Hello and welcome to call of duty advanced warfare tactical game play and drill manual article. Before I explain the article and the useful content it has to offer. I’m a avid fan of the Call of Duty franchise and have spent many many hours learning the game and developing techniques for optimum results. This is my third article I have written so please don’t expect a masterpiece. I began this article around October 2015 because I couldn’t find good enough advice on being a better player. There are tons of channels and videos of Call of Duty, claiming best classes, basic tips and so forth. But what I found is that none offered any exercises or drills to make you a better player. It’s easy enough to tell someone do this and you’ll get good instead I give you in depth drills to repeat until it is second nature.

Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of good information out there such as Ali A, machinima etc. but by merely remembering the tips now and again is not enough. Just like professional athletes they practice drills and exercises to improve certain aspects of there game, you too will practice until you are a killing machine. I have covered all playing styles from the reckless rusher to the cautious camper. And although becoming a good player will take time, by using my manual and practising its drills it will fast track the process giving you better results. Thank you for purchasing my article and I hope it gives you the tools you need on your quest for a higher level of game play.

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gone are the anonymous grunt as treyarch introduce a new specialist system. It includes 9 specialist solders each with there own unique abilities and attributes. Each soldier can progress with exclusive weapons and abilities. They also feature background stories of all the specialist giving you a glimpse into there personality and history.

David ‘prophet’ wilkes

specials: his special weapon is call the tempest and is a charge gun that shoots electricity. a direct hit is a instant kill and will chain to near by enemies as well. Very good range and has the possibility of multiple kills. His special ability is called glitch this allows him to flashback to a previous position with equipment intake d.

unlocked at level 1

Erin ‘battery’ baker

specials: her special weapon is called war machine which is a grenade launcher which fires bouncing grenades which blow up after a short time. A direct hit and they will blow straight away, very powerful and has range with the possibility of multiple kills.

Her special ability is called kinetic armour and gives you electrified body armour. Bullets cannot touch you for a short time but bear in mind head shots will still do damage.

unlocked at level 1


specials: her special weapon is called the sparrow and is a super charged exploding bow that has one hit capabilities. Great for long range and has multiple shots until it runs out. Her special ability is called vision pulse and it pings the surrounding area giving you signs of enemy presence.

unlocked at level 1


specials: his special weapon is 2 spikes that he smashes into the ground and kills anyone in a small radiance. This is very effective but can be dangerous because you have to get close. His special ability is called overdrive which give him super speed for a small duration.

unlocked at level 1


specials: her special weapon is called the annihilator which is a powerful one shot pistol. You have a lot of range with this hand cannon but beware as it is not as fast as normal weapons. Her special ability is combat focus which gives you a added bonus on the points you rack up.

unlocked level 22


specials: his weapon is called the h.i.v.e and fires clusters of nano drones that eat away a enemy if near contact. The pods are sticky and can be used to kill a number of enemies at one time. His special ability is rejack and allows you to recover from your death. Being killed by a specialist weapon will not allow this.

unlocked level 28


specials: his special weapon is called the scythe and turns his arm into a mini gun, this is a very powerful weapon and can kill the whole team if you play it right. His special ability is called phychosis and lets him create 3 decoys of himself making you distracted.

unlocked level 34


specials: his special weapon is called the reaper which is a twin blade that gives you added melee range and replaces your melee attack. Great for close quarter fights. His special ability is active camo and changes spectre invisible like predator for a short period of time.

unlocked level 40


specials: his special weapon is called the purifier that will singe enemies in a short distance. Great for multiple enemies engagement and can get you a lot of kills if the enemy are clustered. His special ability is called heat wave which creates a massive heat blast stunning enemies and destroying enemy equipment.

Unlocked level 46

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