On black ops 3 like all Call Of Duties they have the classes. I ain’t going to tell you what works best, because everyone’s style and play differs, someone might be good with one set-up and completely rubbish with another. I am however going to show you my class set-ups, I use different classes for different reasons. I find this helps my style of play and gives me a edge because of it. There are tons of class set-up videos on youtube claiming to be the best. I must admit I have got gassed up with a few and thought my game play will improve, well it didn’t.

After a long process of elimination to find what works best I eventually came across it. Even thou I have all five classes I only really use 2 unless the game mode or certain map changes. I think to truly reap the benefits of a class you need to use that class none stop. I personally stick to a class for example icr-1 and I would use it until I have mastered the gun and all its attachments. It is far better mastering a gun or two and doing great then keep switching and doing mediocre.

Like I said before these are the classes I use and I hope you can use them to, even if you just take little bits and add it to your existing classes.

I like to change the names of my classes because its easier to find and you can have cool sounding classes.

The first class is the class I use most frequently, I find it has a overall good performance on all maps and most match variations. The icr-1 for me is the overall best assault rifle,. The recoil is very good but I use foregrip to give it added accuracy and I also like the reflex sight. Secondary is a little pistol for them sticky moments when the primary clip is empty.

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Class 1: All rounder

primary: icr-1

optic attachment: reflex sight

attachments: quick draw, stock

Secondary: mr6

Attachments: none

lethal: semtex

tactical: none

perks: ghost,flak jacket, scavenger, ghost,

wildcards: greed

Class 2: Recon

The second class I frequently use is my recon class. I do love a bit of sniping and my recon class is great for snipers of all levels. I am a big fan of the locus and I like my one shot kills. It is not quite the intervention but hey ill work with what I have got. I ain’t got the patience to be shooting a enemy 2-3 times before they die and the locus is fluid and powerful. The best sniper in my opinion on black ops3 is the locus. The accuracy and manoeuvrability is perfect for my type of game play. Sniping has become very difficult in blacks 3 thanks to the added movement but that only makes a good sniper kill that much sweeter. Thermal scope is great and you’ll see the results mostly on big open maps.

Primary: locus

optic attachment: thermal

Attachments: rapid fire

Secondary: rk5


lethal: trip mine

tactical: trip mine

Perks: flak jacket, fast hands, tactical mask

Wildcards: danger close

Class 3: Close combat

Close combat is exactly what is says on the tin, Made solely for the purpose of close quarter engagement. In close maps you need a class that is agile and manoeuvrable. All to often in dense group shoot-outs you need a gun that is powerful enough to stop a enemy and switch sights to another as quick as possible. The kuda does just that with speed and power. You might need to get used to its aim being a sub machine they tend to be erratic. I utilise the range of the gun to make it a even better gun.

Primary: kuda

optic attacment: none

Attachments: grip, extended mag, long barrel

Secondary: none

Attachments: none

lethal: none

tactical: none

Perks: ghost, flak jacket,scavenger, tactical mask

Wildcards: greed

Class 4: Dominator

This class is used for the game type domination. There are three points of the map and the team that holds the most for the longest duration wins. To be successful at this game type you need a class that is agile and tactically powerful. What I mean by tactically powerful is that the equipment chosen acts as a equaliser to give you the edge.

Primary: hvk-30

optic attachment: none

Attachments: quick draw, grip, extended mags, rapid fire

Secondary: none

Attachments: none

lethal: none

tactical: none

Perks: afterburner, fast hands, gung ho

Wildcards: primary gunfighter

Class 5: Straggler

I named this class the straggler because I use this on all other game types not mentioned above. Similar to the all rounder it serves as a comfortable class that don’t leave me with a disadvantage with a certain game type. I can still prove effective when switching from one game type to another.

Primary: M8A7

optic attachment: reflex sight

Attachments: quick draw, extended mags, silencer

Secondary: none

Attachments: none

lethal: semtex

tactical: concussion

perks: fast hands, hung ho

Wildcards: primary gunfighter

Class 5: Chop shop

This fifth class I like to use it as a experimental class. I use this if I want to try out a unused item or weapon to test its performance. In doing so I am constantly improving my classes via this method. Finding a new favourite gun or ability and then implementing it into my other four classes. This is also a good way of unlocking new features and gaining more xp. If I don’t get on with a certain item I simply change it and go back to the drawing board.

Boost thrust Aiming:

The booster thrust has found its way on nearly all my favourite games and now the call of duty franchise has adopted it, although on this it is called a booster thrust. It is the usual combo of tapping the jump button then holding it the second tap for thrust power. I personally like the booster thrust as it gives it a little edge on your movement game. When I first played black ops 3 my accuracy went down as the booster thrust made it harder to stay on a enemy. After implementing a drill I was soon getting back to my old ways.

Boost jump accuracy drill: When you start your game I want you to booster thrust when ever you see a enemy. This will seem stupid at first but I it is aimed at improving your accuracy in the air. When you spot a enemy booster thrust and try and keep your cross hares on the enemy. This will take some time but will eventually teach you how to stay fixated on a enemy while in movement.

Skeet Shooting:

Skeet shooting is being on the other end of the thruster boost. When you are grounded you will see your enemy in mid air throughout the game. If the player is not skilled in aerial accuracy this is a good time to get the kill. When they are in mid air they are slow and predictable.

Skeet shooting drill: when you see a enemy even if it is a fair distance away. As you aim at the enemy try and follow there flight path, try and make every bullet count as you follow them. A enemy will go up and then come down so they will only being doing one of the two with a change of angle. After a while you will be able to anticipate there movement and get the most out of your bullets.

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