Story and setting

The Far Cry series, yet again, brings you to the most exotic places of our planet. In Far Cry 4, in contrast to the third installment of the series, you will have to bid farewell to the golden beaches, dense tropical jungle and the turquoise sea, as you will be dropped in the heart of mountainous Asia. The action of the title takes place in a small, fictional, Himalayan country named Kyrat, whose culture and architecture is based on the Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. The country inhabitants are attached to centuries-old traditions and a simple model of life. Unfortunately, their peace is suddenly interrupted by a violent civil war, being the work of Pagan Min, an eccentric military warlord, and the self-proclaimed king of Kyrat. Together with his fanatic followers, he induces terror and strong-arm governments, bringing together a large number of civilian victims. The rebels are trying to resist the sick ambitions of Min, trying their best to remove him from power.

The main character of Far Cry 4 is Ajay Ghale. He’s an ambitious, yet inexperienced man, born in the United States of America, although his family originated from the Kyrat. To fulfill the last will of his deceased mother, to scatter her ashes on home soil, Ajay, despite the dangers, goes on a journey to Asia. After arrival, he meets Min and gets caught up against his will in the struggle between the supporters of the dictator and the guerrillas.

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General hints

1. Reveal the map. You do that by seizing all of the bell towers. Right at the outset, you can seize the ones in the Southern and central Kyrat . After you gain access to the second part of the map (the “Key to the North” mission), you will be able to liberate more of them. It is best to do this as early as possible.

2. Trade as often as you can (at the beginning, at least). With a small backpack, you load it quickly, with various loot. At the beginning of the game, looting the corpses of the defeated opponents may, quite well, profit you. You can sell the trinkets that you do not need, to the traders in hideouts, but also to the traveling traders.

3. Kill and skin animals, as often as possible, while completing other missions. This way, you find out that you already have the necessary material, after you decide to upgrade your equipment.

4. Keep silent. The majority of missions can be completed, while staying undetected. In many cases, sneaking is additionally rewarded (e.g. while liberating outposts) and sometimes, this will be outright necessary (some missions). Therefore, remember about crouching and keeping an eye on the detection meter.

5. Remember to carry “silent” weapons around, the absence of which makes sneaking pointless. It is much easier to kill an opponent with the bow or the crossbow, with a throwing knife or the sniper rifle. This eliminates the risk of being spotted, you also do not need to sneak up and past, too much. Try to aim to the head, especially in the case of opponents with bulletproof vests and heavy ones. They are invulnerable to shots to the chests.

6. Use the camera. After you zoom in, you can take a closer look at the area. Also, the camera allows you to mark the enemies, who you can then watch over. Just remember that the marking action is temporary. Still, it is an invaluable tool, especially if you are planning on an onslaught.

7. Do not take “leaps of faith”. The best case scenario, if you fall from a height, is that you lose a larger amount of health. In the majority of cases, it ends in death. If you like jumping down, get a wingsuit that you can use to glide. You take no damage from jumping into water.

8. Exploit the advantage provided by elephants. If you prefer the assault style, they will work excellently for you. They are resistant and they ensure you, additionally, with quite a protection. Also, you can shoot while riding one, in case charges and crushing are not enough. Therefore, remember to unlock the skill of riding elephants as quickly as possible.

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9. Also the other animals can be of use. You need to approach the fauna here with respect, but sometimes, it is advantageous to use them for your own ends. By smashing gates that animals are kept in, or by planting bait next to soldiers, you can be nearly certain that there will be a predator to wreak havoc and be an involuntary ally in your cause. Just make sure that you are not attacked yourself and that you eliminate hunters beforehand, who can control some of the animals.

10. The best means of transport around Kyrat is the buzzer, which you can find in certain points on the map. It is worthwhile to remember those spots, because sometimes, you need to cover some distance in a car, before you can fly a buzzer. After you effect an appropriate purchase, you can find the machine next to The Ghales’ Homestead.

11. Remember to distribute your skill points. For nearly every action, you receive experience points, which you should invest into the skills that you need, immediately. It is necessary that you extend your health bar, increase the potency of syringes and obtain the skill at elephant riding. Then, improve on your combat skills, especially the ones related to execution.

12. In some cases, you are going to need syringes. Therefore, collect leaves and use them to craft substances to heal your character, strengthen yourself in combat or to be able to see all of the opponents around, temporarily.

13. Your choices affect some of the campaign mode missions, as well as its ending. By supporting Amita or Sabal you lose the option to complete some of the missions (to learn more, see the “Balance of Power” chapter).

14. It is worthwhile to complete side missions and search for collectibles. Thanks to this, you receive lots of money and experience.

15. Take good care of your karma level, thanks to which you pay less at stores.

16. Seize several watchtowers, at least, to facilitate traveling around the map (the “Fast travel” option).

17. It is a good thing to have all of the available weapon types on you. A sniper rifle, crossbow or grenade launcher will always come in handy. Depending on your needs and preferences, into the last slot, put a shotgun, assault rifle or something stronger.

18. Kill eagles. These pesky birds can appear everywhere, at the least expected moment. Make them pay!

19. In general: kill everything that moves – or be killed. Leave only elephants be. They are harmless and can be used in the form of tanks.

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Revealing the Map

At first the entire map of Kyrat is veiled by the fog of war. It hinders your movements and prevents you from completing some quests. To reveal the map and unlock some new possibilities you need to take over the radio signal. You can manage it by destroying radio boxes with transmitters which you can find on the top of every bell tower. The bell towers were built in over a dozen of places on this island. Climbing on a bell tower and damaging a transmitter will result with revealing a specific part of the map and will give you an information about some new places nearby. Beside that you will also receive some experience points, few free guns from Longinus and you will be allowed to buy some new weapons in shops.

Unlike outposts the bell towers are not guarded. You may find some lonely enemies nearby only few of them. Climbing to the top of a bell tower is always somewhat different, however there is a lot of similarities between every tower. You will start to climb at the very bottom where you have to find a platform on which you can climb or a hanging rope which you can grab. While moving up you need to look for places which will help you to get higher, mostly new platforms and ropes. Sometimes you have to bypass a bell tower using a narrow passage. Don’t look down and try to not run to fast since it may end up with your fall. Also try to be careful when you walk through the narrow boards or you jump between the subsequent edges.

Climbing to the top is an arduous, although pretty easy task. Remember to not rush yourself since falling may end up with the death of your hero. If you haven’t found an exit just try to look around again. There is always a ladder or a shelf on which you can climb and then jump from it on the other side or on a desk which you can use as a passage leading to the higher level. In some places you can also destroy few boards to crouch out to the external part of a tower. When you will be on the top you need to interact with a transmitter to take over the signal and reveal a part of the map. Remember that you don’t need to climb down – a much easier way is to use a zip-line.

Some bell towers may allow you to get to top right away if you will use the buzzer. If so then you need to land the buzzer in a right spot or jump out when you are right above a tower and then destroy a transmitter as usual. The effect will be identical as if you’d climb the entire way from the bottom.

Taking over the bell towers is worth your time. It will unlock for you the access to some new weapons and quests and you will also receive experience points. It will also reveal some interesting places nearby which may be related to new quests as well.

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Taking over the outposts

In over a dozen places hard upon the main roads are located the enemy military posts. You can take over every one of them what will unlock some new quests as well as the access to the “fast travel” option. On the freed area will also appear friendly (instead of enemy) patrols.

There are three ways to take over every military post:

  • – total destruction – choose this way if you don’t care about being detected and you can deal with the alarms and reinforcements before breakfast. You don’t need to use any specific tactic beside having a good gun and a good cover. If you choose this way you need to be prepared to fight with enemy reinforcements which sometimes can be pretty huge.
  • – no alarm – this situation takes place when you will be detected by an enemy although he or she will not be able to turn on the alarm. It will allow you to avoid the enemy reinforcements. You can choose this way if you will, for example, be spotted by only the last enemy (after you will eliminate the rest of them quietly) or you have deactivated an alarm earlier on.
  • – no detection – the most rewarded option when consider the received experience points. To choose this way you need to take over the entire enemy post without being detected by even a single opponent. To succeed you need to kill your enemies by using (for example) a bow or the takedown. You also will need to distract them by throwing rocks around the place. It’s not essential however any other method is also related with the huge risk of being detected.

The first thing you need to do is a little reconnaissance. To do so you need to use your camera and mark all the enemies. Various enemies will be tagged with different icons. Remember that you can mark the hunters for only a short time. After a while the icon above their head will disappear so you should try to memorize where have you saw them or eliminate them before anyone else.

The best way is to take over every post methodically and quietly not only because of the experience points bonus but because of the simplicity of this option. Especially at the beginning of your attempt try to sneak around. Kill while using your hidings as many enemies as you can and think about turning of or destroying an alarm. In some outposts there is more than one box with the alarm so you need to take care of all of them if you want to be sure that the reinforcements will not appear. Remember that the top floor or the roof of the highest building and the high rocks’ ledges will almost always provide you the best view of the entire outpost. Sometimes it is good to bypass the entire post while keeping a safe distance and to mark as many enemies as you can and after that go to the right spot and then to begin the extermination. You should start by killing the hunters or the enemies with a heavy weapons (you need to have the Heavy Takedown skill).

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You can additionally facilitate taking over the outposts by using some additional options. In some places you can open a cage which keeps a locked animal. Released animals are mostly going to attack the guards and even succeed to kill some or all of them, initiating the chaos at the same time. You can also set up a bait in a convenient place which may lure a predator to help you. However if you want to use the animal’s help you need to eliminate the local hunters first since if you won’t do that they will kill your companions really fast. If you prefer to use a brutal force you may want to call the “Guns for Hire” or to use an MMG or a mortar which you can find in some areas.

In the “Outposts” chapter every single enemy post is shortly described. However, remember that every presented tactic is just a proposition and is focused on quietly eliminating your enemies.

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