You can now leave the building & follow the in-game marker to Park Row. You should spot the blood trail, so follow it to discover the bandages & a ninja. Follow the ninja’s trail to fight her. In the fight, you will be able to plant a tracking device to discover her hideout. You can now follow the tracker to the Subway Worker access hatch. Drop down into the new area & eliminate the thugs up ahead.

Sewer System

Inside of the sewers, you will only have a linear path. So follow until you reach the large gap. Descend into it & take down the goons below. Continue to the right down the new tunnel, then go underneath the gate so that you can line launcher across the water. However, you need to stop mid-line & refire to the left. Walk down the new hall & blow up the wooden paneling to discover some more thugs for you to punch.

With the fight complete you can hack the console nearby to allow you access to the next room. You should remember since it is where the last jamming device was. Locate the hidden door to continue following the ninja’s trail. Once again employ the line launcher to get past the water onto the ledge. Enter the only door to be introduced to a long forgotten city.

Gotham of the Past

You will be in Old Gotham now, so head into the hole. Have the line launcher get you across the water & commit to a second line midway through the first to the right. This will help you with the next fight against the group of the thugs. With the first thug taken down you can eliminate the rest easily. Cross into the double doors once the fight is finished.

This next area is another predator situation, so get to a vantage point & observe the thugs below. What you will want to do is locate the thug walking with a jamming device on his back. Once you take out that goon, the rest should be a breeze. With all of the thugs taken care of you can go talk to the hostage in the room & find out some more information. Once you are done talking, go into the room sitting to the north.

Wonderful City

You will need to charge up the generators in each room. Once you have turned them on, ninjas will attack you. Defeat them & blow past the obstacle to gain access to Wonder City. Use the machines inside of the city to gain information on the past life of the city. Different areas offer different memories so be sure to access all of them. Occasionally you will need to defeat some robots, but otherwise it’s a simple task.

When you have watched all of the videos, go to the large door & use the hidden door on the left. Proceed down this passage to reach a ladder, climb it to follow a light into a staircase. Drink the blood from the goblet to enter the next section.

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The Blood of Ra’s Al Ghul

While this new area may appear difficult it is actually quite simple. Just follow the instructions given to you & if you die, then the penalty is nonexistent. Just get to the platforms & fight the ninjas, then continue gliding until you reach the second whirlpool. This will lead you back to the real world, so follow Talia into the next area & watch the cutscene.

This fight with Ra’s is a long one, but it can be a simple one if you now what patterns are coming. Begin by fighting off the small fry demons. Once they are defeated, Ra’s will appear, so fire off some charges in the gaps from his walls. Be sure to watch out for a secondary attack, & keep firing.

You will reach the halfway point when the conversation begins. Ra’s is going to continue firing off walls so keep dodging, & defeat the spawning enemies. Focus on counter his strikes & after a few attempts & success you will have to succeed in defeating him.

Back to Gotham

You will need to head back to Gotham now. You will encounter a group of thugs just before you reach street level. Within this group is another thug wearing a jamming device on his back. Target this thug first in order to make the rest of the takedowns easier. Once the jammer is eliminated you will need to shift your focus to the thugs using infrared. Keep moving around the area in order to avoid their detection.

When the room is cleared of thugs you can head back into the terminal. Make your way along the ventilation to find some more thugs above you. The fight itself will be filled with a wider variety of enemies making it a bit tougher than previous brawls. Take out the armored enemy first & then focus on the thugs using shields. This should help with your ability to move from one thug to the next. With the enemies defeated you can head up to the northeast of Gotham to locate Quincy Sharp.

Once you have found Sharp, you need to eliminate the men that are interrogating him. It will be a tough encounter due to the firearms & number of enemies. Start off by deactivating the weapons, as many as you can. Then drop down to take out one thug & deal with the rest. When you are finished, talk to Quincy Sharp to get some information.

GCPD & Freeze

Glide over to the police department & try to avoid the thugs on the roofs waiting for Batman. At the department is a group of thugs hanging around the entrance. Go take them out & then head inside to fight Freeze.

This boss fight is a bit unique from the previous ones. The objective of the fight is for you to create traps for Freeze to walk into. Freeze himself will patrol the room & follow your tracks, meaning you cannot stay in one place for too long. Begin by getting Freeze to walk into a magnet that has been charged by your gun. This will immobilize Freeze’s suit allowing you to land a few punches before he recovers.

The next trap is along the ledge of the railing. When Freeze walks by, you can hop over the rail & perform a takedown. This will briefly stun Freeze, allowing Batman to get int a few more punches.

The third attack can be a simple takedown from behind. Sneak up on Freeze & perform the button prompt to knock Freeze out so that Batman can punch him.

The next trap will involve the water & wiring on the floor. While Freeze is walking in the water, you will need to hit the switch connected to the wiring so that you can electrocute Freeze’s suit. Go in & punch Freeze a few times & then go & hide.

The final trap requires you to apply gel to a weakened wall. When Freeze stands on the opposite side you can blow it up to distract Freeze. Then go in & punch Freeze to finish the fight.

The Retrieval

With Freeze out for good you need to follow the marker out of GCPD & towards the west half of Gotham. Watch the cutscene just before you leave the building & glide off to fix the situation.

As you glide look out for the snipers perched across certain areas of Gotham. Their beams are visible to try to duck under them to not get shot. You can also get behind the snipers to take them out permanently. You need to be fast though since they can see the other duo from their positions. Once they are taken care of go save Vicki Vale.

After talking to her you will need to head over to the Mill. Follow the marker to a new predator section that will require you to eliminate two more snipers in the nearby tower. However, with the guard’s snipers, dealing with the rest of the situation should be a simple one. Pick off the thugs one by one & you will be able to proceed further on.

Back in the Mill Again

Up ahead you should be able to see a lot of water. Well, use the new freezing grenade to create a raft. Then pull yourself across the water to the next ledge. Create another raft, & once again use it to get over to the next platform. Luckily this is the last time that we have to do this. Go up & into the window to being fighting the thugs.

Once the fight is over you can bust your way through the wall to begin another ice raft section. Just like before you will need to follow the linear path to ledge of safety. Once you are on dry land you can now employ the line launcher to get you across the gap.

In this new section of the mill, you will once again need to create a raft from ice. But while that is done you need to toss a Batarang into the hole ahead to pass through the sparks & hit the console. This will allow you to travel further down the passageway & up to the next security terminal. Hack the terminal to get the bridge to drop & walk across it. Continue on to the right past the large doors.

The Chamber

This will be a difficult portion of the game. You need to begin by waiting for gargoyle takedown. From there you can move from place to place in order to pick off the remaining thugs. Use whatever you can to defeat all of the enemies. With the room complete you need to enter the door in the north. Proceed through the rooms until you crawl into the ventilation. Follow the vents until you reach the belt with the boxes. Ride it to reach a potential takedown. Now you should be able to go down to the ledge below & talk with Harley.

Go into the next room & take out the snipers near the archway. Eliminate the rest of the thugs in the room to clear out the threats & start the fight with Joker. The fight itself is a pretty simple one. Punch him in the face & backup will arrive. Defeat the small fry & then turn your focus onto the hammer-wielding thugs. Keep whittling down the amount of enemies, until all you have left is the Joker.

Catwoman – Part 3

You will be in control of Catwoman once again, start by going towards Park Row. You will come across a small group of armed thugs. So defeat them to head down into the sewer. Follow the linear path & cross into the vault. Keep moving forward until you can move along the ceiling. Use the ceiling to discover three guards, & steal the objective out of their pocket.

Now you can go to the head control room & have the computer terminal unlock the next section. Eliminate the threats near the vault & go inside to search the briefcases. Fight any enemies you come across & steal the necessary briefcase so that you can begin leaving. You will now have a choice of what to do, I would recommend that you go rescue Batman. So travel to the Mill & make your way through the ventilation to be back in control of Batman.

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