wall running

treyarch has added a completely new ability to black ops 3. the new ability is wall running and it has changed the game dynamics completely. By jumping into a wall you will automatically start to run in the direction you are facing and can release the run by jumping. With this new ability the once one dimensional movement becomes a 3d jungle gym.

booster thrusts

the ability to thrust yourself in the air has been added by pressing jump in mid air. Holding the jump will keep the momentum going until your gauge is run out. The gauge rejuvenates after a few seconds which is helpful when multiple jumps are needed. similar to the thrusters used on advanced warfare booster thrusts need to be incorporated for black ops success.

power slides

a new sleeker movement added the power slide is a excellent move for evasion. While sprinting press the crouch button and you will be sent sliding in the direction your running. this makes you a harder target from enemy fire and will get you places safer.

All these movements can be chained together and are interchangeable. How well you can move will be determined by your skill and now your creativity.

The new abilities that have been added provide a brand new movement and gaming experience that feels fresh and exciting.

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In game tactics and drills:

even though tryarch has drastically changed the movement system in this new call of duty the fundamentals of battle are the same. Below are drills I use to integrate into my game play and make me a more effective player.


Strafing is a key movement in any coders arsenal. It uses side to side movement to line targets to sight and make you less of a target to hit. Many people that employ the strafing tactic do very well on one to one engagement .in black ops 3 strafing is not as important as it used to be due to the new movement but it still will help you in combat regardless.

Strafing drill:

start a online match, Think of nothing else other then to strafe .Whenever you come into engagement with a enemy look down the sight and move side to side,know where you are are heading and your surroundings because you don’t want to strafe into a wall and get stuck there. Do this until you are comfortable with the movement and it will slowly get integrated into your game.


Movement is key, moving around the map strategically you can be assured to rack up them kills. But however if you run around aimlessly into kill zones you can be sure to die, Die and die again. What I like to call kamikaze players, those who run straight to the middle of the map with no thought and end up getting annihilated. Think of the map as one big square, If you move around the edge of the map staying close to the walls, Using cover and clearing corners you are much more likely to survive. That way the only threat is from directly behind but in team games you can have team mates to watch your back. All the engagements are from the front and side.

Movement drill 1:

Play a team game thinking of this strategy, Using the outside of the map for movement. Keep moving and stay focused on emerging enemies from the front. Try and get around the map at least once by the end of the match, this will help you get the feel for outer map movement. Remember to use your mini map as a reminder of where your team is so you know when there is a attack from the rear.

Improved vision:

When I play black ops 3 I look and aim at everything that moves with my finger on the trigger ready to shoot. A lot of players only use there screens as a tunnel vision type view. You need to use all the screen, Countless number of times I have seen a enemy from the corner of the screen. These faint glances of enemies can determine if you live or die so it is important to concentrate on movements on the map. This gives you cause to engage enemies you would normally miss and keeps you alive because it gives you a chance to shoot back.

Being able to notice movement in a otherwise static landscape is a valuable asset to have when playing Call Of Duty.

Improved vision drill:

As you carry on playing normally on your online campaign, I want you to take into account this mentality of observation. Whenever you see or hear movement regardless of what it is I want you to aim at it and be ready to engage. Why you ask? Well the majority of time it will be a non immediate threat, But on the off chance that it is a incoming enemy it is worth the effort. When something is active on the map it can mean that the enemy is close by, also giving you the advantage if a gun battle ensues.

Create your kill zones

The kill zone is something I advise all players to do when learning a map. Every black ops 3 map and all C.O.D maps for that matter have them. This is where the action takes place and Body count are the highest and you don’t want to be in there getting peppered. The kill zone is usually situated in the centre of the map or in an open area. The kill zones are notorious at drawing in novice players only to get picked off by the more experienced ones. My advice is to just stay on the borders of the kill zone well covered. By law of averages this gives you more chance spotting and dealing with enemy targets. In team games multiple enemies may appear simultaneously giving you a good chance to get multiple kills.

Kill zone drill:

When you play a game whatever map you are playing remember to try and find the kill zone. Once you have found this turn all your attention to this area but be sure not to enter it. I want you to stay on the outside in a good position, Now wait for enemies to appear. Keep doing this and you will sub-consciously do this with every map you play.

Picking targets

To many times in my early years of C.O.D I would see an enemy in the distance and sprint towards them. Most of the time I’d run straight into trouble with opposing team mates that are closer and end up killing you. If you see a target that’s on the other side of the map don’t chase them, think what your doing and carefully advance towards them. Remembering to be ready for any engagement waiting round the corner. Being able to make a conscious decision to not take chase to a fleeing enemy is very wise and will keep you alive longer.

Mini map master

In the The previous C.O.D’s I have used the mini map like there was no tomorrow. It seems in black ops 3 most players have neglected this vital tool probably due to all the new tech that available. Your mini map is your eyes in the sky, not using it takes away your edge. With proper tracking of the mini map you can locate enemy positions and give your self a general direction to aim for possible engagement. The mini map shows you so much, that it would be foolish not to take advantage of this feature.

Mini map drill:

When you start a match I want you to look at your mini map every time you hear gun fire or a explosion. When there is no action I want you to look at your mini map as frequent as possible. Try whenever there is no direct threat or every 20 to 30 seconds. I want you to keep practising this until looking at your mini map is second nature, it may take a while but in the end you’ll become a better player for it.

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