In one of Call of Duty’s latest offerings, you as the player get to take on the living dead in the Zombie Mode. While this game offers three unique new modes, namely Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombie, this guide will focus specifically on the Zombie Mode.

This much-beloved first-person shooter game was developed by Treyarch for various platforms, including Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

Like its predecessors in the Black Ops Series, Black Ops III continues the Call of Duty franchise by putting you in the role of soldier. Black Ops III is set in a futuristic landscape where humans have joined with machines to create the ultimate soldiers. Labelled the ‘deepest and most ambitious’ Call of Duty ever, this game blurs the lines between humans and technology to bring you a thrilling experience like no other.

The Zombies mode, while not completely new, stands somewhat apart from the rest of the game. It has its own XP-based progression system that allows you to upgrade your weapons as you level up. You can customize your weapons by changing the skin and the scope on the weapon, adding attachments, custom logos and some interesting symbols.

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This mode also introduces a new map called ‘Shadows of Evil’.


This is the first Zombies map in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. You are brought into the 1940s fictional Morg City, where you meet four new characters: Nero Blackstone, Jessica Rose, Jack Vincent and Floyd Campbell. Choose one of them and be transported to the nightmare realm of Morg City by the Shadow Man, who wants you to repent for your sins by surviving a Zombie horde. Each character has a dark and unique back story that adds some depth and flavor to the Zombie mode.

This game does have a specific line of progression – the point is to get on the map and kill as many Zombies as possible. By killing Zombies, and some other interesting monsters, you earn experience points that will allow you to customize your experience by buying bigger and better weapons.

As described above, this map places you in realm where you have to fend off Zombies. This is a swarm-mode that does not require a specific path through to a higher level. It’s up to you to explore, fight, build and discover. This walkthrough takes you through a few important points to remember when playing The Shadows of Evil.

You start out in a small alley, the aptly named ‘Easy Street’. From there, you go to Junction, which connects the three Districts in the game – Footlight, Canal and Waterfront. These three districts are split into three by gates: one section connects to Junction, the second to the monorail platform and the third to the high street, which you can only reach via the monorail platform (by foot) or by grappling to eagle heads when in beast mode.

You can use the monorail to go to other districts, but it costs 500 points each ride. There is a submachine gun wall buy inside. To call up the monorail, press the big green button at the station and choose your destination.

Beast Mode:

Join the monstrous fray by becoming a beast. You will see stone basins seeping purple flames dotted around the map. If you interact with them, you can become a beast for 25 seconds. You can only activate Beast Mode if the icon in the lower left corner is blue. Each basin can only be used once per round. Once your time as a beast is up, or if you choose to become human prematurely, you will be transported back to the basin from whence you changed.

As a beast, you can do several new things: grapple onto eagle heads above the map, fire electricity to activate machines and use melee attacks to break open sealed doors and crates.

As a fellow monster, the Zombies will ignore you while you are in beast mode. You can’t buy anything in this mode, and killing your fellow monsters will not earn you any points.


Search for a fumigator – one should be lying on the ground somewhere near the start. Use the fumigator on strange-looking pods to crack them open. You may find power-ups, weapons, a Zombie, a live grenade or nada.

Starting Weapons:

  • Bloodhound
  • Knife
  • Fragmentation Grenades

Once you have started killing things and earning points, you can purchase more advanced weapons.

You can also build the Rocket Shield or Apothicon Servant.



These three-headed, be-tentacled beasts will swipe at anyone who comes close. It does the same amount of damage as regular Zombies, unless it does its slam attack, which can down you in one hit or destroy a Rocket Shield.

You can kill it by waiting until it opens one of its mouths. Open fire on the head at that point. The head will be destroyed, but this will make the Margwa angrier and faster, and it will release a parasite. Destroy the other heads in the same way to destroy the Margwa completely.

The first Margwa that you kill will undoubtedly drop the Margwa Heart, which you need to craft your special weapon – the Apothicon Servant.

You get 500 points for each head you destroy, so you can earn a total of 1500 points.


These yellow beasts will attack together by shooting yellow liquid at you: this blinds you and causes damage.

These vary in difficulty from relatively easy to really hard. Try to stay close to cover when fighting them, so that you can avoid the yellow spray.

They have very low health and only take a few shots to kill.

Once downed in their particular round, they will drop a Max Ammo.

Insanity Elementals:

These monsters have various open, glowing mouths and are made of twisted flesh. They scream as they roll toward you. Take this opportunity to shoot at them. Insanity Elementals fall from the sky as glowing orbs. Insanity Elementals drop Max Ammo power-ups when the last one is killed in their round.


These are Robotic Anti-Personnel Sentry, and act as rolling time bombs. When you enter a zone, they can roll up very quickly and explode before you know it. Keep an eye out and eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Perk-a-Cola Machines:

You can buy assorted drinks from Perk-a-Cola Machines, which will spawn randomly around the map. The drinks will give you perks that might just help you fend off the Zombie hordes. Remember to turn on the power before trying to use the machine. If you’re downed, you will have to purchase all of the perks again, unless you have a Focusing Stone. Some of the perks will be listed below.

Perk-a-Cola Locations:


Widow’s Wine:

A perk-a-cola new to Shadows of Evil. This has four effects:

If a Zombie hits you, it will emit a web that will trap nearby Zombies for 20 seconds.

Grenades will become stick, and any Zombies that survived the explosion will be caught in a web for 20 seconds

Grenades can replenish with each round, or a downed Zombie will drop a blue spider icon. This provides 1 grenade.

Using the knife will slow Zombies to a stop and the knife will do more damage.

Widows Wine can be found in the broken-down subway. To get there, go through the main area outside the starting alley or access it from three ‘Rift’ portals.

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Pack-a-Punch Machine:

This machine allows your weapons to be upgraded to better versions. The machine will often change the weapon’s name, add one or more attachments and make the firing sound higher pitched.

The upgrades will include increased damage, larger magazines, added effects, and more reserved ammo. Heavy weapons gain increased mobility (increasing your speed when using them).

In Call of Duty: Black Ops III, you can upgrade weapons a second time for 2500 points, thereby adding a module. The five modules include:

  • Blast Furnace: ignites Zombies
  • Fireworks: turn Zombies into fireworks.
  • Turned: Zombies start attacking each other.
  • Dead Wire: some of your bullets will shock Zombies and create electricity chains between nearby Zombies.
  • Thunder Wall: you can propel Zombies in close range.

Gain Access to Pack-a-Punch Machine:

To do this, you have to complete all four of the Rituals around the maps. You can begin the rituals by getting the Summoning Key and a character-specific item (Nero’s Lawyer’s Fountain Pen, Jack’s Badge, Floyd’s Championship Belt and Jessica’s manager’s Hair Piece). Take these items to their corresponding ritual tables, after which you will be faced with some Gamekeepers, and a screaming sacrifice floating above the ritual table. When the ritual is complete, the sacrifice will explode in a shower of blood and a Gateworm will appear on the table – you have to take these Gateworms to the chamber underneath the Junction and place them on the four podiums. Once this is done, complete the ritual. The Shadow Man will appear and thank you for your services, turn into a horrific monster and disappear. This will open the Pack-a-Punch in the form of a portal.

Useful Items:

There are several useful and interesting items in the game that will enhance your gameplay or make it more fun.

Rocket Shield:

The Rocket Shield is a weapon that you can use on this map. When equipped, this shield can melee, and when unequipped, it can block back attacks from Zombies. It also has a burst function that can fling a player forward, which knocks Zombies away.

The Rocket Shield can be obtained by finding the necessary pieces:

  1. Shield Frame: this can be found in the Footlight district, either next to the perk machine or inside the building that connects to the train station (on a couch on the left).
  2. Fuel Tank: Go to the Waterfront district. It will be in the perk machine room against the window, in the backdoor or on the bridge leading to the building.
  3. Shield Armor: This one is in the Canal district. After you pass the train station and enter the hotel, it will be on the windows or on the opposite side.

Apothicon Servant:

When this weapon is fired, it will create a portal that sucks in and destroys nearby Zombies.

You will have to build this weapon by collecting the following things:

  1. A Magwa Heart: this will be dropped by the first Magwa you kill.
  2. Xenomatter: This is randomly dropped by parasites and R.A.P.S. after round 12.
  3. Margwa Tentacle: these will be in some of the pods that can be harvested. Look for purple pods.

You can then build the weapon at any of the buildable tables on the map.

Civil Protector:

This is a robot that can help you destroy Zombies. You will have to summon it to survive tough rounds. In order to do this, you have to collect three fuses and activate them in a fuse box on the Subway Station. The fuses are all on the upper floors of each district.

Once collected, put them in the fuse box. Once the fuse box is activated, you can summon the Civil Protector by activating CoP boxes for 2000 points. The Civil Protector will last two or three rounds, and they can revive downed players.

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GobbleGum can be purchased from GobbleGum machines spread over the map.

Before each match, players have the opportunity to create a customized pack of GobbleGum, including five different balls. You then have to find a GobbleGum machine in the game, and it will release one of the balls for 500 points. Only one GobbleGum can be equipped at a time.

GobbleGum Machines across map. Two of them can be active at a time. Three types of GobbleGum exists: Default, Normal and Mega. They are color-coded depending on activation: blue is round-based, orange activates immediately or depending on circumstance, green is time-based and purple must be activated. This guide will give a short explanation of the Default and Normal options.


Always Done Swiftly:

This allows you to walk faster when you’re aiming, and to raise and lower your weapon to aim more quickly. This activates immediately and lasts 3 rounds.

Arms Race:

This will allow you to respawn with the guns you had when you bled out. It activates immediately and lasts until the next respawn.


It will take longer to bleed out. This lasts 20 minutes and is activated automatically.

In Plain Sight:

Zombies will not pay you any attention for 10 seconds. This one must be activated, has two activations and lasts 10 seconds each time.

Stock Option:

This one will make your weapon take ammo from your stockpile instead of your weapon’s magazine. You can then spam single-round weapons like the XM-53 or the Apothicon Servant.


You can unlock these by ranking up in the Zombies Mode.


This allows you to respawn at the end of the current round instead of the start of the next round. It activates immediately and lasts until bleedout.

Sword Flay:

You can inflict 5x more damage with any melee attacks or weapons. It activates immediately and lasts for 2 and a half minutes.

Anywhere But Here!:

This little gumball allows you to teleport to a random location, and puts you down with a concussive effect that knocks away nearby Zombies so that you’re not immediately swarmed. It must be activated and can be activated twice.

Danger Closest:

You do not take explosive damage. Activates immediately and it will last for three full rounds.

Armamental Accomplishment:

You can switch weapons and recover from melee attacks much faster, and this allows you to reload and use items more quickly. It activates immediately and lasts for three full rounds.

Firing on All Cylinders:

This allows you to fire while sprinting. It activates immediately and lasts three full rounds.

Arsenal Accelerator:

This charges your special weapon faster. It activates immediately and lasts for 10 minutes.

Lucky Crit:

This one improves your chances to activate an Alternate Ammo Type. It also activates immediately and lasts one full round.

Now You See Me:

Lets all the Zombies chase you for 10 seconds. It must be activated and only activates once.

Alchemical Antithesis:

This changes up rewards – every 10 points you earn can instead award 1 ammo in the stock of your current weapon. It affects all weapons and must be activated. It has two activations, and they last 60 seconds each time.

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Easter Eggs:

These are hidden surprises that can be encountered throughout the Call of Duty game line, but especially in the Zombie modes.

They range in difficulty and can be used to gain an advantage.

In Shadow of Evil, you will find:

Apocalypse Averted:

Once completed – will give you the achievement ‘The Beginning of the End’ at the end of the first part. Once you finish the entire thing, you can earn the Calling Card from the Dark Ops challenges.

A Free Mega GobbleGum:

Find four Widow’s Wine grenades. Throw them in the mouths of the four lions in the Canal District. Every lion will show a little gray sphere that have to be put on a plate located in the shot of the first room. They can be eaten after three or four rounds.

A Reference to Salvatore ‘Sal’ DeLuca:

There’s an open window next to the door between the Junction and the spawn area. Inside this window, you’ll find a suit. Throw a grenade at the suit so that it explodes at the exact same time that it touches the suit. Widow’s Wine grenades work best for this. A tag will appear on the box in front of the window. This tag shows Sal’s signature. Hold the action button on it to gain 500 points.

Changing Trip Mines into Donuts:

Purchase trip mines, go to three donut wagons and place the trip mines on the wagons. You have to kill a Zombie with it. When this is done, you’ll hear a child laughing and the trip mines will be replaced by donuts. This will give them a larger blast radius and make them explode with icing.


Snakeskin Boots:

Press the action button in front of three little wooden radios that you’ll find across the map. The first is in the boxing gym at the Waterfront, on a desk on the upper level. The second is at the entrace of the Ruby Rabbit in the Canal District, to the left on a table. The third is at the train station in the Footlight District on a bench.

You can listen to the instrumental version of this song by pressing the action button twice in front of any one of the radios listed above, followed by pressing the action buttons only once at the other radios.

Cold Hard Cash:

Collect three parts of a microphone scattered over the map. Interact with the Show stage at the Black Lace Burlesque in the Footlight District. You’ll find the wire of the microphone under the stairs that lead from the Ruby Rabbit into the Canals. These are opposite the power box that is behind the only-accessed-with-beast-mode-wall. The microphone stand is at Nero’s lair, left of the bloody knife-throwing target. The microphone itself can be found at the Rift area or Subway Station, next to a trash can that will be near a portal that leads to the Waterfront district.


At times when you zoom in with the sniper rifle around the buildings from the docks and the boxing gym, a picture of a zombified Richtofen will suddenly appear and a high-pitched scream will pierce the quiet. This will only happen after the rituals have been completed.

Paper Scraps:

You can collect paper scraps from around the map. Once they have been joined, they show various drawings and notes from Edward Richtofen. They explain his knowledge of the multiple universes and timelines. The drawings also show four coordinates that lead to four new locations which will be visited in future Zombie maps.


If you’re playing Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies on a console, you enter cheats if you follow the method below:

Go to the Call of Duty program files and create a shortcut to the ‘CoDSP.exe’ file that you will find there. Right click on the shortcut and select ‘Properties’. Go to ‘Target’ and add this to onto the end of the existing link:

+set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 1

The link should then look like this:

“C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\CoDSP.exe” +set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 1

Once this is done, open the game and bring down the console by pushing the button above ‘TAB’. You can then enter the cheat codes. This guide lists a couple of them below:


You can zoom around the level as you want.

toggle r_showportals

Shows where you can access.


You will be ignored by enemies.

give ammo

You will receive 10 Grenades and 1 Panzerfaust (warning, this could crash the game. Make sure progress is saved).

give all

You get all the weapons in the game and your health is filled up.

give (object you want)

Get the object you want.




This will kill you.

toggle r_fatsky

This will make the sky lighter and allow you to see better.


You can restart the current level.


You can walk through walls.

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