In this section I’m going to discuss different types of game modes and what tactics I recommend using for each one. I’m only going to do the main game types. I’m going to leave the less popular ones out like infected and team tactical. The ability to adapt depending on what game mode you play is a sign of a seasoned player. Being able to do well at domination and then jump onto kill confirmed and be just as successful shows that you are a versatile player. Here are some strategies I use when playing the gauntlet of game modes.

Search and rescue/Search and destroy:

The classic game type where every bullet counts. Often a very frustrating game mode which only attracts the better player, I would only recommend this game mode if you have knowledge of the maps and are a experienced player. Playing this game type at the start of your campaign will only lead you to be watching the action unfold for the majority of the time. I suggest you don’t become predictable with your movement patterns. Tac mask is also good if a enemy is keen on concussion grenades. The key this game mode is to think of every movement you make and be aware of your surroundings. Use the mini map and keep your eyes and ears open for movement or sounds close by. Silencers are a must if you want to infiltrate enemy lines without being detected.

Kill confirmed:

kill confirmed is personally my favourite game mode. Essentially team death match but the enemy drops a dog tag when killed giving you extra incentive to retrieve them. Your team and yourself also drop dog tags when killed, making it a priority to retrieve them to stop the other team from scoring. This is a great game to reach a high level of points, due to the higher points from the tags thus enables you to reach your kill streaks quicker.

The allure of the dog tags is something to be cautious of because in the search to retrieve them you can become blinded to enemy locations and threats. A good tip is to stay close to your team mates and don’t go rouge, this way your team mates can watch your back and stop the enemy taking your tags. Once you have killed a enemy don’t rush over to the tag straight away because the enemy eye is drawn to the tag, stop have a quick scout and collect the tag with your gun aimed in the direction you think has the most threat.


Domination is a classic game mode in which there are three points to capture. As you struggle for control the team with the most points captured the longest time is the victor. When playing domination it is important to remember your home point and keep that safe from infiltration, all the while pushing for the B capture to give you the advantage. Most battles end up this way with most of the effort being focused on controlling B.

The class you use is dependent on your style as all weapons have there advantages and disadvantages when playing domination. Remember to play the game and not to get caught up in killing ratio, if that’s your interest then switch to team death match. Most of the action is going to be focused on b so head over there and linger on the outskirts for a defensive edge. For offensive you need to stick with your team mates as the more bodies present at b the faster you will capture it.

Free for all:

welcome to the wild west where anything goes and the sneaky survive. All out battle royal is often packed with action and a great deal of frustration due to the nature of it.

This is a hard game mode to string kill streaks together leaving you to focus more on gun kills. There are no team mates to watch your back, so back tracking is a good tactic due to spread spawning points. An aggressive game play is needed in free for all to try and win, camping doesn’t necessarily work because of the constant enemy threat.

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the maps on black ops 3 are diverse and cater to all game styles. The maps have been created to accommodate the new game movement but still have the classic call of duty fundamentals.


breach is a roof top map in war torn Cairo. There are plenty of pitfalls to be wary about and they have put plenty of wall runs for the new movement system. A small map with close combat in places but also a big open space in the middle. Sub machine guns are good for this if you stick to the outskirts but for full map roaming a assault is best.


aquarium is a botanical garden located near Singapore. The map is small and the majority of gun fights happen in the main buildings lobby. Sub machine guns are best for this fast paced close quarter map.


a roof top evacuation zone that has been abandoned and overgrown. This is a great flowing map that allows all guns to be used. Centre of the map is where the action takes place and on the outskirts long range and sniper weapons can be used effectively.


a progressive farming facility in the sahara, combine is a tight map jam packed with action. The combination of closed areas and open space gives this map a versatile feel and accommodates to all player types. Subs or assault are the preferred but sniping can be done .


exodus is a Singapore check point in a abandoned neighbourhood and is a small map. It is filled with multiple rooms and object cover and movement will help you stay alive. Sub machine gun is best as the majority of the map you will be room breaching.


a Californian farm town near a space facility, fringe is a open map. Sniping is a great choice for this map as most the action takes place in the middle and you have the option of higher sniping points on each side. Assault is the best option if sniping is not your thing.


a north African military base, havoc is another open map. Sniping is a great choice for this map because of its size as well as assault rifles if you are moving through the map.


a simulated ww2 battle scene in a French village, infection had a world of war aesthetic . The courtyard is the main battle zone but beware as flaking is common on this map. Sniping is great on this because there is elevated windows on either side giving you vision advantage. Subs and assaults do really well in this map also.


a big game hunting lodge in Ethiopia, hunted was a map included in the beta so it is probably familiar to you. It is a open map filled with waterfalls and exploding cars. Assault rifle is king on this map as distance gunfights are common. Sniping can also be done but you have to be quick and careful because the enemy can get in close quick.


a futuristic rail station in Zurich metro is a close map with lights everywhere to distract you. This map is hard to kill streak on as the enemy seems to be every where but you can use to your advantage the narrow corridors to get kills. Assaults and subs are great in this fast paced map. I personally would not snipe here.


woodland fort in northern California, redwood is a vibrant map infused with nature and sterile buildings. Its best to stick to the outskirts as the centre of the map tends to be a bloodbath. Assaults and subs are great on this map and should be your preferred weapon.


a high tech building surrounded by snowy mountains and boulders in the Swiss Alps. This is a funny map to play as attacking it wrong will get you killed non stop. The outskirts is your best bet utilising the rocky cover or taking the higher ground in the building. Sniping can be done to a degree but it is risky as the enemy come up fast. Assault rifles is your best bet.


nuk3town is back thankfully and is set 2065. it has be redesigned for the new movement system but still has the basic layout. If you have played nuketown before then you know that is all out carnage. Sub machine guns are optimal as you need a fast pace rapid fire weapon. Assaults can work as well but don’t be surprised if you lose a lot of close gunfights.

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