In previous article, i posted GTA 5 Mission Walkthrough Part 1, now is the part 2. Besides you can read tips and hints or how to use weapons here.

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Get into the 4-door vehicle and drive until you see the airstrip. From there, get on the Cargobob and fly up. Use its hook to bring the Mini-sub with you. Fly it towards the Pacific Ocean. Once you reach the waypoint, drop the Mini-sub into the water. After switching to Trevor, use your phone’s Trackify app to locate the container underwater. Once found, however above it and attach it to the Mini-Sub. Slowly ascend to the surface and you’ll automatically switch to Michael. Hover above the Mini-Sub and latch it onto the Cargobob before flying back to the airstrip. A few people from Merryweather will butt in. Simply switch to Franklin and shoot them all down.


Part 1: The Drive. Get into Franklin’s car and drive to the bridge at the Los Santos Docks. Drop Franklin off and go to the vantage point that overlooks the freighter.

Part 2: Infiltration. Before boarding the ship with Michael, aim the Sniper Rifle at the heads of the guards walking on the upper deck. Take one shot to snipe them both. Michael will then enter the ship. Once you’ve switched to Michael, head to the first pillar and plant the first bomb. Continue planting bombs using Michael, or you can assist him by switching to Franklin and using your sniper (for the Gold requirement). If you’re Franklin, watch over Mike as he installs the second bomb. Eliminate the guards from the upper railings and on the stairwell. Once you’ve cleared the back side of this area of the ship, enter the ship’s cabins with Michael. This will trigger an alarm.

Part 3: Sniping Fest. Two vehicles from Merryweather will arrive in response to the alarm. Snipe the people from the vehicles. Shoot the down the pilot of a chopper that will appear before going back to assisting Michael. Snipe at the guards chasing Michael and take out the ones that appear. Once you’ve cleared the area, Michael will make a run for it and dives into the ocean. Pull out your phone and detonate the bombs in the freighter.

Part 4: An Underwater Field Trip. Follow the sonar readings on your GPS to locate the item. You’ll switch automatically to Trevor who will pilot the Mini-Sub to pick up the item. Bring the Mini-Sub to the waypoint to complete the mission.


Drive to the truck’s location by following the waypoint. Approach it and steal it from the drive. This means a 2-star Wanted level, so exit the truck to find a hiding place. After losing your Wanted level, drive the truck to the FIB parking lot.


Go to Ammu-Nation and buy three boiler suits.


Drive to the mission marker and enter the Movie Mask store in Vespucci Beach. Browse through the available masks and buy the ones you like.


Drive to where the tow truck is located. Once you see it, sneak up behind the mechanic and smack him. Grab the truck and drive it back to the FIB parking lot.


Part 1: Setup. Drive the trash truck to the waypoint. This will trigger a cut scene. Park horizontally, deliberately blocking both lanes of the street. Once the armored car stops, ram it with the tow truck to start robbing it.

Part 2: The Robbery. Get off the tow truck to plant a sticky bomb on the back doors of the armored car. Quickly step away to detonate it.

Part 3: Fort Defense. Police and SWAT will start arriving in response to the explosion. Start shooting them off and aim for headshots. More cops will come up behind Franklin. Move away to take cover in the back alley and start shooting at them. Not taking these guys out will kill Franklin.

Part 4: Snipers on a Chopper and on the Roof. Franklin will signal snipers on the rooftops. From there, switch to Trevor and snipe down these three SWAT agents. Switch back to Franklin and Michael and continue with the shootout until Trevor points to an incoming chopper.

Part 5: The Escape. Continue shooting out officers with Michael and Trevor even when the chopper lands. Michael will give the signal to leave, and switch to Franklin before getting into the trash truck and driving to the getaway vehicle. Park the truck a good distance away from it before planting a sticky bomb and detonating it. Drive away in the getaway vehicle and you’ll automatically switch to Michael. Drive to Weston’s house to finish the mission.


Part 1: Talent Scout. Get into the vehicle and drive to East Los Santos. Climb over the metal fence to get inside. Once you clear the area, go to the highest rooftop by climbing the farthest ladder. You’ll find a helicopter there, as well as Rocco.

Part 2: Battle in the Studio. Just pack punches and kicks at Rocco like you did with Simeon before.

Part 3: Air Turbulence. Take the boys with you on a chopper ride. Fly up and down and give the underpasses some close shaves. A good strategy is to fly under the bridge to intimidate him. Flying up and down also does the trick. After convincing Rocco, head to Solomon’s office to finish the mission.


Part 1: Countryside Drive. Enter the car and drive near the countryside towards the waypoint. A cut scene will trigger.

Part 2: The Race. Use Franklin’s special ability to dodge trucks and other near-collisions.

Part 3: Police Pursuit. You shouldn’t aim to win against the racers, but to trap them. Continue racing until they reach the bridge, and let either Michael or Trevor take over. During the police chase, Trevor will turn left into a tunnel. You may choose to take the opposite or follow Trevor.

Part 4: The Race Back. You can take control either of Trevor, Franklin, or Michael when the race finishes. Race back to Los Santos and drive the car to your garage to finish the mission.


There are two ways you can begin this mission. From Trevor’s Perspective: The mission will start at the Los Santos Police Station. Enter the LSPD once the mission begins, and go to the rooftop by accessing the Locker Room doors. Take the stairs and climb aboard the helicopter to begin scanning perps. From Franklin’s Perscpective: The mission will start at El Burro Heights in the FIB lot. Go to the waypoint and Trevor will arrive by helicopter. You will automatically switch to Trevor to continue the mission.

Part 1: Identifying the Perp. Blue arrows indicate where you should move your camera, so steer it towards Franklin’s location and scan him. You can scan more individuals after. When Trevor locates the first set of people, press the indicated buttons to tap on their conversations. After scanning the first set of people, move towards another section of town. The person Trevor needs is located in the lower left side. Scan people there until you find Chad Mulligan.

Part 2: The Chase. Keep an eye on Chad as he walks on the street. Chase him when he gets on his car and drives off. Focus the camera on Chad as he drives erratically so that Franklin can follow him. Chad will disappear after entering a parking garage.

Part 3: Finding Chad. Once you’ve located Chad, the game switches to Franklin. Get a Stun Gun and shoot Chad with it. From there, enter the car and drive to the Los Santos Airport. Part 4: Airport-Bound Park the car in the airport and a cut scene with Weston will start. Take one of the cars parked in the hangar and drive away to complete the mission.


This is the third assassination mission Lester gives to Franklin. With this mission comes a huge opportunity for an enormous investment. Get into your vehicle and go drive over to the garages in Davis. You’ll overhear a working girl mention that she’s waiting for a customer. Drive to the nearby hill and wait there, with a rifle in hand. Observe as the girl rejects several customers. Your target is the person driving the third car with the drop top. Aim your file and shoot the driver in the head. Quickly leave the area to complete the mission.


Get in your vehicle and drive to the bus lot. Start driving the bus, picking up passengers along your way to the target. Note that you’ll need to follow the city bus route in this mission. Continue along the route until you see the target. At the fourth stop, your target will be there, but gets upset upon seeing you. He runs away and steals a bike, and quickly run him over with the bus.


Part 1: Secret Weapon. Get in your vehicle and drive to the observatory. You’ll find a van containing the special weapon by the grassy area. Get in the van to start sniping. Once the airplane flies by, zoom in as close as possible until a red target reticle appears. When done correctly, you’ll be able to shoot the plan in one shot.

Part 2: The Motorcycle Chase. Aim the gun carefully at the red reticle and shoot down the engine of the airplane. Shoot three separate times at the reticle to successfully bring the plane down. Switch to Trevor afterwards. After descending the mountain, keep motorcycling until you reach ground level. Follow the plane. There will be stunt jumps along the way, so be prepared. Weave your way through the mountain and through traffic without letting the gas pedal go.

Part 3: Kidnapping the Package. Once you reach the crash site, locate the briefcase inside the plane right after shooting Madrazo’s cousin. Switch to Michael.

Part 4: Eliminate the Secret Weapon. Drive the van to a safe location. Destroy it either with a Jerry can or a sticky bomb. Drive to the meeting point to see Trevor to finish the mission.


Part 1: Infiltration. Franklin will call Molly the moment you arrive at the studio. After gathering the mission details, jump through the locked door to get to the studio. Use the first trailer as a cover. After wearing your new clothes, go to the movei set. Get in the car and drive away.

Part 2: The Escape. As long as the actress is still in the car with you, avoid speeding too much. She will attempt to take the wheel from you, and this might cause crashes if you’re driving too fast. You will be chased by three security guys and will attempt to hit your car. When the prompts appear, drop those spikes on the road to eradicate the security guys. Continue doing this until you clear the chase.

Part 3: Eliminating the Fat. After the coast clears, you’ll Franklin say “Hey, what’s this red button do?” Press the corresponding button and the actress will be ejected out of the car. To finish the mission, simply drive over to Weston’s garage to park the car there.


Part 1: Flight Plan. Use Franklin to trigger the mission. Drive to the airfield and get into a crop duster and fly it. Follow Merryweather’s cargo plane, but fly low to stay out of its radar. Avoid going higher than fifty feet off the ground for the first few minutes.

As the cargo plane flies towards Mount Chiliad, Trevor can now fly at normal height. Steer upwards and start approaching the plane.

Part 2: Steal the Cargo Plane. The moment you get closer, the hatch opens to reveal guards that will shoot at you. Fly your plane directly into the open hatch. Clear the area and climb the ladder to get to the cockpit. Shoot the pilot and take control of the plane. Steer towards the airfield. Several fighter jets will appear, shooting missiles and eventually hitting the cargo plane.

Part 3: Crash and Burn. Instead of jumping out the plane, get into the Mesa vehicle parked inside. Drive it out the car, then exit to activate your parachute. Maneuver your chute to get to Trevor’s safe house and land safely to complete the mission.


This is the final assassination in GTA V. Begin by arriving at the construction site, and using a suppressed Sniper Rifle to take out the guards there. Take the elevator to the next floor, and quickly get into cover. Shoot your way to the next elevator (watch out for shooters inside). Get to the rooftop and immediately take cover. Target the nearest enemies, then shoot down the helicopter. Once you’ve taken out the helicopter, take out the remaining guards to clear the rooftop. Escape by using your parachute to jump off into the northern section. Land safely on the ground to finish the mission.


Part 1: The Hipster Talk. Drive to the meth lab and go up the stairs to trigger the mission. Go downstairs after the cut scene and enter Michael’s vehicle with Trevor.

Part 2: Casing the Joint. Upon arriving at Paleto Bay, drive to the waypoint and watch the cut scene with Lester. Drive to the bank and observe the front door. After casing the bank’s front, drive to the side to find a grassy area. Bust out your weapon when prompted and target the alarm. Get back in your car and wait in the gas station nearby. Make sure to park in the opposite side.

Part 3: Alarm Bail-out. Police will start to arrive a few minutes after. This scares Trevor, leading him to get out of the car and get on a motorcycle. From here, you can either switch to Trevor and drive back to his meth lab, or use Michael to follow Trevor. The path won’t be easy, but you should be able to cut off Trevor while driving up the path. Once you’re back at the lab, Lester plans the heist. You’ll need a good gunman for this. Once you’ve chosen one, the mission is complete.


Note that you’ll need precise planning to steal a military convoy. Make sure to first get away at a good distance, then park your vehicle in a vertical position so that the path is blocked. Plant some sticky bombs on the road. Take cover behind your vehicle, and wait for the convoy.

Once detonated, the troops from the first jeep will try to escape, but with your setup, this should be no problem for you. Once you’ve cleared the coast, take the military truck and drive back to Trevor’s lab to finish the mission.


Part 1: The Chase. Get into Trevor’s car and head to Franklin’s location. The game will switch to Franklin, who’s currently going after the O’Neil brothers. Wait until the group breaks down the dirt row on the highway’s left side. A few sharp turns will result to the target vehicle veering off and nearly hitting a dear before rolling off the road. Exit the vehicle and run down to the burning car to trigger Trevor’s phone call.

Part 2: The Predator. After switching characters, drive to the airfield. Board the Frogger and fly towards the Raton Canyon. Fly to the waypoint and start sniping as Michael. Your first target would be taking a leisurely swim at the river. Use Michael’s special ability to deal a good headshot. Same goes for the second target, who’s currently hiding behind a tree in the forest. Wait for him to come out of hiding before sniping. The game will then switch to Franklin for the third target.

Part 3: The Last One. Let Chop run after the third target, who’s currently trying to get away by running on the dirt road. From your current location, you can either shoot him down as Franklin, or use Michael to go for a headshot (just be careful not to shoot Franklin or Chop). Once the third target’s down, switch to Trevor and land down the dirt road to pick up Chop and Franklin. Take and land the chopper on the airfield to complete the mission.


Part 1: The Robbery. Get into the van and head to Paleto Bay. Drop Franklin off the waypoint and head to the bank to start the heist. Follow the boys into the bank and let the gunman handle the door. Once prompted, kick down the door of the vault and start grabbing cash. This will trigger a short cut scene. As you exit, Trevor will get a Minigun while Michael and the others will get Rifles. Start shooting!

Part 2: The Heat. First, make sure to clear the police cars parked in front. Blow then all up and keep moving forward. After blowing up several cars, aim at an incoming chopper and shoot it down for the next objective.

Part 3: The Escape. Follow Michael and the gunman into the apartment building near the bank. Blast all the police cars that are in the way. Shoot down the wooden fences in the nearby houses, and keep moving. Note that you’ll encounter more police and a few others. Several NOOSE vans will show up. Just blow these up and keep moving while shooting at the incoming cars. Shoot down the military chopper to trigger a cut scene. Afterwards, enter the lumber and start shooting the military trucks outside. You may stick with Trevor, or switch to Michael on this part. The game switches to Franklin after several military are taken out. Maneuver the bulldozer towards the lumberyard where Michael and Trevor are hiding. Smash through the police cars and shoot the others. Crash through the lumberyard and pick up the two.

Part 4: The Factory. Drive way from the lumberyard and follow the next street. Turn left and you’ll find a few Rhino tanks there. Enter the factory for the next part of the mission. Once inside, quickly take cover and shoot your way through the corridors and rooms. Shoot your way past the loading docks until the gunman signals that he found a way out. Get onto the loading dock, take cover, and hold the military until Michael gives a go signal. Approach the incoming train to finish the mission.


Part 1: The Train. Jump Ride the Sanchez to the railroad tracks. The GPS will lead you to an area behind the train. Go along the dirt path on the right so that you’ll be in a higher level than the train. You’ll get three chances as Trevor to jump onto the train. When done, a cut scene will play, then head to the front of the train and avoid falling off.

Part 2: The First. Wave Trevor will take control when you get in front. He will have to rev the train before automatically switching to Michael. Continue until a cut scene plays, then drive until you see an orange cargo car. Aim a sticky bomb at the doors, then detonate it. This will trigger a shootout between Merryweather and Trevor. For this wave, a group of helicopters and gunboats will arrive. Take out the gunboats first before turning your attention to the helicopters.

Part 3: The Second. Wave The second wave includes gunmen on the bridge. Use a Sniper Rifle with Thermal Vision activated to shoot them all down. Zooming in on them will help improve accuracy.

Part 4: The Last Wave. A helicopter will appear, along with two guys on a parachute for the last wave. Shoot the chopper, then use the same Sniper Rifle from the second wave and take the guys out. You’ll find them at the side of the mountain.

Part 5: The Getaway. Follow Michael and get on the boat. For this part, you may choose to drive the boat using Michael, or shoot at the Merryweather guys chasing you using Trevor. Once you’ve eliminated the bad guys, take the boat to the beach over to the waypoint and finish the mission.


Part 1: Diving Underwater. Head to the facility by driving the dinghy there. Upon arriving, dive and swim you way to the tunnel entrance underwater. Cut the steel cage open using a hydro-cutter, and swim through the tunnel until you reach the laboratory. Get out of the water and climb the ladder to get to the entrance. Once Michael has his Stun Gun, be ready for some action.

Part 2: Infiltration. Zap the elevator guy to get his security ride and gain access to the next floor. Upon exiting the elevator, zap two more lab guys before going along the corridors. When you get to the security doors, go into cover, then wait for two guards to walk out before zapping them (Use Michael’s ability for this). Go to the next corridor to find a door fixed with a security lock.

Part 3: Robbery and Getaway. A lab guy holding a nerve toxin has locked himself inside his lab and refuses to open the door. Steve finds another lab guy, who convinces the first guy to open up. Zap both of them and grab the toxin from inside the lab. An alarm will sound, and prepare yourself by equipping a short-ranged firearm. You’ll be shooting your way out. Watch out for heavily armed enemies while shooting your way to the loading docks. Clear out the area and Dave will give you the signal to put the toxin inside a refrigerated unit. Quickly switch to Trevor and bring the container back to the airfield at Sandy Shores. Drop it into the flatbed truck below before landing.

Part 4: Dropping Them Off. The main mission is done by this point, but you’ll switch to Trevor who’s currently with Patricia. Drop her off at Madrazo’s house to end the mission.


Board Trevor’s car and head to the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club after the cut scene.


This mission features three different introduction scenes which will play on the character you are playing. If you start with Trevor, you’ll get the full intro scene. If you go as Michael, you’ll get the mid-scene intro. Franklin would get the shortest intro scene.

Part 1: Casing the Joint. Ride Michael’s and head to the entrance of the Union Depository. Look for the underpass and drive through it until you reach the street across where you can park your car.

Part 2: Eye in the Sky. Once you receive the new objective, head over to the airfield at Sandy Shores and fly to the city on the Frogger. Start scanning the security vans you’ll see below. Follow the vans until they reach the Depository. Lester will tell you to locate a nearby construction site. Turn left to see the white and red building. Inside is a huge hole and Lester will ask you to take a photo while hovering above. You can either use Michael to drop Franklin in Vinewood Hills or switch Trevor to fly back to the airfield.


Michael’s Part Wait for the cut scene to finish before getting on the car. Head to LS Airport and another cut scene will trigger. Head on to the North Yankton cemetery afterwards. Walk over to the church, and make your way to the cemetery to see Trevor digging a grave. This will trigger a gunfight with Triads.

Trevor’s Part

Get into Michael’s car after the cut scene. Head to the Sandy Shores airfield. Head to North Yankton afterwards by plane. Once you’ve reached a waypoint in the sky, a cut scene with Trevor will start, within him digging up the Michael’s fake grave. Triads will attack as soon as the cut scene with Michael finishes.

Triad Battle

Take cover immediately. Kill the men who will appear on the left, and get an Assault Rifle from them. Move forward without compromising your cover. Clear the area and head towards the left of the church. Watch out for any enemies in the back, and advance slowly but steadily while eradicating the enemies as they come. Run to your vehicle and watch the cut scene. Flying Back By this part, the game switches to Trevor as he’s flying all the way back to the airfield. After the phone call, land safely.


Part 1: Driving By the Countryside. Drive to Weston’s garage with Lamar in tow. Drive your car to the huge rig before driving to Paleto Bay. You’ll get chased by the police once you get near the Bay. Franklin will then leave the truck to get into a JB700.

Part 2: Interference with the Police. Drop spikes to eliminate the police cars chasing after you. Once clear, drive to Procopio Beach and meet up with Molly.


Part 1: Finding Michael. For this mission, you can use either Trevor or Franklin. After Franklin’s call with Lester, get into the car and drive. A cut scene with Michael will play.

Part 2: Saving Michael. When you reach the waypoint, you’ll see a slaughterhouse. Guarding the entrance are Chinese gang members. Shoot them before going into the slaughterhouse and fighting your way to where Michael is.

Your perspective will switch to his, and when it does, start shooting at the incoming bad guys. You’ll switch back to Franklin afterwards.

Part 3: Escaping the Slaughterhouse. Follow the corridor and shoot the enemies you’ll encounter along the way. Beware of the knife-wielding guy, who’ll knock Franklin out. You’ll play as Michael again so that you can free Franklin by shooting the guy. From this point on, do not switch your characters and focus on getting out. Once you’ve made the exit, shoot all pursuers and drive back to Michael’s home.


This is a pretty straightforward mission where you have to stop Rocco from messing with Solomon. Just chase Rocco until you get the chance to kill him.


Part 1: The Stakeout. Go to the garment factory to meet Lester, then drive to the bureau and wait by the entrance of the parking lot. Now watch the cars that will drive out until Lester signals the target.

Part 2: The Stalking. Follow the red sedan while keeping a close distance away. You’ll need to stop at red traffic lights too for this mission, so you won’t draw any attention or get into accidents. The janitor (the target) will climb up the stairs to his apartment. At this point, you should be following him without losing your cover. Follow him until a cut scene plays, then drive back to the garment factory.


Part 1: Fabian and Amanda. Get in your car and drive to Bean Machine. Approach Amanda’s location and watch the cut scene.

Part 2: Lazlow and Tracey. Drive to Vinewood. When you get to the tattoo shop, head inside to meet Lazlow and Tracey. Once the prompts appear, use up all the options there to give Lazlow a makeover.

Part 3: At Dr. Friendlander’s Drive over to the office of Dr. Friedlander. This’ll trigger a scene of Michael have family time in there.

Part 4: Home Sweet Home. Once the family bonding is over, head on back to Michael’s house.


You’ll be tossed a hard hat once you enter the construction site. Begin tailing the architect as soon as he starts walking. There are two different ways you play this mission.

The Hard Way

Tail the architect while keeping a safe distance away. When he reaches the elevators, go to the elevator next to the one his boarding, all the while keeping yourself undetected. Once you reach the top floor, don’t go out and follow the architect just yet. Instead, turn right from the elevator’s exit and head to other side of the floor. You’ll see the architect heading your way. Assaulting the architect will result in a 2-star Wanted level. To prevent this, use a weapon on the architect instead of hitting him. Sneak up on him from behind and aim at his head (don’t shoot him here). This will make him drop the briefcase, which will not make you get a Wanted level. Take the briefcase and get to the elevator to get back to the ground floor.

The Easy Way

This will skip the elevator objective entirely. Go up to the architect walking along the construction site and assault him. You may also use a stun gun. This will immediately give you a 2-star wanted level (for assault) or a 3-start Wanted level (using a weapon). Get the briefcase and make a run for it.


The mission’s objective is to steal a firetruck from one of the fire stations in Los Santos. Just dial the Emergency Services using your cellphone and tell them to come to your current location. Upon arrival of the firetruck, simply walk up to it and steal it just like you would an ordinary vehicle. Note that this will result to a 2-star Wanted level. Get out immediately to find a hiding place first. Once the coast is clear, the truck’s all yours.


There will be two parts for this mission: first is to case the building, and the second’s to infiltrate it.

Part 1: Casing the Building. Drive to the FIB building and enter the front doors. Look for the elevator to get to the top floor. Once on the top floor, locate the Maintenance Room and disguise yourself as a janitor. Your mission is to mop the floors while stealthily planting sticky bombs on hidden locations.

Part 2: The Infiltration. After exiting the building with Michael, Franklin will take over. Drive over to Michael to pick him up before detonating the bombs. You’ll now pose as firefighters, so follow Michael to the elevator to get to the 53rd floor. Once you get there, look for the server door and plant a sticky bomb there. Once detonated, enter the room and swipe the containment drive before escaping. Frank and Michael will get separated at some point. From there, equip Franklin with a weapon and take cover. Shoot the FIB agents that arrive and head to the 50th floor where Michael is, then rappel with him down the elevator shaft to get to the building exit. Drive the firetruck to the location indicated, then use a stick bomb once more to destroy it.


Part 1: The Street Chase. Once the cut scene ends, get on the vehicle closes to you and drive quickly to the Los Santos Airport. Arrive there to see Molly driving towards the tarmac. Quickly evade her.

Part 2: The Chase at the Airport. Follow Molly as she gets on the tarmac. Watch out for flying police cars and explosions. Continue doing this until you reach a hangar.

Part 3: Chasing by Foot. Molly will run out of the car once she reaches the hangar. Get on foot to chase after her. After the cut scene, get the film canister and leave the area. Get on the private jet parked right by the hangar exit and fly it out. Part 4: The Escape A good strategy here is to fly to the ocean to easily lose the police.


Meet Lester and Michael at the garment factory, then drive to the NOOSE headquarters where you’ll find your crew waiting there. Ride the chopper and maneuver it to the waypoint where you’ll be parachuting down on the FIB headquarters’ rooftop.

Once inside, blow up the doors with the Sticky Bomb, and enter their server room. The hacker from your crew will instruct you on what you should. For the hacking to succeed, you’ll be required to finish two hacks. The first hack will require you to search for the right IP. The next one will require a password. Once you’ve established remote connection, watch out for the incoming FIB agents and shoot at them. They will try to interrupt the hack, so make sure to defend yourself against them. You can switch between Franklin and Michael for this part.

Once you see the smokescreen go up, fire with your Assault shotgun to clear out the rest of the FIB agents. Once the hack is done, a cut scene plays, then make your way out the building. Stick to cover, firing every now and then with your Assault shotgun.

Head to the first rappel point and quickly abseil down. A helicopter will arrive, but shoot it down with a semi-automatic rifle. Once the helicopter’s down, head to the next rappel point to get to the street. There will be more FIB agents here, but take cover and shoot them, then quickly get to the Ambulance waiting. Drive over to Franklin’s house for the mission to finish.


Part 1: The Meet-Up. When you get to Kortz Center, find a stairway at the south part of the courtyard. Find Dave waiting for you by the Balcony.

Part 2: The Shoot-out. After the scene, go for cover. Note that your enemies will be clad in in armor and rifles, so take caution and play it smart. Shoot your way across the floor while taking advantage of cover points.

Part 3: Trevor the Savior. A chopper will intervene the shootout, but the perspective will switch to Trevor, so use him to shoot the chopper down quickly. Take out the NOOSE agents on the ground as well. You can now switch back to Michael and make your way to the courtyard while shooting at enemies. Another chopper will appear, but you can shoot this down once you’ve met up with Dave by the pool area. Switch to Trevor again to snipe at the two guys on the balcony. Escape by switching back to Michael and getting him out.

Part 4: The Escape. Shoot the remaining Merryweather guys, and get in the car. If you can, shoot down the second chopper that appears. When the coast is clear, drive to Morningwood to meet Trevor at the Pawn shop.


Part 1: To the Farm. Lamar is getting betrayed, and Tanisha visits Franklin in his mansion to tell him. After the cut scene, drive over to Paleto Bay to meet Trevor and Michael.

Part 2: The Farm Raid. When you switch to Trevor, you will be given three options by Michael regarding the infiltration. Choose to take the path by the west (using a bulldozer). This will give the best shooting angles to get rid of the Ballas easily.

Shoot down the Ballas there and shoot until you get to the mill located on the other side. Take cover and head north until you reach the back of the mill. Eliminate the gunman above. Do not lose cover while moving forward, and shoot anyone who gets in your way. Once you reach your destination, shoot down the Ballas guys and follow Franklin.

Part 3: Escape and Rescue. Once you’ve cleared the area, follow Franklin to see Lamar at the building’s side. Now that you’ve rescued him, head back to your cars, shooting every enemy you encounter. Once the coast is clear, rid the nearest car and drive Lamar back to his home.


Before the mission starts, make sure you’ve stocked up on body armor and ammo at Ammu-Nation.

Part 1: Michael’s Movie Premiere. Drive to Rockford Hills and head to the Ponsonby store. Buy yourself a tuxedo to trigger this mission. Once done, head to the limousine and ride with Jimmy to the premier of Meltdown. Once you get there, step out of the vehicle and walk along the red carpet. A cut scene will play right after.

Part 2: The Shoot-out. Drive back to Michael’s house to save Tracey and Amanda, who were being held hostage by Merryweather guys. Go through the front door to see a Merryweather guy grappling Amanda. Use Michael’s special ability to aim for the guy’s head and shoot him. Go upstairs and find Tracey being harassed by a Merryweather guy in her room. Aim for the bad guy’s head then shoot quickly. With Michael’s family safe, go downstairs and rain bullets on all the Merryweather guys positioned throughout the house. Keep shooting until they’re dead. Clear the house before making your way outside. Shoot the men from the incoming vehicles and clear all areas before making your way back upstairs.


Note that this mission will only be playable if you had the “Obvious” option from The Big Score mission.
This mission will require you to steal a large drill. You’ll find it heavily guarded in a warehouse. Make sure you have a Heavy Rifle and a Sniper Rifle with you. Go south of the lot to climb the rooftop.

From this point, you’ll get a good view of the guards and the workers. Hold your fire until one of the workers takes a smoking break near one of the security guards. Quickly snipe the security guard on the right, then move to the smoking worker. Laslty, snipe the welding worker and the furthest one. Move back to clearly see the other security guards stationed at the west side. Snipe the guy who’s by the shack. Jump down towards the exit equip the Heavy Rifle. Line both guys perfectly on the crosshair and shoot. You should be able to get them both with one shot.

Once the coast is clear, steal the truck and drive it to the waypoint.


Drive to Davis Quarry and pick a spot that’s a good distance away. Shoot the two workers using a Sniper Rifle. Once the coast is clear, climb the tower to control the rails. Wait for the train to pass before switching to Michael.

Use the Skylift chopper and head to the quarry by the stopped train car. Line the chopper by the back of the train car, then carefully lower it down until the electromagnetic key prompt appears. Quickly climb then bring the train car with you to the airfield and drop it onto a trailer. Go back to get a flatbed car with the chopper. Drop the flatbed on another trailer.


Part 1: The Robbery. Drive to the Depository to meet the gunman in your crew. The game automatically switches to Franklin, who you’ll use to take the driller to the right side and drill through the wall. Now that the vault’s open, quickly reverse the driller and head to the locked caged doors. Set up a few sticky bombs on the bars before backing out to detonate them.

Once open, NOOSE guys will swarm in, so take cover immediately. The first batch of NOOSE guards will come from the south tunnel, while the second will arrive at the north. Make use of the construction covers around. Once the coast is clear, a cut scene will trigger. Afterwards, shoot a few NOOSE guards until you clear the coast again. When flying becomes needed, simply switch to Trevor to fly the gold bars out of there. During the gunfight, switch to Michael to start the escape.

Part 2: The Escape. Head on to the walkway and go downstairs. Use an RPG to quickly get rid of the helicopter. Meet up with Franklin at the bridge then keep shooting until you reach the Arcadia Center. Shoot the second helicopter and third helicopter that’ll appear.

Once you’ve advanced closer to the streets, police and will exchange bullets with you. Shoot all of them while descending the stairs, then head to the getaway vehicle in the garage. You’ll get a 5-star Wanted level once you get on the getaway vehicle. Make use of mountainsides and steep ravines to shake off the onslaught of police cars chasing you. Switch to Trevor once the coast becomes clear.

Part 3: Rocket Launcher Feast. Three choppers owned by Merryweather will attempt to intercept you while in the air. Keep flying on the same level while Lester shoots at them using a rocket launcher. Make sure to move quickly.

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