Whatever you do, don’t touch that egg. Here, I list 5 Secret Enemies in Fallout 4. Secrets are always fun, but I think these hidden enemies are very much unique. I don’t know if they’re the hardest enemy, or the most powerful enemy, but they can be tough and I do list their boss locations. Kind of like secret locations or hidden locations (Alas, where are you secret room?). I do a lot of Fallout 4 Top 5s if you’re interested.

Since I’m on ps4 I don’t get to play with Fallout 4 new mods, or the best mods. But I love looking up cool armor mods and weapon mods. And obviously after this video, creatures mods as well as enemy mods could be great. They definitely make your new character builds more exciting. None of these enemies lead to a secret ending, but possibly a good laugh.

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