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Slide is a new ability to black ops 3 that allows the player to slide on your knees in the direction your running. I’ve played around with this function and have found it effective in evasive scenarios more then offensive ones. Its great for sliding for cover and domination points. I’ve seen a few times people sliding for no reason and sliding straight on the end of a bullet or two. My advice is to only use if necessary and to get to cover. If you have no threat like at the start of a domination game then slide to try and get the point before your team mates. Slides are also useful to combine with object to object movement helping you to reach your next object quicker. The downfall of a slide is that the average Call Of Duty player aims for the torso downwards, with a slide your head is now where your torso should be making you vulnerable to head shots.

Object to object movement:

Fear of death has been instilled in players on black ops 3 due to how easy it is to die. Using objects for cover is a wise tactic from keeping you from getting peppered. By using objects to your advantage you provide a form of cover when engaging, making you a much harder target to lock on to. Get to cover should be on your mind all the time when playing and only use a open route when absolutely necessary. By using cover you give yourself the option of slinking out of sight when injured, minimising the enemy killing you. Once you get your bearings you can return fire or retreat if the risks are to high.

Object movement drill:

This drill needs to be practised throughout a game to get used to the thought process. I need you to think about every movement you perform taking in consideration object to object movement. I want you to do a full rotation of the map using every object you see as cover. When you reach a open space keep to the walls and stay alert. Do this until the game is finished and count each rotation if it helps. When you have completed this drill enough it will be second nature to use objects as cover.


One of the most over looked tools for game play. Most players are so immersed in the visual side of the game they forget to listen. Most things on black ops 3 have a sound associated with the action from footsteps to changing your gun. The key to making you more alert of sounds is distinguishing the sound to the right action. This can take some time to learn but the majority of sounds are easy and self explanatory. Eventually you will have figured the sounds out and realise which sounds will concern you and what sounds will not.

Listen drill:

I want you to play as you normally would but keep your ears homed in for sounds. When you hear a sound of any kind I want you to best place it to what it is. If its a big bang then its probably a explosion, if its fast pops then its a big gun like a assault or sub machine gun. After a while the sounds will register in your head and you will immediately know what they are. Another good trick is knowing the distance of a sound. If the sound is close by or if it is far away and don’t pose a threat. A really load sound indicates there’s activity close to you giving you means to head in that direction and find a engagement.

Reticle focus

When I first played Call Of Duty accuracy was a major glitch in my armour. I could hit the target but being deadly accurate I could not do. I Tried and tried but I didn’t improve until I noticed one thing. I wasn’t focusing on my reticle I was shooting through its peripheral. It’s a weird thing but it was true I was focusing on the enemy and not were my reticle was. I started to concentrate on my reticle and I was shocked to see my accuracy improve greatly.

Reticle focus drill:

This drill works on every type of scope so don’t worry about what one you prefer. I personally like the reflex because I find my accuracy is much better and the slimline design gives me more vision. The key when doing this drill is to always focus on the reticle and not past it. Make sure you are using a sensitivity setting you are comfortable with, anything to high and your aim will be all over the place. I know it is hard not to focus on a enemy especially when they are moving. I want you to pick a reticle that is comfortable to you and use this throughout the drill. Every time you scope in nothing else matters other then where that reticle is and your focus in moving it onto enemy targets. When you have done this drill your accuracy will be top notch and you’ll see them head shots come rolling in.

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Drop shot

Drop shot is one of the oldest tricks in the C.O.D book. Double tapping to prone making you less visible and less of a target. Earlier Call Of Duties the drop shot was so effective it was a must to utilise. It did have its draw backs as the movement itself leaves you open for high damage head shots as you go prone. Black ops 3 is a tough one for drop shotting, sometimes it can be more of a disadvantage then an advantage. Due to the your lowered health I wouldn’t advise it as your primary engagement tactic. I’d go for the jump shot over the drop shot just purely on past experience. I lost my majority of gunfights drop shotting, so I tend to only use it on rare occasions. I’m sure everyone knows this but I thought I’d add for good measure, to make drop shotting easier go to settings change it to tactical, this changes your stab to crouch making it easier to perform.

Drop shot drill:

Another straight forward drill, whenever you engage a enemy I want you to drop shot. I don’t mean a couple times a game I mean every enemy you come across. Don’t worry about your kill/death at first because it is a new movement plenty of practice is required to become efficient at it.

Jump shot

Personally I think a jump shot is one of the most effective moves on Call Of Duty. Used by many great players worldwide, the jump shot is easy to perform but hard to master. The concept of a jump shot is to make you less of a target for the enemy and exposing your legs to fire instead of your upper body minimising damage. There are many variables to consider when performing a jump shot such as change in elevation, movement of aim and change of alinement’s if you choose a direction to jump. The thing I struggled at most was pressing the jump button before I was killed. But if you use central aim you can get a few hip fire shots in before you scope.

Jump shot drill:

A very straight forward drill, every enemy you encounter you jump shot. I want you to say it in your head and have your thumb ready to act. Whatever the outcome it’s not important, the important thing is to get the movement down. Once you have practised the movement you can then incorporate the hip fire shooting. Do this over a number of games to ensure the movement stays stored and fresh in your mind.


This tactic works best in search and destroy type matches. In order to perform this play you need a concussion or any type of visual tactical, you also need a alternative route to flank. This is going to be your path of entry and hopefully your element of surprise for the unsuspecting enemies. They will hopefully see the tactical go off and presume that’s where the threat is coming from. All eyes on that entrance you slip round to the alternative entrance and catch them with there backs turned. This is also a good drill to use for multiple kills as the enemies attention is elsewhere.

Decoy drill:

To initiate this drill you’ll need a visual or mini map indication confirming enemies are present. You need to get close enough to be able to throw a tactical and stay out the line of sight. Continue to head towards the alternative entrance but be cautious of additional enemies lurking. Once you have reached the target area its time for you to get those kills. This drill can also be used with large objects and in open area to draw enemies out.


Personally one of my favourite drills and when performed right is a slick move. The majority of players do this but no one has really picked up on it. Faking is when you find yourself in a scenario when a enemy has spotted you, you have also spotted

them, but you act as thou you haven’t and head as fast as you can to cover. They think they still have the element of surprise and follow you for a easy kill. What they do not know is that you have taken the liberty to plot up and lay in wait to put a bullet in there head. There is a number of ways you can perform this movement but these are the main two I frequently use.

The first is when I am spotted I head straight to cover, a building or round a corner is best. I judge what distance they are and work out how much time roughly I have before they appear. I go prone and scope in waiting for the enemy to come into my line of sight, killing him before he knows what’s what.

The second one is a much faster version and should be used in close quarters. You’ve spotted the target and you retreat to cover, they are on your tail so you spin round and fire point blank or melee him. Do not get disheartened when performing the faking drill as sometimes the enemy is just to fast or has sights on you before you can perform your drill.

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Faking drill:

You need to stay focused and try to spot the faking scenario when it occurs. It is vital you act immediately because the timespan before you are killed is very limited. The hardest bit is getting to cover before you are killed. Once you have found cover you need to lay in wait and direct your aim towards the enemy. Be careful when getting to cover because enemies may be present, If this occurs then improvise. Call Of Duty is unpredictable, and heated situations such as this pave the way for your path to becoming a great player.

Central aim:

Good play on Call Of Duty boils down to being able to carry out a number of small efficient movements to give you the best chance of winning the gunfight. Central aim is a important technique for gun battles. It’s the hip fire perspective of your player that when scoped in doesn’t change. It’s the wider 4 white cross hares for hip fire and they slowly come together when you zoom. When I first started playing earlier Call Of Duties I ran around oblivious to central aim ultimately making me lose the majority of my gunfights. As I progressed I realised I need to point to where a enemy is most likely to be as I move round the map. By doing this I give myself that millisecond advantage and a better chance of a kill. You wouldn’t do to well running around looking at the sky or floor, Plus by using this technique you will have visual on the enemy quicker improving your fire response.

Central aim drill:

Play as you normally would with whatever class you use it doesn’t matter. From the get go I want you to focus hard on your movement of your central aim. If you need help use the white cross hares. As you enter buildings and areas I want you to think where a enemy is most likely to appear from and aim there. A good tip is before every corner do this and before you know it, it will be standard procedure.

Corner aiming:

Another tip I to do when moving on the map is corner aiming. Whenever I come to a corner I aim. I focus on where I’m going and look for a target as I turn the corner. I used to always sprint round corners running straight into a scoped in enemy. This drill really helped me string together kill streaks when being mobile around the map.

Corner aim Drill1:

Every corner you come to scope in and think where a enemy will be. Think of the height you want to be at and have your trigger finger ready. Be careful if met by multiple enemies, it might be best to get a kill or damage and find a object for cover.

Peek a boo:

Pretty much all C.O.D players do this in game play the peek a boo. It is when you see or fire at a enemy but don’t think you’ll win and retreat round a corner or object. Seconds later you pop back out scoped in to finish the job. You hope either the enemy has began to sprint to you giving you an edge or they have changed direction. Warning this is a very risky move because it works both ways they have you in there sights as well and are most likely to be scoped in when you return. I continually find myself in these battles even if I know I’ll lose, I think it’s just the showmanship in me not wanting to have someone get the better of me. I find it hard to retreat even though its the best thing to do if hurt, strategic moves like this make a good player being able to withdraw when necessary.

Peek a boo drill:

Throughout your games you’ll come across this scenario. When you do I want you to sum up what to do when you take cover. Do you peek a boo out and engage target or retreat, If there are multiple targets you should retreat. You can peek a boo a number of times killing a enemy each time if you wish but this is very hard particularly when the enemy knows your position.

In most cases when you are damaged its best to retreat to a safer position until you have regenerated.

Knowing your spawns and enemy presence:

knowing where enemies are present is a great advantage but also vital when stringing together kill streaks. Not using the mini map as a guide to find enemy activity is foolish. The frustration I suffered in my early days getting one kill away from my final kill streak only to be shot in the back by a enemy lurking behind me. You will always get a straggler with silencer on or not shooting in your area but the majority of time that’s a one off. When a enemy shoots a indication comes up on the mini map, this tells you roughly where they are giving you a direction to aim. Spawn flips are also a nuisance spawning the enemy team to your side and your team to the other. This will usually happen when you are on your side leaving you with a team of angry freshly spawned enemies to bust a cap in you. To spot a spawn flip monitor your mini map and check where your team mates are, if they are on the other side of the map its more then likely spawned flipped. Another indicator I use is my gut feeling, I don’t know but I can just feel when it has happened. Everything has gone quiet and your team mates are nowhere to be found then bam! Enemies all around. Make sure you don’t become another statistic of the hated spawn flip and monitor your mini map and the movement of your team mates to ensure your well protected.

Mapping your progress:

Mapping your progress ensures you that you keep track of your performance. Keeping a simple table you can see your fluctuation in performance as you perform the drills. I don’t expect you to take all the tricks and drills and apply them straight away to every game. I want you to take a couple drills that you think will enhance your game play and use them for a duration of time. You may have incredible accuracy but lack heated battle movements thus you would use drills such as jump shot and faking. Keep the table simple with drill name, number of games and k/d (kill/death) ratio. You can design this on computer or a easier way is to draw it yourself on paper. As you go through your drill I want you to take into account the actions I have told you to perform and don’t be disheartened when you fail. The main objective is to get the movement into your game play, you can worry about your k/d after you have mastered the drills.

Sadly we have come to the end of this article. I hope you have enjoyed it and have been inspired to practice my drills. I would like to say thank you for purchasing and supporting my guide. Out of all my drills if you have implemented just one into your game play then I have succeeded in my article goal of making you a better player. Remember to be consistent with your practice and not to give up when it doesn’t go your way. Call Of Duty is supposed to be fun so don’t get to serious but just remember winning is better then losing. The majority of my drills can be imported into other Call Of Duties and will help you be just as successful with them.

Thanks for reading.

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