The weapons in GTA V have more variety now than in the previous GTA titles. There are over 30 weapons in both the Special and the Collector’s editions of the game— 21 firearms, five melee items, four thrown weapons, and Jerry Cans (which are actually gasoline). Players can buy and customize all firearm weapons, but only two melee weapons are available in Ammu-Nation. Some weapons also require completing a mission before being available for purchase. In-game e-mail alerts will notify you if a new weapon is available. A majority of these weapons are free, while some missions or side stories also reward you with weapons and ammo.


Below are the various weapons, categorized according to type.


Unarmed – the unarmed mode is indicated with a Fist photo, and represents the player having no weapon.

Baseball bat – this weapon is usually found in certain sporting grounds and in storage rooms of some stores in Los Santos.

Broken bottle – a weapon that comes with the downloadable content (DLC), Beach Bum. Does a bit more damage than the knife, but cannot be used underwater and offers less versatility.

Crowbar – a new melee weapon in the game. It is located in construction sites across San Andreas. It offers a much responsive attack than the nightstick, but is weak to use against targets.

Golf club – rewarded after playing a round of golf. Feels like a baseball bat, but has a quicker response.

Knife – a melee weapon that’s distinguished by its sharp design. This is compact in size, but deadly in damage.

Nightstick – this is a weapon often seen in police and security guards. Although it offers a responsive attack, it is not recommended for combat. Still, it’s able to knock down most enemies when used repeatedly.

Hammer – this is available for players who have the Special and Collector’s Edition of the GTA V. The hammer is recommended for fast attacks, but has a low-medium range.


AP Pistol – a fully automatic pistol that has superior firing rate and damage than the Pistol and Combat pistol. However, its damage is still inferior to that of the SNS pistol.

Combat pistol – more accurate than the pistol, but is more expensive by $ 250. It also has a slightly further range, and has the same RPM and bullet capacity as the pistol. Compared to the AP pistol, it deals less damage.

Pistol – this is a very common weapon in the game that offers well-rounded damage, range, and accuracy. It can also be looted from most dead gangsters, officers, and guards. Lamar Davis gives Franklin his first pistol, while Trevor and Michael already has theirs in the game.

Pistol .50 – this pistol is a bonus weapon for players who have purchased Collector’s and Special Edition of the game and can be obtained for free at Ammu-Nation. In the Enhanced version, it sells for $ 4,000. This is the considered the most powerful pistol in-game, and can kill a single person with one shot in the chest, provided that the pistol isn’t suppressed.

SNS pistol – a small handgun that also comes with the Beach Bum DLC. Its accuracy and fire rate is better than the pistol, but it loses out on long range shooting and has no other upgrades besides the extended magazine.

Stun gun – a semi-lethal weapon that’s useful for incapacitating people. Zapping people multiple times can kill them, though. Makes for a good get-away weapon and is inexpensive. Perfect for stealth as it produces little sound.


Micro SMG – stat-wise, this weapon is fairly rounded. Its high fire rate makes it suitable for use indoors. This is also the only SMG that can be used in drive-by shootings.

SMG – this is identical to the Assault SMG stats-wise, but is also superior to the micro SMG in terms of accuracy, damage, and range. This makes it better to use universally.

Assault SMG – this is an unlockable weapon for Rockstar Social Club members who link their accounts to the game. It can be used for medium-long range, to close quarters like the SMG. However, it is slightly more recommended in close quarters because it fires 50 rounds per minutes.

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Advanced rifle – a bullpup assault rifle that deals the best firing rate and damage out of all the others in this category. The only downside is that it only becomes available later in the game. Although it is less accurate than the Carbine Rifle, it’s still superior to all assault rifles that didn’t come from the DLCs.

Assault rifle – this is probably the poorest-performing assault rifle in this category. It is cheap, and lacks the stats that make it a good rifle.

Carbine rifle – this is a well-rounded assault rifle that is similar to the assault rifle in terms of magazine capacity and range.


Combat MG – out of all the LMGs, this has the highest ammo capacity per magazine once you’ve bought the extended clip. It almost has the same stats as the Carbine Rifle, but has lower accuracy, higher damage, and further range.

MG – This is very inferior and crude compared to the Combat MG. The default MG can fire 54 rounds, while extending the magazine allows it to fire 100 rounds.


Assault shotgun – a fully automatic shotgun that features a detachable box magazine. Compared to the other shotguns, it has better magazine capacity and accuracy and is perfect for short-ranged shooting. Best used for enemies at close range.

Bullpup shotgun – this shotgun has 14 rounds of ammunition, all thanks ot its dual-tube internal magazine. It has moderately the same amount as the pump shotgun, and is lethal at close range. Unlike fully automatic variants, it doesn’t do much damage but still makes a pretty decent weapon.

Pump shotgun – this is perfect for close-quarters combat. It deals destructive damage at close range, but doesn’t do well at long range. Compared to the sawed-off shotgun, it offers better range and accuracy.

Sawed-off shotgun – a pump action shotgun that the player gets for free at GTA Online upon registration to the Rockstar Games Social Club. This is one of the guns that deals the highest damage, and is perfect to use at point-blank range. However, it’s useless at ranges over 10 feet.


Heavy sniper – a semi-automatic sniper rifle that has a 6-round magazine. Of all the firearms, it has the highest damage, range, and accuracy. However, it is expensive and both magazine capacity and firing rate are low. It is best used for vehicles, including helicopters and planes.

Sniper rifle – despite its slow firing rate, the Sniper rifle boasts excellent accuracy and high damage. When used correctly, it can easily dispatch enemies using only 10 rounds of ammo.


Grenade launcher – can hold up to 10 grenades. It has a high price tag, but has lower range and damage than the RPG. It is, however, the only heavy weapon that can be customized with attachments (grip, scope, and flashlight).

Minigun – out of all the heavy weapons, this is the most expensive and the only one that uses bullets. The advantage of this weapon is its high firing rate and magazine capacity. However, it doesn’t have the range and explosive capabilities of the RPG. Also, its heavy weight may slow the player down. For one, it is useful against helicopters and choppers.

RPG – good for medium range, and ideal for dispatching cars, planes, boats, helicopters, and even large groups of enemies. However, it can only fire one rocket at a time. This means having to buy another RPG when you’ve used your existing one.

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Grenade – these explode a few seconds after players throw them, and can kills any enemies within exploding range. Useful for multiple enemies, especially those who are hiding behind covers.

Molotov – a rare type of explosive that can be found in only a few locations. Anyone who are caught in the blast will burst to flames and die if the fire isn’t put out.

Sticky bomb – this is the type of bomb that you can stick onto cars, vehicles, and most structures. This makes it pretty indispensable for many missions.

Tear gas – useful for slightly decreasing the target’s health. Most enemies will run at the sight of it being thrown, making it useful for clearing crowded areas.


Jerry cans – this is useful for dousing objects in gasoline. Shooting these objects will cause it to ignite afterwards. Another technique you can do with it is to make a trail so the player can get to a safe distance, away from the blast area.


To help you along with unlocking weapons and upgrades, here are a few tips and tricks that you can do in-game to acquire some of the weapons enumerated above.

ASSAULT SMG – Link your Rockstar Social Club to the game.

Baseball Bat #1 – Find it beside the purchasable property Hookiees. Look for the porta-potties inside.

Baseball Bat #2 – Go to the back of the Bayview Lodge, where you meet Cletus here in the mission “Strangers and Freaks.”

Baseball Bat #3 – You can find it atop a rock in front of some log benches inside the cannibal camp. Note that the cannibals here are extremely hostile.

Crowbar – Turn right at the first fork in the Quarry (near the porta-potty), then head straight for the hill until you reach a dead end. You’ll find it underwater in a shipwreck located among some islands, North West of the map.

Golf Club – Get this weapon from the golf course, from someone wielding it.

Molotov x5 #1 – You can find these about 500m south from Hookiees, under the arch of a short bridge. Drive there by marking it on the map. The arch should be by the first street lights you see.

Molotov x5 #2 – South down the road beside the Los Santos Customs in Sandy Shores, take a second right and ascend a dirt road. When you see an intersection, head straight until you reach the Stoners Cement Works. You’ll find the Molotovs in the corner of a small area, beside the parked tractor.

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