Don’t stay stationary:

Stationary game play otherwise known as camping is rife in the Call Of Duty black ops 3.not as much as other cods as the new movement tends to get the campers out there shell. This is due to the fact that player life has been dropped making it really easy to die. When I first played black ops 3 it seemed that everyone had there tents out waiting in corners and behind objects. I got destroyed because I was so used to older games of rushing and erratic game play. After adapting I realised I had to move smarter and more tactical to get the kills. Stationary is a popular tactic but I find that they always make a very vital mistake. When you are fortifying a building or area its important to cover all entrances with something. This gives you a extra advantage if someone enters your hide potentially killing them if not weakening them. This is the first step of the stationary drill.

The second is not to stay in the same place after a kill, you must move to another part of the fort to restore your element of surprise. The enemy will either enter the building thinking you are in the same position or look for the perch you shot him from. To many times I have been killed by a camper from a window and I go back to engage them and they are in the same position giving me a head start on the gunfight. the majority of campers are snipers so in close combat a quick scope is out the question. Its feels good to get a close quarter quick scope, but it is to inconsistent and will cost you. When you are aware someone has entered your fort switch to your pistol to give you that extra fire power.

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Stationary drill:

Before the game starts know what spot you are going to head to. Black ops 3 has trip mines so lay one out of sight of the enemy but near the entrance. This makes it very hard to be aware of enemy presence in your building. Go to your perch (place in fort you can fire from) keep your eyes peeled for enemies and if hit retreat. Keep your ears open for the sound of the trip mine, try and check the entrance as much as you can. It might be a good idea to partner up with a buddy and have one on the perch and one at the door.

As soon as someone as entered immediately switch to your secondary weapon an aim ready to kill the intruder. If you are killed return to the fort enter with pistol breaching it for enemies. As soon as its clear begin the process again.

Safe spot to reload

Ah! reloading Rambo’s downfall, a major nuisance when the bullets fly. This always happens to me and I don’t no if it happens to you?, I would be on a nice kill streak and think the coast is clear, I’d reload and then a enemy strolls round the corner ending my kill streak. I know it becomes a habit to reload after every shot even when you don’t need to. More than often you will kill someone and automatically reload after without thinking about the other enemies lurching about. I have lost many life’s due to this bad habit. I made a rule when going into a enemy dense area that I will only reload if I had 15 bullets or less in a assault rifle, This differs from gun to gun but as long as it can kill 1 enemy then that’s fine. Extended mags are a good idea as it will give more bullets making you reload less.

Reload drill:

when you play always keep a eye on your ammo count. Use perks to improve your reload time if you wish. When going into busy areas if you land a kill wait 5 seconds before reloading. When there’s no threat then you go behind an object and crouch or prone to reload. Not every situation will pan out as I described, but if you can keep this drill in mind and try to perform it This will minimise your risk of death while reloading and hopefully keep you alive a bit longer.

Cover your back

Learning all of these face to face moves are all well and good but unless you are aware that your back and side are vulnerable targets you will always have a problem. Where you point the gun gives you your visuals leaving you vulnerable from the back and blind sides. You may think well hey that’s part of the game and I can’t do nothing to stop that from happening. It is true that you can’t stop it and it will happen to you no matter how good a player you are, but there are certain tips you can do to minimise this from happening. To minimise sneak attacks you need to back track and check your 6 from time to time.

Back cover drill:

When playing your online campaign be sure to be aware of your 6. through out the game I want you to turn around when there is no front threat to get you used to covering your back. When you kill a enemy and the coast is clear spin round and continue in that direction. An alternative method is when you kill a enemy turn around and make sure there is no threat then go back to your first position and continue. This drill is most effective in free for all game play because of spread spawning positions.

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