Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) has long been on the waiting list of many game enthusiasts — and their dream finally became reality. This Rockstar game is considered the 15th installment in the GTA series following the GTA IV title. On September 17, 2013, the Original Edition of the game was released for Playstation 3 (PS3) and Xbox 360 players, while the first trailer for the game was released way back in November 2011. For Xbox One and PS4 players, the game was released months later the first date on November 18, 2014. It was dubbed the most highly anticipated game in 2013, and was scored 96 or above in GameRankings and MetaCritic. More so, it received perfect scores among most reviewers, and grossed over $ 800 million on its first day of release.

full story of gta 5

full story of gta 5


The plot of the game is set in the city of Los Santos, circa 2013, and tells the stories of three protagonists — Michael La Santa, Trevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton — who are characterized by their friendship and cunning survival instincts. The lives of these three are intertwined in-game, giving the game a whole new twist. Nine years ago, Michael Towney, Trevor Philips, and Brad Snider (you’ll know who he is later) all partook in a robbery in Ludendorff, North Yankton. Upon leaving the area, the three were pursued by the police, until a train mishap made them end up crashing in a farm. A sniper injures Michael and Brad, leaving Trevor to scramble for cover. Eventually, Trevor escapes, leaving the two behind under police custody. Michael was given a chance to live a new life under a witness protection program by the Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB). The agency arranged for Michael’s death and made him a grave to make it appear that he died, in exchange for his help in the investigation of the North Yankton robbery. He now lives under the alias of Michael De Santa and stays at a house in Rockford Hills with his wife Amanda and two children, Tracey and Jimmy. Michael’s relationship with his family however, is on the rocks. He tries to get his life back together by consulting with Dr. Isaiah Friedlander — a therapist in Del Perro.

On the other side of Los Santos lives Franklin Clinton — a Black American character who works as a repo man for Armenian car dealer Simeon Yetarian who uses shady business so that his customers can’t keep up with the enormous interest rates. One day, while attempting to repossess Jimmy De Santa’s car, he meets Michael who points a gun at him and demands to know who ordered the repossession. This led to Franklin losing his job, but also befriending Michael. He willingly helps Michael in his missions, including chasing the tennis coach of Michael’s wife when he found them almost naked in their bedroom. This however, took a turn for the worse when Michael destroyed the house the tennis coach was hiding in out of anger. Apparently, the house belonged to a businessman-slash-gang leader named Martin Madrazo. He demands that Michael pay him to avoid any violence. Michael’s squabble with Madrazo led him to contact an old friend named Lester, who helps him on a jewelry store heist. Michael recruits Franklin and a few others, and the heist was successful.

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Later in Blaine County, Trevor hears about the heist and figures it was Michael who’s done it. Currently a meth dealer, he decides to travel to Los Santos and catch up with his old friend who he thought was dead. Before leaving, he makes friends with a group of Chinese mobsters and takes out the remaining members of the gang Lost MC — along with a couple of rival meth dealers called the O’Neils. Trevor brings along Wade, whose cousin has an apartment in Los Santos, which will become Trevor’s base of operations later on.

Michael gets surprised by Trevor, and the two did some catching up. Currently, Michael was having trouble with the FIB agents who placed him under the witness protection program. They were forcing him to help them out with the International Affairs Agency (IAA) — FIB’s rival agency. Michael brings in Franklin and Trevor to help, but the deal he’s made with the FIB is kept secret. Michael’s family eventually moved out because of his criminal activities, while Franklin continues working for Lester by targeting high-profile people. The funds he gathered from his criminal activities allowed him to live in a mansion in Vinewood Hills. This, however, does not stop him getting involved in his best friend’s gang-related business.

Later, Trevor expands his business by obtaining (illegally) an experimental weapon from Merryweather — a government security contractor company. Everything goes well for him, but Lester insists returning the weapon so that they wouldn’t end up on the company’s kill list. After acquiring funds, the protagonists meet Devon Weston, who later introduces Michael to Solomon Richards — a producer from the Rich Majestic Studio. Turns out that Solomon needed Michael’s help in fixing a problem with the studio, and succeeds. Later, Michael proved useful to Madrazo when he was asked to take down Madrazo’s cousin before he could testify against him in court. Michael brings Trevor and succeeds, but not without Trevor kidnapping the gang leader’s wife. This led to the two fleeing to Blaine County to hide, and Trevor continues to steal from Merryweather and operate his meth business.

While the two were in hiding, they were contacted by FIB. It turns out that the agents needed Michael and Trevor’s help to gain funds that will be used to raid a lab used by the IAA. The two seeks help from Lester, and with Franklin, they were successful in robbing a small bank in the countryside. While stealing from Merryweather, Michael and Trevor found an item that might be valuable enough to set things straight with Madrazo once and for all. Michael, however, tells Trevor to return the gang leader’s wife despite his friend’s deepening relationship with her. Michael consoles Trevor by promising to let Trevor come with them on a heist at the Union Depository. The heist was successful and Trevor returns Madrazo’s wife. Michael and Trevor safely returns to Los Santos, and while Michael returns to his home, Trevor moves his operations to a strip club. Lester, together with the protagonists, start planning how they will go about the Union Depository heist. Before they even began the heist, Trevor unveils the truth that Bradley Snider — the third member of their old crew whom he thought was still imprisoned — was the one buried in Michael’s grave. Michael was then forced to reveal the deal he made with the FIB nine years ago. Angered, Trevor engages in a heated confrontation with him until they were disturbed by a group of Chinese mobsters who captures Michael. They hold him hostage, thinking that he is Trevor’s lover, but Trevor — still angered by Michael’s confession — doesn’t care about Michael.

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While Michael is held hostage, Franklin, Trevor, and Lamar delivered rare cars for Weston. However, the three were swindled as they were told that the money that should’ve been their payment is being invested and will be given to them at tje right time. This doesn’t sit well with Franklin, who convinces Lester that they should find Michael who knows Weston better. Lester then tracks down Michael’s phone and found that he is in a warehouse somewhere in Los Santos. Franklin then kills the Chinese mobsters, freeing Michael. On the other hand, things are taking a turn for the better for the agents from FIB. They contact Michael and Franklin to raid their building and steal some information they need. It was successful, but Michael plans to tell the agents about Trevor’s exploits with Merryweather sometime in the future, after he gets back with his family and after he finishes filming his movie.

Unfortunately, Weston cancels production so that he could rake in insurance money for himself and convert the studio into a condominium. The film reel was taken by Weston’s assistant, and the passion Michael has for his movie led him to chase down the assistant, killing him in the process. This angered Weston. With the movie safe, Michael then proceeds to dealing with the FIB. When a meeting proceeds in an art center, FIB, IAA, and Merryweather breaks into the scene for an intervention. This leads to a huge shootout, and thanks to Trevor Michael is safe. They then proceed to planning the Union Depository heist. While things start settling down, Franklin tells Michael and Trevor that Lamar was kidnapped by street gang rivals, and the three comes to his rescue and brought him back home. While leaving Lamar’s house, FIB agents arrive and confront Franklin, telling him that he needs kill Trevor.

On the other hand, while Michael was attending his movie’s premier, Weston had Merryweather visit Michael’s family in an attempt to capture them. Michael comes to his family’s rescue. For the meantime, he takes his family to another place for their safety. During the Depository heist, the protagonists were successful in their heist. All seems well until Weston visits Franklin at his home, demanding that Michael be killed. Franklin retaliates by saying that he needs to kill Trevor for the FIB, but Weston answers by giving him three choices: kill Trevor, kill Michael, or save them both in exchange for his own life. So what’s the ending? Well, we’ll leave that up to you.

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