Rockstar has long since giving players the freedom to make their own money in GTA through various side missions. Whether you try your hand at gambling, or earn a small amount by driving taxi cabs, the choices are endless. Here’s what you can do in GTA V to earn yourself a good deal of money (because we all know that rocket launcher is worth saving for).


Both in-game and in the real world, nothing beats the traditional savings strategy to build up your finances. You might be tempted to get the most expensive weapon right away at Ammu-Nation, but it’s important that you weigh the pros and cons and make sure that you have more than enough cash for it so you wouldn’t go bankrupt in the end. The same thing goes for clothes and hairstyles; all these are purely aesthetics and do not add much to the overall progress in the game. Customizing characters may be fun, but all it does is basically make you spend. Be wise.


Investing is a great way to grow your money, even in GTA V. In Los Santos, you can entrust your funds into businesses and companies to make it grow. If fast cash is your thing, then you should try your hand at day-trading. The key here is to play it smart and make a mental note that short-term investments are riskier. An actually good strategy is to use the Time Traveler method, which you can do by taking note of the stock prices in the game. Save your game, and allow 4-8 hours of game time to pass by, and reset your game. Make sure you have noted the companies whose stock prices has risen before you go back in time. This is a surefire way to grow your money in the next hours.


Dying in GTA means something else other than spawning back to life: money. Yes, in GTA, dying costs money, and not because you need all that cash to buy a casket and pay for funeral services. There’s a comical explanation to it: hospitals clone your body, gives your new body new clothes, and transfers all the memories from your dead corpse into your new body. It’s impossible in the real world, so having it in-game means having to put a hefty price on it. So unless you’re okay with your money disappearing, stop dying.


In the Story mode, Franklin and Lester are frequently contacted by clients to do assassinations. The rewards are fairly handsome, and maximizing your assassination stints means receiving a steady amount of money. Also, note that some targets may affect the stock market drastically when they die, so you can pair this one with the investments tip mentioned above. If accomplished properly, this combo can make your characters billionaires overnight.


Lamar’s loyal pooch is not only useful for attacking targets during missions; he’s also great at sniffing out treasures and other collectibles in-game. Try taking Chop to Franklin’s backyard when you’re not on a mission, or walk him through town. Sometimes, you’ll turn up empty-handed, but if you’re on the right location, you’ll be lucky enough to bag a few treasures.

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A common criminal act is to rob stores. If you’re short a few hundred bucks, you can simply head to the nearest convenience store and draw your weapon there. Aim your weapon at the clerk and wait for them to unload the cash register. If there are multiple registers, shoot one of the clerks after they’ve finished emptying the cash registers. Make sure to make a run for it right after because police are likely to show up anytime soon. Having a getaway vehicle parked nearby is a good strategy so that you can get away faster.


While you can’t really wreck up ATM machines to get the money inside, what you can do is to wait until a civilian withdraws his money, and rob him. Common criminality at its best, don’t you think? Point your gun at them when they’ve finished their transaction, and they’ll willingly give you their money. Now watch them run away and laugh the most evil laugh.


Successful heists usually result to bigger payouts, depending on how well you’ve performed. Also, choosing a good team determines how well the heist will go. Reviews say it’s wiser to go for experienced criminals because aside from their exemplary skills, they take smaller cuts. Experiment and see which setup goes well for you.


A rather risky money-making strategy is to rob armored trucks, but can land you with big cash right after. For example, you’ll get $ 5,000 when you rob Gruppe 6’ s armored trucks. This, however, results to serious police response, so be prepared. The less witnesses there are, the more successful your robberies will be.

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Investing in property is potentially more profitable than investing in stock market. This is because properties earn a weekly income in GTA V. You can start investing in property in $ 80,000 (The Hen House), or choose a bigger property that corresponds to the amount you’re willing to invest. It may take a while, however, to see a return of investment, but it’s one of the best ways you can clean your stolen money.


The violent actions of your characters may influence the stock markets to shift drastically in GTA V. This is probably one of the loopholes that you won’t be able to see if you’re not that observant (or if you haven’t been reading this guide). For example, if you’ve invested your money in a car company and went on a rampage against every model of the competition company on the street, you’ll most likely notice an increase for the current company you’ve placed your money in. This is because pedestrians are observant creatures, they’ll notice that certain brands are being targeted and will resort to buying the brand which isn’t. Once the stocks have gone up, sell your part and switch companies if you want more profit.


Finally, if at one point the above strategies are too much to handle or are too time-consuming, you can always resort to being lazy and go for the quick fix: cheats! The last part of this book contains every cheat you can use for almost anything in-game, and this includes magically filling your wallet.

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