The first part of this walkthrough would be about the 69 main missions in GTA V. These missions are integral to making your character progress through the story. The missions mentioned below will guide players from the prologue to the final credits of the GTA V Story Mode. You should read the full story here. And read GTA 5 Mission Walkthrough Part 2 here

GTA 5 Mission Walkthrough Part 1

GTA 5 Mission Walkthrough Part 1


Part 1: The Robbery. Follow Trevor along the hallway. He’ll stop in front of the vault. Go in and go get the cash in the far corner and on the ground.

Part 2: Assessment of Threat. Once you’ve exited the vault, a security guard will get a hold of you, pointing his gun at your head. Switch your character Trevor, then shoot the guard by aiming at his head.
Part 3: The Escape Follow your crew members. Brad will make the doors explode using bombs, so make sure to take cover. Basically, all you have to do is to shoot your way outside the building.

Part 4: The Getaway. Once you get outside, shoot you way to get to the getaway vehicle. Get in, drive, but be gentle on the wheel. Stay in the proper lane to so you wouldn’t draw attention, and don’t veer off anywhere as this will fail the mission. After turning right, you’ll get hit by a train. After the cut scene, quickly take cover while shooting at the police. The mission will end after the cut scene.


Part 1: The Friendly Race. Follow Lamar to the back of the house to choose a sports car and race against him. There will be no checkpoints during the race so keep your eyes on him. This is also the part where you’ll first learn about Franklin’s special ability.

Part 2: Steering Clear of the Police. You’ll arrive at a parking lot after the race. However, you’ve called the police’s attention due to speeding. It’s pretty easy to shake them off; just look for a hidden area where they won’t find you. Wait until your Wanted level has gone before coming out. When the cut scene ends, drive yourself back to your safe house to finish the mission.


Part 1: The Drive. After the cut scene, go outside, choose a fast car, then drive to Vespucci Beach.

Part 2: The Search. After arriving, follow Lamar and jump over the metal fence. Walk with Lamar to see a pickup truck drive by.

NOTE: Do not equip a weapon. The people on the pickup truck are Vagos — you will automatically fail if they see a weapon on you. There are three garages you can open. The one on your right will trigger a cut scene in which you’ll have to engage in a gunfight with some Vago baddies.

Part 3: Gunfight. Pick up the gun Lamar dropped for you, then take cover. Shoot some Vago baddies. If you see some porta-potties, shoot the gas tank at the top of it to blast the guy shooting at Lamar.

Part 4: The Chase. After the shootout, jump over the metal fence and quickly get on your car. Chase the escaping biker by utilizing Franklin’s ability. Ram the bike, and take it to the car wash.


Part 1: Breaking and Entering. Drive to Michael’s house and look for a way in. You can either enter through the tennis court or through the entrance gate. Look for the pickup truck inside and climb on it to gain access to the open window. By now, you should’ve switched to Stealth Mode so your movements create less noise. Go downstairs, and sneak to the hall beside the stairway. Under it is a door leading to garage.

Part 2: Driving Back. Sneak quietly into the garage, and drive the car back to Simeon’s dealership. While driving, Michael surprises you from the backseat with a gun on your head. Follow Michael’s demands and ram the car into the dealership’s window.

Part 3: The Fight. You’ll be shifting to Michael for this part. Beat up Simeon (you’ll get the chance to use Michael’s special ability here). Once he’s knocked out, the mission completes.


Part 1: Chasing the Boat. Drive to the waypoint in the map. You’ll spot the yacht being driven away. Follow it.

Part 2: Shootout at the Freeway. Move closer to the truck and let Franklin jump on. After jumping on, keep on its tail and start shooting the bad guys who try to attack Franklin. Do a drive-by shooting for this. When the coast clears, you’ll find Jimmy dangling on the yacht’s mast. Save him.

Part 3: Repairing the Car. As soon as Jimmy is safe in the car, drive in closer so Franklin can get back in. The engine will then give out, and Franklin suggests a place he knows where you can get the car repaired. Follow the waypoint and have the car repaired there. Drive it back to Michael’s afterwards.


Part 1: The Drive. Take a walk with Lamar to his van. Get in and drive to Vinewood. This will trigger a cut scene.

Part 2: The Chase. Chase the biker on foot after he’s been hit by a bus. Chase him and take care to jump over the train cars. You can try to switch to Chop here to get a glimpse of him following the biker’s scent.

Part 3: The Dog Pound. Call chop back when he’s taken a short break (with a female dog). Call him back and continue searching the trains until Chop finds the hiding biker. Open the car and chase the biker until Chop bites him. After the biker has boarded the van, drive back to Lamar’s house to drop them off. Drive to the Rec center. This will complete the mission.


Part 1: Driving and Shopping. After the cut scene, to Ammu-Nation. Purchase a shotgun before heading to the meeting point with the others.

Part 2: Escaping the Building. Make your way into the building. A shootout ensues so make sure to get into cover and shoot the bad guys. When the coast is clear, quickly leave the building with Lamar. Once you’ve gone outside, shoot the helicopter that tries to stop you before following Lamar up the ladder.

Part 3: The Police Escape. At the end of the rooftops is a wall. Jump over it and enter the getaway vehicle. Find a place where you can hide from the cops quickly. When your wanted level has dropped. Drive back to the safe house to complete the mission.


Part 1: The Drive. After the cut scene, take the pickup truck and chase after red car on which the tennis coach got on. Midway during the chase, shoot at the hippie van to get it out of the way.

Part 2: Bringing Down the House. Follow the waypoint to playa cut scene. After Franklin hooks the pickup truck to one of the house’s foundation posts, rev the pickup truck and tug the house three times to get it tumbling down the hill.

Part 3: Drive-By Killer. With the house destroyed, drive back to Michael’s house. The owner of the house will call you and send a few gunmen after you. Shoot them down using the drive-by shooting feature, and drive back to Michael’s as soon as the coast is clear. The post-mission cut scene shows Michael giving Lester a call, activating the Jewelry Heist missions. On the PS4, Lester’s conversations are audible through the Dualshock controller.


Part 1: Bicycle Race. Get into your vehicle with Jimmy and drive to the waypoint. You’ll end up in Vespucci Beach where you’ll have to rent a bicycle. Choose any of the bikes to begin the race with Jimmy. After the race, Jimmy reveals the real reason why he chose to go to the beach. Michael will then jump into the water and swim your way to the Dignity. Climb the boat and watch the cut scene.

Part 2: The Rescue. Once you and Tracey have boarded the jetski, drive it towards the tunnel ahead of the boat.

Part 3: The Escape. Follow the waterways until you reach the marina area. Head straight to the ocean until you notice that the bad guys stopped following. With the bad guys gone, get back to the beach and meet Jimmy to complete the mission. A post-mission cut scene shows Mike taking a break by the Pier.


Part 1: Leave the Shopping to the Hipsters. Ride your car and head over to the Suburban Outfitters. Choose some cargo shorts and a gilet to get the required look for the mission. Exit the store and drive to the Live Invader office.

Part 2: Virus Extermination. Walk to the waypoint near the large doors to trigger a cut scene. Ricky, one of Life Invader’s programmers, will come out. After the conversation, follow him into the office upstairs.

Part 3: Planting the Chip. After removing the virus, walk towards the prototype room and enter it. Once the cut scene is done, exit the building and get on your vehicle. Drive back to Michael’s house.

Part 4: The Call. Watch Jay Norris — Life Invader’s CEO — give his keynote speech. Wait until he shows the phone, then bring up your own phone and look for his name in your contacts to call him. This completes the mission.


Part 1: Casing the Joint. After the cut scene, drive to Vangelico’s — the jewelry store. Head over there and watch the cut scene. Take a photo of the store’s security keypad, security camera, and the air vent.

Part 2: To the Rooftops. Leave and get back to your car. Follow Lester’s commands and drive around the block until you get to the corner where there is a building that’s still being constructed. Go upstairs until you reach the rooftops. Go to the highest part of the rooftop. Switch to camera mode and take a picture of the air conditioning unit. Once done, head back to your car, drive back to Lester’s garment factory, and start planning the heist to end the mission. The post-mission scene involves setting up plans with Lester. Michael will need to choose the members of the heist crew. Make sure to choose wisely.


On the freeway going to the desert, you will find the truck with the gas grenades. Once you’ve intercepted the van, shoot it to make it stop or crash. After getting the gas grenades, bring them to Lester’s garment factory.


To begin this mission, drive over to the Los Santos docks. You’ll find the Bugstars van inside a warehouse. Don’t enter from the front because three employees are guarding the entrance. Rather, walk around and enter the warehouse from the back. Once you have the van, drive it to the waypoint to complete the mission.


You can begin the mission on any freeway. Just look out for trucks that are full of assault weapons. These are usually on their way to a police station. By now, you know that Michael can slow time to win a shootout. Use this skill to win against the NOOSE team who are guarding the guns. Force the SUV they are riding off the road by trapping it between the shoulder and your car. Hit the brakes, pop out the vehicle, activate your ability, and finish the guards. Drive the vehicle somewhere off-road to lose the cops, then drive home.


Part 1: The Heist. Take your crew to Vangelico’s. This mission will be triggered if you’ve chosen the Loud version of the heist during the planning with Lester. Midway during the heist, the store manager will attempt to get away, so point a gun at her until she gets to the ground. Once you get all the jewelry, begin the getaway.

Part 2: The Getaway. Drive and watch out for the tunnel located along the freeway. Drive into the it while staying close to your gunmen. The perspective switches to Michael as soon as you reach the Los Santos River.

Part 3: Protecting the Assets. Ram the police cars off the road and drive until you reach the way point. Drive back to the safe house to finish the mission.


When choosing this option, it is recommended to choose McCreary as your gunman, and Karim as the driver. Ricky from LifeInvader could be a good hacker as well.

Part 1: The Heist. Get in the car and drive to the waypoint near Vangelico’s. Franklin will exit the car and he’ll toss a gas grenade into the store’s ventilation system. Now that you’re switched to Franklin, go to the rooftop and toss the gas grenade into the vent across Frank. Aim a bit lower to avoid overthrowing the grenade. Once the gas grenade is inside, a cut scene occurs, indicating the start of the robbery.

Part 2: The Getaway. Once the robbery is done, Franklin should use a motorcycle to get away quickly from the police. Follow the two gunmen while watching your speed.

NOTE: If your gunmen’s skillsets are low, one of them will crash before the tunnel entrance. When this happens, driver over and pick up his duffel bag to avoid losing 30% in your cash intake. Continue along the tunnels until you get to the LS River. Here, the control switches to Michale.

Part 3: Protecting the Assets. Same as the Loud version, ram the police vehicles off the road. When the coast is clear, bring the van to a halt and wait for the crew to get in. Drive to where Lester is to complete the mission.


Part 1: Celebration. The mission can begin with either Franklin or Michael. Go to Michael’s house and to the living room for the cut scene with Trevor.

Part 2: The Chase. Once you’re all stocked with ammo, jump into Trevor’s truck and drive to where the biker gang is. A short cut scene occurs, which will be followed by a chase. Get in the truck and follow the gang until they reach their hideout. Midway thru the chase, you will find a bridge that will allow you to do a Stunt Jump. You don’t have to, though, but doing so will result to your first USJ achievement.

Part 3: Shootout at the Trailer Park. Take cover at the left side once you arrive at the trailer park. Shoot whoever is closest. You’ll only have a Shotgun equipped, so it’s recommended to move from cover to cover while dealing damage. If you’re short in health, there’s a Health Pack located near a pickup truck on the road. Continue shooting and taking cover as you go.

NOTE: Trevor has a “Rage” ability that will deal double damage to enemies. Activate it when Trevor gets overwhelmed or if needed. Your radar will then show bikers heading towards you. Wait for them and pick them off one at a time as they pass by. Once you’ve killed several bikers, the rest of them will run and leave you and your crew alone. Get in the truck and drive to the waypoint.

Part 4: Giving Mr. Ortega A Visit. Drag the trailer into the river; this will trigger a cut scene. You may choose either to shoot Ortega, or to simply walk away. Get back in your truck and drive home to finish the mission.


Part 1: The Stakeout. Go to Ammu-Nation and get yourself a Sniper Rifle. Get an advanced scope and a suppressor while you’re at it. After equipping the rifle, meet Ron by the water tower and climb it. Once on top, start sniping the bad guys.

Part 2: Sniping at Midnight. Some guards will appear above or near the radio tower area. Make sure to extinguish the lights when Ron signals. A biker will approach Ron as he fixes the bomb onto the tank. Shoot the biker down quickly. Once the bomb is in place, a rival helicopter will appear in the scene for fun. Simply aim and snipe the pilot to bring down the chopper.

Part 3: Airfield Raid. Jump down and run towards the air hangar. Do this while shooting at Lost MC members. Make use of cover and shoot them one at a time. Get into the hangar and leap on the plane.

Part 4: Stealing the Goods. Once you’ve taken down all the Lost MC members, get onto the plane and fly away. Put the landing gears up. Using a knife, get rid of the last Lost MC member on your wing. Once the plane reaches the drop-off point, drop the package you got onto the yellow smoke. Once done, fly back to the airfield to complete the mission.


Part 1: Shootout at the Store. Drive your associates to the lab. A shootout will ensue, and make sure to get into position and kill all the approaching Aztecas. Kill the first couple of Aztecas until you see a pickup truck drive by. Follow Chef and kill the remaining Aztecas.

Part 2: Shootout at the Rooftop. More Aztecas will appear from the part of the building. Just follow Chef and receive a Grenade launcher from him. Use this to eliminate the group of Aztecas.

Part 3: Front Door Shoot-out. After blasting some cars, Chef signals you to follow him downstairs. Take cover and shoot more Aztecas until Chef signals you to follow again. When the coast is clear, go to the two men in the freezer to finish the mission.


Part 1: Friendly Rivals. Drive over to the O’Neil Farm. Arm yourself with a suppressed Sniper Rifle (make sure to buy one if you don’t have one yet) to allow Trevor to shoot silent headshots. Once you’ve sniped the two fellows who were plinking cans, shift your focus above and kill the people on the balcony. Work your way down and turn right. If you happen to alert the whole farm, kill as many as you can with your rifle. Switch to a shotgun then attack the farm.

Part 2: Indoor Shoot-Out. Once you’ve cleared the outdoors, enter the farmhouse from the left. Take cover and fire as you turn. Trevor’s special ability could be useful here.

Part 3: Blow It All Up! Grab a Jerry Can and make a gasoline trail from the basement to the outside. Ignite the trail by shooting at it. Hop on an ATV and leave the area to complete the mission.


Part 1: A Going Away Gift. Drive to the waypoint at the Lost MC trailer park. You’ll have several objectives you’ll need to complete here. For this mission, you’ll need a lot of patience. Circle around the perimeter and avoid the bikers. Attach sticky bombs to the trailer. You can also try throwing the bombs at an arc.

Part 2: Road Trip at the Beach Side. Now that the trailer park is in ruins, go back to your truck and make your way back to Los Santos. Your next stop is at Vinewood Hills, where Trevor will need to make a short pit stop. Drive to Vespucci Beach and finish the mission.


Part 1: Catching Up. Jump into the car and drive to Maze Bank Arena. Park your car and make your way into the arena. After the cut scenes, run outside. Take the big truck, and chase down Lazlow.

Part 2: Chasing Lazlow. Lazlow will veer into railroads for a few seconds. While you’re tempted to follow him, don’t. Just stay on the road and keep an eye out for him. In this mission, you won’t be killing Lazlow. Just follow him into Los Santos River to finish the mission.


Part 1: Waking the Dead. Sneak across the room and stealthily kill the agent before taking his weapon. Go to the next room and search the body lying on the other end. This will trigger a cut scene.

Part 2: Shootout at the Morgue. After Michael hangs up the phone, take cover near the gurney and wait until you see an agent. Shoot him before moving to the hall. Stay in cover and wait until the agents are close enough to shoot. Note that you won’t have any armor with you this time, so make use of covers. Fire at the agent hiding behind the desk, and don’t forget the agent in the lab. Once you’ve cleared the floor, take cover near the yellow doorway exit. Shoot the exiting agent while making use of your cover. Take the stairs to the next floor, and fire your gone once an agent bursts through the door. Enter the next hall and quickly take cover. Shoot the agent who comes running down the stairway before he does. Take the stairs with caution. Upon reaching the top floor, take cover and shoot the rest of the agents. Once clear, enter the lab and get your gear from the trash bag. You now have Body Armor.

Part 3: The Escape. Shoot the window at the other end of the hall, and jump to the ground below. Enter the nearest car you could find, and drive away. Find the nearest hiding spot to lose the cops. Once your wanted level disappears, Michael will call Franklin and asks him to meet at the oil derricks. Drive there to complete the mission.


Part 1: Yoga Flames. Follow the prompts onscreen to learn several Yoga poses.

Part 2: Time for Father and Son. A cut scene will start after the third Yoga pose. From there, go visit Jimmy in his room and invite him to take a ride with you in the car. Drive to the waypoint at the Burger Shot with Jimmy, then drive back to the house to trigger an event chain.

Part 3: The Drug Trip. Some cut scenes happen that show Michael completely drugged out. Complete the “flying” segment by moving the Left Analog stick upwards. This will make Michael crash to the ground. After Michael wakes up, steal the bicycle nearby and return home to complete the mission.


Part 1: The View from Across. Drive to Von Crastenburg Hotel. From there, you can either eliminate the target. If you want gold though, you’ll have to resort to the options below.

Part 2: Assassination. Kill the target using a Sniper Rifle. You’ll have to go to the roof of the parking lot and wait in the southeast corner for a better view.

Part 3: The Getaway. Once you’ve shot the target, drive out of the garage quickly through the ramp on the other side. Land the car in the golf course and wait for a few seconds before escaping. This will complete the mission. A post-mission reward will involve Lester buying a mansion in Vinewood Hills and asks Franklin to live there. This will be Franklin’s new safe house.


Franklin is given nine minute and 30 seconds to assassinate four targets. All these targets are within driving distance, so get in your vehicle and drive to Vespucci Beach — where the first target is.

First Target: The Bodybuilder. You’ll find the first target flexing his muscles. Make use of the rooftops nearby to get a good vantage point. Zoom in on him and shoot him down immediately. It’s not necessary to do a headshot.

Second Target: The Man on the Yacht. Head over to the Pacific Bluffs, where you’ll find the second target relaxing on a yacht. When you arrive at the parking lot, you can either use the nearby jetski, or snipe him from the shoreline.

Third Target: The Window Cleaner. Drive to Rockford Hills and spot the third target cleaning windows at an office building. Get within sniping distance and stand by the sidewalk for a good vantage point. Snipe him from behind to reveal the fourth and last target.

Fourth Target: The Vespa Guy. Go to Vinewood Hills and find the last target there. He’ll start to ride his Vespa as soon as you get close enough, so hop on your vehicle and drive to where he is. You can either ram him or use drive-by shooting for this. Once it’s done, give Lester a call and the mission is complete.


Drop Michael on the balcony, on the west side of the roof. Rappel your way down the building to spot the target. Break the window and grab him. Quickly switch to Franklin to protect Michael with a Sniper Rifle. Snipe down the helicopter. While fleeing, lean out the window and shoot at the pursuers using the MG.


Part 1: Cruisin’ Down the Street. Get in the van and drive to Grove Street. Enter the house and a cut scene will start.

Part 2: Shootout at Grove Street. You’ll need to shoot your way out the neighborhood in this mission. Equip yourself with a semi-automatic weapon and take cover. Fire the enemies while moving and taking cover.

Part 3: Escaping Through the Seaside. When you reach the end of the street, Lamar signals for Trevor and Franklin to run towards the Los Santos River. Follow him down the dirt road to the river. Board the nearest jetski then drive off.

NOTE: During the escape, Lamar will suggest splitting up to escape the police. You can either escape solo, escape with Lamar, or escape with Trevor.


Get in the car and drive to Rockford Hills to begin the first torture scene. (You won’t need to do the torture sequences in order in this mission.) Pick your first torture device and use it on Mr. K. After the first torture, drive to Chumash. Choose the pliers and use it to grab and pull out a tooth. Afterwards, look through the Sniper Rifle and switch to Trevor for the third torture sequence. For the third torture sequence, choose a wrench and hit Mr. K on the crotch or on the knee. Look through the sniper lens again then choose Trevor again to trigger the final torture sequence. Choose the electric clamps for the final torture sequence. Get them started and start electrocuting Mr K. Avoid doing this too long or you risk stopping his heart. When this is done, look through the Sniper lens and find the man wearing read overalls. Snipe him, and this will complete Michael’s sequence. Once done, take Mr. K to the airport to finish the mission.


Part 1: Driving to the Docks. Get into Trevor’s truck and drive to the Los Santos Docks. Park beside the dispatch office and follow Floyd on his way to his boss. Afterwards, follow him to the docks.

Part 2: Dirty Work. A foreman asks Floyd and Trevor to move containers for him across the dock. Get into the machine and drive towards the blue containers that have the words “THRIFTEX.” Get close enough, lower the magnet, and lift eh container up. Drive the container to the other side and do the same for the other container to finish the job. Once it’s done, go to the cargo crane. Go up the ladder, then the stairway to the top of the crane. There, you’ll be asked for help again to move containers to an areas where a truck awaits.

Part 3: Ship Casing. Once you’ve finished the second job, it’s picture-taking time! Go to the edge of the crane, and take out your cameraphone. Snap a photo of the front of the ship, another of a guard on the ship, and lastly, a wide photo of the back of the ship. Send the photos to Ron.

Part 4: Stealing the Manifest. Climb down the crane and enter the truck with Floyd in it. Drive to the south side of the docks. Once there, exit the truck to trigger a scene. Once Trevor has the briefcase, flee the docks quickly and get on the nearest vehicle. Drive back to Floyd’s condo to finish the mission.

Merryweather Heist Planning

Choosing Plan A means doing only one additional mission. You’ll require Franklin for sniping and Michael for his Stealth.

Plan B requires two additional missions. Trevor will also need Michael to go to Flight School. This is helpful for getting the mission done quicker.


Drive to the place indicated in the map. You’ll see a large freighter ship there. You can either board the ship and drop a Mini-sub manually, or you can shoot it. To get gold, retrieve the Mini-sub without going on the ship. Once the Mini-sub is down, dive down and enter it. Steer it in the direction indicated in the map. There, Floyd will retrieve the submersible and put it on the truck. From there, drive to the next waypoint, then exit the vehicle to end the mission.

CARGOBOB – Offshore

For the Offshore mission, you’ll need to do one additional mission: break into Fort Zancudo using Trevor and steal the Cargobob copter. Go to Fort Zancudo. You can either enter it from the front gate in the south, or from the back gate in the north. Entering through the north is the quicker way. Smash through the gates and turn right and head straight for the airfield. Ignore the soldiers shooting at you and head straight for the copter. Get out of the vehicle quickly and run the copter to fly away. Another helicopter will chase you and try to stop you by shooting missiles, but avoid it by flying forward. Avoid doing flying maneuvers, just focus on flying straight until you reach the ocean. When the coast is clear, fly back to the airfield and land to complete the mission.

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