Whether you’re new to the GTA games or not, here are some general hints that you may want to look into before getting submerged in the game.

gta hints

#10 – Be extra vigilant when attacking security trucks. One of the surefire ways to gain extra cash in-game is to rob security trucks. While this may seem pretty simple, you’ll want to prepare yourself for the trouble brewing ahead. Make sure to keep your weapons (guns, preferably) on standby after setting off the sticky bomb to open the truck. You may either get on a gunfight with the driver or with nearby police. After taking care of them, grab what you can and make a run for it. Avoid hanging out at the scene to avoid the penalties.

#9 – Help thy neighbor and you shall reap the rewards. Side missions may not give you much, but you’ll be surprised how it’ll pay you off later. If you see a guy getting his bike robbed, take down the thief and return the bike to the owner. Some would give you a simple ‘Thank you’, but if you happen to have helped a rich CEO, then this means getting a $ 100,000 reward for gratitude. Helping pays in this game.

#8 – Save the secondary driving camera for situations that really need it. When on a car chase, GTA V introduces a “follow” camera angle feature that shows you where your target is heading. This puts you at risk for road collisions and accidents, which may only mean increasing the distance between you and your target. Stay on their tail and use the “follow” camera angle only when needed. This’ll keep the chase easier.

#7 – Land your car smoothly. Cars can be controlled even in mid-air. While you’re tempted to do some mid-air stunts, save this for when you’re richer and not in an important mission. Land your vehicle as solidly on the ground as possible.

#6 – Use Chop to find hidden collectibles. Chop — Lamar’s loyal Rottweiler — helps out at some missions. Another thing he’s good for is sniffing out treasures. Download the free iFruit app on your device and select “Make Chop Hunt for Pick-Ups.” This’ll train him to sniff out the collectibles.

#5 – Level up your weapons. To get the most from your weapons, make sure to max them out as quickly as possible. This improves bullet capacity, accuracy, and firing abilities, which will all help you in mission requiring guns. You can level up your weapons at Ammu-Nation.

#4 – Relax. Side activities may appear useless, but provides additional boosts to your character. As mentioned above, new activities such as yoga or running boosts Michael’s special abilities. These activities also serves as a breather from the chaos of missions in the Story Mode.

#3 – Buy a hangar. If you currently have a Wanted level, entering the airport and other military bases could mean trouble. Buying a hangar can help you in some missions that require you to steal jumbo jets and other aircrafts. Hangars are expensive, but are worth the investment in-game.

#2 – Utilize headshots in the game. Doing headshots is a great way to kill your enemies quickly. Enemies that are wearing heavy armor may need to take a lot more damage, though. Just make sure to end the gunfight quickly to proceed faster with missions.

#1 – Take cover. Trevor is known for being too cocky and exposing his physical self while engaging in shootings. If you don’t want to lose money by dying a lot, taking cover during shootouts is your best bet.

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