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Dark souls III Release

Dark souls 3 is an action role playing video game, it is played in a third person perspective in which the player in visible in your screen. Dark souls 3 is a series game. The first game that was released is Demon souls in 2009, followed by dark souls in 2011, after that they released the next sequence which is the Dark souls 2, and lastly is the Dark souls 3 which is released in early 2016. Many players claim that Dark souls 3 is one of the greatest game of all time. Dark souls 3 is very fun to play and a great game because of its stunning graphics, great gameplay and exciting storyline.

Gameplay of Dark souls III

The gameplay of Dark souls 3 is closely similar to its pervious series game which is the Dark souls 2. Both of this games requires weapon and equipment to fight against enemies, you can loot unique and classy items in different locations. There are different types of weapons in this game such as the bows, throwable projectiles and swords depending on what strategy that you are going to use against your enemies and what fighting style you prefer. Shield can also use in this game but it is use as a secondary weapon only and mainly used for deflecting enemy attacks, it is also useful for battle strategies especially to avoid your player to receive injuries from your enemies.

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Types of attack

There are two basic types of attack in this game. First is the standard attack which is used for weak enemies and the other one is a powerful attack that needs to be charged up and can be used for large and strong enemies. In this game, fighting enemies is a little bit harder because there are enemies who are far larger and stronger than you, but you can defeat them by using your own tactics. There are some monsters that are large and strong but they move very slow, in order for you to beat them is to avoid their attacks, and in this game your character can avoid those attack by dodge rolling.


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The Map

The map in Dark souls 3 is larger and more detailed than the previous series game., travelling from one place to another by walking can literally consume your time and also your patience, that’s why they have a check points which is the bone fire for easier transportation in this game. Just like I mentioned earlier, this game has a great and stunning graphics like in the cinematic of the game. Your character can used magic in this which is called as focus point. The players focus point will be consumed when you perform a spells.

As the game goes by, you will encounter different types of enemies such as monster, animals and humans. the most exciting and unique part of this game is there 10 different classes in dark souls 3 the knight, mercenary, warrior, herald, thief, assasin, sorcere, pyromancer, cleric, and deprived. Every classes in dark souls 3 have different Stats and equipments. You can choose from any of this classes depending on what are your strategies that you’re going to use and base on what fighting style that you want.

Any Benefit of starting out as Deprived?

As long as you understand it doesn’t have a stat point advantage over any other class. Every class has the same amount of stat points at any given level. This means that you’ll invariably have several more wasted points than starting out with any other class unless you plan to make a max level character (high str, dex, int, faith, etc) in which case it makes no difference at all. Min maxing is pretty overrated if you aren’t strictly building a pvp character but having 10 in everything is only an advantage if you want to screw around basically imo. Something to be said for the novelty of having to use what you find, though. I like deprived because i’m not much into min maxing, so 10 over all the stats means that if i resspec, then i won’t have too many problems of having a stat that is too weak so i have to spend too many points to compensate. That and the fact that i get to find the gear as i travel. So you end up wearing armor from hollows or helmets and stuff. Doesn’t really happen with knight or other classes unless you find something REALLY good.

Plot of the Dark Souls III

It was all began in the kingdom of Lothric, There was a strange noise that was rung as a signal of the first flame, it is a signal that the Age of fire is dying out. It happens many times before but the Age of dark is coming that will produce an army of undead that will cursed the beings to rise up after their death.

There are 2 main location in this game, the ashes of Ariandel and the ringed city. Ashes of Ariandel is a Castle town located in snowy mountain side. In this location, there was a new character that was introduced. His name in Gael who can transport the Ashen one to the “painted world of Ariandel“. There are many characters that introduced in this location. The ringed city or known as “The Dreg Heap” is a region where ruined kingdoms of different eras are pilled upon each other. The ashen one begins his journey in this location where he face against and defeat the boss known as the Demon prince located in the tree at the bottom of the ruins of Earthen peak, connected in the previous sequence the dark souls 2. As the journey of the Ashen one continuous, He need face and defeat the Lords of cinder to put an end to the cycle of first flame and to vanish the curse of the undead once and for all.

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Overall review of the game Dark souls III

For me this game is one of the greatest action role playing game that I ever played, because this game have a long and exciting story line. This game is very fun to play because you’re going to meet different character, bosses, and enemies. It is also thrilling and exciting because of the fighting scenes that Dark souls 3 has. This game is also challenging, meeting a new bosses and Lords will challenge you because they are far bigger and stronger against you, but you can still beat them using your own battle strategies and tactics. It can also boost your strategies mechanisms by thinking of any other way to out power your enemies and to defeat them easily.

Dark souls III Rating

If I rate this game from 1 to 10, I will rate it a score of perfect 10. If you wonder why I like this game so much, this game surpass my expectations. The gameplay is so fun, the story line is so exciting, fighting against enemies are so thrilling and challenging, and you can play it again and again because you can pick from 10 different classes, it can also play by a casual players because the controls are very easy to understand. So if you’re looking for a game that has a good gameplay, great graphics, exciting story line and good for time killing, I hardly recommend this game for you.

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