This is a very tough one to address. I am always falling victim to this crowded situation. I’ll be running around minding my own business then suddenly I’ll bump into a squad of them and panic. More often then not only a few will notice me and be facing me, the rest of them have there backs to me posing no threat at that moment. In a state of panic I’ll shoot the first enemy I see usually the one with his back facing me, leaving the more threatening enemy to kill me with no worries. This was a constant nuisance time and time again and no matter what I did nothing helped.

Multiple enemy drill:

When faced with multiple enemies the key is to keep calm and quickly workout a strategy. In that split second you have visuals on them you need to find the prime threat and eliminate him. Once you have achieved that then you move onto other targets. By using some of the techniques such as jump shot and cover it will improve your chances, but Sometimes you’ll just simply be out gunned and won’t leave that situation alive. Thanks to the new movement it has become a bit easier for evasion.

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Use kill streaks that play to your strengths:

kills streaks are essential in getting high kills in a match. The more kills you string together the better the kill streak reward. There are a lot of players that choose the wrong kill streak for there combat style or playing ability. choosing your first 2 are very important to increase your chances of reaching your final kill streak. I tend to favour the U.A.V as a first kill streak because knowing where your enemy is is a huge advantage. This is good for those who like to play fast paced and want additional kills why you are mobile. Another mistake players tend to make especially new players is that they aim way to high. If you are averaging out 4-5 kills and dying after that then there isn’t much point equipping a kill streak that requires 10 kills. This is unrealistic and should be changed to a more realistic kill streak until you have improved your ability.

Don’t forget your secondary:

A vital piece of kit which is overlooked in most arsenals. The secondary even though not as strong as the primary, has the capability to kill effectively and get you out of a sticky situation. There are ways around using the secondary such as fast hands but even thou it is fast you still lose milliseconds compared to the secondary. Using your second firearm seems to be the last thing on your mind when faced with a threat. The usual action most players will take is a reload or frantic moving to try and avoid shots. This often leads to you dying and ruining your kill streak. The drill I am about to suggest brings your secondary into action when the primary has failed.

Secondary firearm drill:

When you are playing any type of game mode I want you to have your secondary in mind. When you come into contact with a enemy and have to reload I want you to switch to your secondary. The sudden decrease of fire power can be overwhelming so know what fire rate you have and squeeze that gun until you kill or get killed.

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