs. Toss another RC Batarang into the sparks near the ceiling & maneuver the projectile beneath the gate. As it travels along the hallway make the Batarang go right towards the cells, you should spot the the lone cell, so enter through the upper window & hit the fuse box. This will unlock the cell allowing you to retrieve the trophy.

Walk towards the main entrance to spot the trophy. What you need to do is go in the passage nearby & grapple up into the ceiling to get over the whole hallway. Then go in the direction of the entrance to spot the three buttons that are needed to unlock the trophy.

Start by stepping on a switch & then employ the line launcher to reach the second button. A reminder, do not walk on the line just jump off of it when you are over the button. Once you have stepped on the second switch, line launcher back over to the first button, but perform a second line that is perpendicular to reach the final switch next to the cage.

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Start off in the rooftop parking lot & check the grating near the front side of the building. In the vicinity there will be a couple of weakened walls. Blow them up & crawl into the ventilation to reach the trophy on the other side.

The next set of trophies is going to be sitting around the GCPD Vehicle area. The first one is going to be near the front door that leads into GCPD. If you go across the ramp there is a weakened wall that is hiding a statue.

Leave the previous trophy & go to the left to spot the next target. Check the wall to the right to discover a weak spot. Blow that up from outside of the building. Once that is complete, glide down through the new area to retrieve the trophy.

You will need Catwoman for this trophy. Begin with where the seventh trophy was & have Catwoman crawl up & over the water to discover a new area. The statue itself should be easy to spot.

The next set of trophies is scattered around the outer area of GCPD. Make your way over to the southwest portion of the department & find the booth. Inside you can see the trophy, however you need to go to the building sitting to the west of GCPD. From there have your sequencer hack into the gate, which is blocking access to the booth. After finishing the hack head back over to the trophy to pick it up.

You need to go to the east section of the department & head under the back entrance. You should notice the archway that is blocked. Well, look up to discover the trophy hanging there.

Locate the broken bridge that is sitting to the west of the police department. Along the northern building is a button & some ventilation. Step onto the switch to see three marks appear on the previous building. Use the RC Batarang to hit all tree & free the trophy.

If you stand on the roof of GCPD you should be able to see the building with a Gotham billboard. Glide over to the spot just under the sign to see a switch, hit that & glide off of the wall to then grapple towards the trophy.

A fairly easy pickup. Start by Getting to the roof of Gotham Casino. The trophy is inside of the shack.

Go to the western portion of the casino to locate a trophy inside of a cage. Go under the cage to make the trophy turn over. Now slide once more & hit the “A” button to retrieve the trophy.

Start off again on the western portion of the casino to find a lone switch. After stepping on it, you need to glide over to a second switch that is northeast of the first one. Once you have stepped on the second switch, glide again to the right to find the final button.

Immediately from the previous trophy, you can easily locate another cage of mazes. Glide over towards it & continue over it to the east. Across the fencing should be an opportunity to drop inside. Do so & find a flooded alleyway. Employ the line launcher to to get over to the other side & locate the generator. Turn it on to pick up another trophy.

Descend downwards from the previous trophy & try to find the balcony jutting out. It will have a public phone one it. Head inside & proceed left. There will be a switch you need to step on, then line launch into the hall & past the two weakened walls. At the end of the ride you will be able to get the trophy.

The following trophies are all going to be in Amusement Mile. There will be a lot of them, so be patient. You are going to need to start out in the northern edge of the map. Examine your map overlay to find a small area jutting out beyond the line indicating the border. The trophy is there, & you will need to stand on the nearby unfinished bridge. From there you will need to create a raft using your freeze blast. Pull yourself across the water to reach the trophy.

Along the northern half of the GCPD will a sign reading “Gotham Sea Pier”. Go to the roof to discover a switch. As you stand on it, point Batman to the south to be shown the three marks just over the water. Get over to the marks & apply gel to each one, then stand back on the button. Activate the gel to get the reward.

On the same roof should be another switch. This is a simple Batclaw retrieval once you are on the switch.

You will need to go over to the Poison Ivy building & spot the billboard. To the right of the sign is an entrance that is blocked. Apply some gel to reveal another trophy.

This next one is a bit tricky. You will need to begin over by the cranes just before the industrial area. From the highest crane, you can see a series of switches & cages. When you get ready to dive down you need to start at the same crane as the AR challenge. From their practice the dive down since you will need fairly good aim in order to line it up with the trophy’s location.

Stay in the crane area & get to the REC console. Use that to alter the crane’s height. Now you should be able to get the trophy that is on the ball of the crane.

Glide over to the eastern area of the crane. You will need to being over at the small ledge that is out on the water. Underneath the ceiling is a switch, & this will reveal a pattern. Pay attention to it as it is needed to release the trophy. The pattern can be one of three options: [1,3,5,2,4] [4,3,1,5,2] or [3,5,2,1,4]. Hit the Riddler marks in that order you saw to get the trophy.

The next trophy will require you to being over by Bane’s building. There should be a ventilation entrance at the top, so enter & then go towards sequence of marks. Use your RC Batarang to hit both of buttons in the short window that you have.

Go to the room where you fight Bane & look for the series of side rooms. When you are in the main one, go to the right & locate the counter that leads into a secondary room. While you cannot walk up to the trophy, you can employ your Batclaw to retrieve for you.

The next trophy will need you to start outside of Bane’s building on the east side. You should see a caged portion of switches that are red. Stand on the button & notice that the cage will close whenever you are on it. So stand to the right & use the line launcher to get over, this should be enough to get the trophy.

Travel over to the north portion of the same building to find a piece of the roof sticking out in the direction of the GCPD. Use your freeze blast in the ocean nearby to create a raft & get yourself underneath the strange piece of the roof. Once you are in position then you will need to hack into the box on the wall to open up enough space to grab the trophy with the Batclaw.

Another simple grab. You will find his trophy under the bridge overpass that is connected to the industrial district. Create another raft using your freeze blast & will get you in position to retrieve the trophy.

Begin by looking for the building that is sitting west of the main bridge. Up on the roof of the building will be a switch. You are going to be required to stand on this switch & then make your way to the building sitting to the south & stand on the button residing on the second building. If you are successful then you can glide back to the first roof to take the trophy.

Go back to the section where you began the previous challenge, then drop down to the level beneath you. Find the cages & crawl in to discover the mines. You can complete the puzzle by consistently turning right, & use the disruptor to remove the threat of the mines.

Leave the building from the previous trophy & go to the north portion of it. The switch puzzle will be easy to spot, so walk over the series of buttons to receive the trophy.

Get over to the bridge that goes into the industrial area, & stand to the east of it. The GCR building should be nearby, so get to the roof. There will be a cage & ball puzzle, where you need to lead the sphere to the end with your REC. Have Batman stand on the switch & use the generator to move the ball to safety.

You will need to go the AMU building & find the corner that is home to the six marks. You will need to hit all of the switches at a quick pace. Apply some gel to the bottom row then combine that with a series of quickfire Batarangs to complete.

The final trophy can be found between the GCPD & Olympus. There will be a building sitting in the middle, get on top of the roof to find the ventilation entrance. Hack your way past the blockade to reveal the trophy.

The next two trophies will be located in the Gotham Radio building. The first is on the roof antenna. Examine the middle letter to find the reward.

Drop back down from the antenna & go in the north half of the roof. There will be a trophy sitting in a cage. Along with the cage is a red & green switch. Stand on it while it is green to release the trophy.

The final amusement mile trophy is on the west side of Gotham City Olympus. Locate the balcony jutting out from underneath the glowing billboard. Once you spot the weakened wall you will need to bust it open to unveil the trophy.

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This first trophy is off to the left once you enter the area. You will need to toss an RC Batarang into the sparks, then perform an 180-degree turn over the gate & into the small hole to hit the fuse box. The locked gate will open allowing you to retrieve the trophy.

This trophy can be found at the entrance of the subway. You need to proceed straight & over the gap, then follow that up with a left turn to find the second gap. Use the line launcher to reach the trophy sitting on the other side.

You will need to start from the previous trophy. Fall down to an overpass under you. After landing, climb to the beam & make a raft from the freeze blast. Tug the raft under the overpass, to discover two trophies.

This next one is a bit trickier than the previous subway trophies. You need to begin on the bridge & head towards the intersection. Go left & blow up the weakened wall. Go under the door to find a switch, which you will need to stand on. The entrance behind will close when the switch is activated, toss a Batarang at the mark to receive the trophies.

There will be a Catwoman trophy over behind the gate in the previous trophy area. Just have her crawl on the ceiling to retrieve the trophy.

From the Catwoman retrieval, have Batman use a line launcher then another in quick succession towards the right to get the final subway entrance trophy.

The following trophies will be located somewhere in the terminal of the subway tunnels. In this new area, you can begin by observing the trophy on your left. Walk towards the locomotive then go up the stairs. You should be able to see the ladder, so climb up & head into the grate past the wooden wall. Just follow the staircase down to get the trophy.

This trophy is a bit simple. Just find the gargoyle sitting in the south half of the area. Behind the creature is a weakened wall that you will need to glide through to find the trophy.

Head over to the subway cars, & find the one sitting on the west half of the train. Examine the roof of the car to find the trophy hanging there.

Move Batman over to the northernmost platform, continue in that direction until you have found a staircase. Crawl under the stairs & into the ventilation to discover the trophy.

From the previous trophy, you can see the next trophy through a small hole in the vents. So head back to stairs & fire a REC into the hole, your target should be a fuse box. Successfully hit the box will open up the rest of the stairs to the trophy.

Once again, you will need to find the gargoyle that is in the western half of the area. Use the door below to find a hackable panel. Successfully hacking the panel then you can pick up the trophy.

Another Catwoman trophy can be found in the previous room. Examine the grating above the tunnel entrance to spot it.

Make your way over to the north & into the tunnel. There will be a Wonder Tower on the corner, so from there go right into the grating to find the trophy.

Begin by walking into the Wonder Tower tunnel. There will be a small hole that you can float across using a raft. Pull yourself closer to grab the reward.

Stay in the tunnel & keep proceeding towards the tower. You will once again need to create a raft from ice to pick up the trophy. However, you will also need to hack the nearby panel to open up the way. Once you are at the correct height, employ the line launcher to get to the trophy.

Continue along the tunnel passage until you reach a weakened wall. On the other side of the wall will be a room filled with traps. Start by hacking the nearby panel to start the timer & turn on the electrified floor. To beat the trap employ the line launcher to get across the electricity & pick up the trophies.

Further along in the subway tunnel is a branching path to the south. Follow it & get on top of the cars. Soon you will hit a pile that will block your path. Examine the rubble to find a spot between the two cars to will be the trophy.

Within the northern tunnel is a set of switches mixed into the train tracks. Stepping on the switch will light up the marks, so hit the closest marks with a Batarang. Follow that up with an RC Batarang at the final mark in the second train car.

The last tunnel trophy is at the beginning of the station. Look along the tracks sitting in the east to find the hackable panel. Completing the hack will unlock two doors, which contains the trophy.

Inside of the station, on the lowest floor is a door sitting at the north of the station. Look to the left to enter the ventilation, & at the exit will be a trophy.

You will need to find the ventilation that sits between the tunnels & station. Follow the passageway of the vents to retrieve the trophy.

When you go to the top floor, have Catwoman go to the eastern side of the area to collect the trophy on the table.

Start from the ventilation statue from before & exit into the next area. Use the gel to destroy the floor & grab the trophy.

The final subway trophy is on on the highest floor. Enter through the doors sitting in the south & hack the nearby terminal. The trophy will be available after completing the hack.

The Bowery

The building that sits to the south from the museum contains a maze. Along with the maze, there will be two generators & a switch for the ball & cage aspect of the puzzle. The generators control the direction of the ball, so use them to pass the ball through the cage. The switch will activate the gate blocking the exit.

There will be a frequency jamming device on the top of the museum. Head past that device & go north to find a trophy inside of the train tracks.

Steel Mill

Make your way to the elevator in the loading bay. Look to the left to spot a rounded door that can be opened with a Batclaw tug. The trophy will be revealed after your success.

In the elevator again & hack the nearby terminal to unlock the doors. Then raise the elevator & enter the shaft to go right to the next shaft. Grapple up to the second elevator to discover the statue.




A common enemy that is insignificant. Offensively uses their fist to deal damage.

Armed Thug

A gun-wielding thug, making them a dangerous threat for Batman. They can be disarmed upon first strike, or with the Batclaw.


While the length of the blade may vary depending on the enemy Batman is facing. These enemies can be a very serious issue. Countering correctly will help Batman dispatch of these foes quickly.


Even though shields are defensive in nature, thugs carrying a shield will often use their equipment to disrupt the combination attacks of Batman. There is only one method to remove a shield from a thug & that is with an attack from above.

Body Armor

Thugs wearing armor can be quite a nuisance. They only method that successfully knocks them out is a cape stun combined with a series of punches.

Stun Sticks

A real irritating set of enemies, thugs with stun sticks are immune to attacks from the front. You need to flank & get behind them in order to take them down.

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