Gaming as you know has made a huge impact and influence toward today’s generation – many people have turned their hobby into a way to generate income or even better passive income. When it comes to making money from gaming, the field is quite competitive – everyone would want to make money from video games. If it was that easy, believe me everyone would do it. Understanding what it takes to make money from gaming is first found from what is gaming.

Why Everyone Should Play Video Games

There are many myths about video games saying that video games encourage laziness and hostility. But it’s mainly all about perspective and how you look at it. Video games has tended to express many feelings and serve as a way to have fun. Video games allow you to tap into your imagination and to find out more about your personal character. Video games now can help you learn just about anything you need to know. These types of games teach much certain life skills such as responsibility, multi-tasking, flexibility, and learning abilities. It would help your own mentality and brain in so many ways than you can think. Playing video games would help you become more interested in education and would improve your reading level as well. Games features much more information and sometimes requires loads amount of reading, descriptive rules, and closed captions used to help you fully interpret how the game works. It also endorses productivity. Keeping video games as a reward for once you complete a task would motivate you to carry on tons of works.

You can also reduce stress from playing such video games. Instead of going out to the shooting range, you should stay and play games such as Call of Duty. Violent games actually allow you to hold back some of your steam and anger. You can express any form of angriness or negative feelings through gameplay. In fact, many people use video games as a way to teach themselves everyday practical skills. The military uses 1st person shooter games such as Call of Duty to help train soldiers towards combat scenarios. Driving games can subtly improve your own driving skills. Playing a game where it requires money spending would help you become better with financial decisions. Sports games such as NBA or Madden has found to improve real player’s outlooks towards the game as well. Video games allows us to unlock ambitious goals for real life and can make us even more successful in our careers.

How Other People Did It

In this article you will learn these common ways to make money from video games:

  • Using YouTube ESports/ Gaming Tournaments
  • Game Development
  • Blogging about video games
  • Creating game guides
  • Selling accounts/games

Plenty of gamers around the world have made tons of money from gaming through YouTube, eSports, game development, and so much more. It’s much more complicated than just playing a game for money, a whole bunch of other factors are involved. Here’s the most important tip you can ever take out of this article, even if you don’t want to make money from gaming: “Money/Success is only earned through hard work.” believe it. Don’t expect money to be rolling in simply because you’ve uploaded a video or because you’ve ranked 1st on the scoreboard, it takes more than that. If it was easy everyone would’ve done it – the amount of effort and the amount of time you put into something would determine your success or not. Just look at tons of other gamers, they’ve did not immediately purchased the game and became a professional out of it, it takes something to unlock that achievement.

If you really want to make money you would take as much time as possible and invest in yourself to set your whole gaming career up. If you do have a real day job, it’s probably best for you to keep it until you finally start making some cash. Also know to yourself that you will only get so far if you give up easily and have a negative attitude, keep yourself motivated and know to yourself that it’s really absolutely possible for you to do it, just don’t ever give up – if it was that easy everyone else would’ve done it.

Is The Job for You?

Keep in mind that this job of playing video games may sound easy, but it’s not. This type of job is not for anyone looking for a guaranteed way to make money fast – in fact, the many people who do get into this field simply do it for fun and it would be nice if you make money either way or not, but it’s not going to stop them if they don’t. When you first start off you should know that it’s not in it for the money, but just to show the world your skills. Keep in mind there would be struggles along the way, but it would be possible to make money from gaming – there’s tons and tons of people who’ve made a living out of this, so why not you?

Finding What You Want to Do

Before you start developing some skills you need to first find out what you want to do. There’s many ways in approaching some of these methods and highly depends on the skills you possess. If you’re an entertaining gamer but not that skilled, then you shouldn’t hit tournaments right off the bat. It would be wasted time and energy in putting your time and efforts into skills that you won’t even use. You may want to still explore and find out what you want to still do, but you should choose one thing and stick with it.

Developing The Skills

Before we continue you need to have certain requirements and develop the necessary skills to survive in the industry. Playing video games for profit would be much harder if you don’t have the skills and you would struggle and won’t make it too far. Even if you’re just going to use gaming and YouTube as a way for promotion, you would need to learn how to be a professional gamer and many more skills that accommodates it.

Becoming A Professional Gamer

First off you would need to gain gaming skills – meaning that you need to be good at the particular game you’re playing and you can always be better at any game you’re playing at. For example, if you’re playing a game like Minecraft you should strive to be good at building and create some unique massive buildings. If you’re playing a Multiplayer on a 1st person shooter game – being good at it would mean being able to rank 1st on the scoreboard or being capable of quick scoping. The more skills you adapt and incorporate it into your gaming style then the more it sets you apart. Improving your gaming skill requires patience and practice. You should try and schedule some time to hone and perfect some of your gaming styles. Try not to hurry and just finish game, but to truly learn from your mistakes, gather the experience, and absorb as much information as you possibly can. If you do decide to enter some gaming tournaments don’t you think you’ll be playing against high-class game experts and cheaters that knows the game inside and out.

Like stated before, that being a professional gamer would ultimately increase your odds of favor in making and finding potential success in this field. Becoming a professional gamer is much like becoming a professional athlete, it depends on how much time you put in it. Just spending an hour of gaming a day would improve your skill time by time. You can try playing with others and learn from them when playing games. You should play with different people online and make friends because it would allow you to establish new relationships and possibly even find other people who has the same interests too – in which you guys can team up and take in some ideas with together. It also taps into your communication skills basis; in which it is important in the gaming world too. With all this in mind, you should always s play different games. Play different games and explore different amount of situations and reach more momentum. Don’t decide to become strictly a shooter game personality because it might get boring along the way and plus you would reach even more audiences.

However, if you already know that you want to participate in a certain game tournament than of course spend as much time on that game as possible. Another thing that quite happens is that parents and guardians would sense that you’re spending even more time on games and might or might not take away your game system, this is where you tell them your dreams and goals. It’s really good having support from others and would inspire and motivate you along the way.

Communication Skills

Without communication skills there’s no way for you to properly execute orders if you do have fellow teammates and friends who wants to work with you. If you don’t have proper communication skills – which is just introducing yourself in a kind friendly manner, being nice, and being socially active towards others than it would be difficult. You’ll notice why it’s hard making money through gaming by yourself, because there’s not a lot of people who’ve done it by themselves. If you take a look at game tournaments there are only clans and friends who’ve worked with each other. If you take a look at game developers, the real huge games had other employees working for them. Even some YouTubers have someone to play along with during their let’s plays. Communication skills also means commentating along your YouTube videos, many people would love a nice entertaining commentary overshadowing your video – just look at every other video, there’s always someone talking during the video. You can practice this from just talking to yourself when you’re playing a game, just talk about what you’re doing, keep it as simple as that. Once you get confident with talking about what you’re doing you then can make it entertaining by doing impressions or adding funny jokes into it. After a while of practicing, you then can record yourself and write some things you think you can do better on and take it from there.

Game Development Skills

If you do decide you want to make games or contribute towards the making of games, it would make sense if you have the certain knowledge and information used to create a game such as coding, programming, and design. Think to yourself that making a game would be hard and very complicated. We’ll learn more about this later on in this article.

Using YouTube

YouTube would be the most popular ways to make money, one common misunderstanding about YouTube would be that gaming profit comes directly from the amount of people watching your video – You might want to say that the process of making money from YouTube is rather simplistic and just requires uploading a video and waiting for the thousands of views to be pouring in. But there are tons of factors that surrounds the case. The best thing to do is to take it by step by step. (Assuming that you already have a YouTube channel account by now.) Now when it comes to building your YouTube channel that’s where the competition start – there are millions of millions of individuals around the world who watch YouTube gaming videos as a way to be either entertained or to learn something. The first thing you should do is firstly decide what your channel would be based on. Try choosing a specific topic, creating a series out of it, and expand from there. When it comes to picking a game to make videos out of, you should judge the game according to how fun they are and their popularity. Meaning that if you have an older game then it might be hard to get notice out there, it would be best for your channel playing a series based on popular games such as Call of Duty and Minecraft. After that’s all set up you would want to enable monetization and to sign up for Google AdSense, that’s where you would make your money. After that you then want to become a YouTube Partner which would allow your video to have advertisements – with this set up that would mean for every 1,000 persons who leaves an impression (interaction) with the advertisement before your video you would earn around $7.50 maybe even higher. If someone skipped the ad or has ad blocker enabled, then it wouldn’t count. The only effective way for you to make sure people are watching the ads are just by having enough views on your YouTube and enough subscribers to safely presume plenty of interactions with the advertisements.

Creating Content

People won’t subscribe to your channel if you don’t have any videos on your channel, create and record yourself playing video games and add commentary over it during editing. When it comes to creating high-quality videos many people would prefer HD videos over a video where they’re recording it white their phones and there are dogs barking in the background. Focus on the quality of your video most of all that’s how you can boost your likes, subscribers, comments, and viewers. If you don’t have some of the best of equipment you should probably start off with something simple on the PC, with just using fraps and develop from there. Also video channels have recognizable video intros and maybe even some closers. You could learn how to make cool intros with royalty free music online or hire someone to create an original one for you online. But you should have something that people can recognize you from your videos. Also you should create videos that the viewers would want to watch. When it comes to deciding what people want to watch you should try to do some research on YouTube itself – try to find some gaming videos with lots of viewers and likes, write down and categorize what you’ll find, and try to narrow it down from there. If you decide to make Minecraft videos consider creating a video that showcases mods, survival island, or building tutorials.

Becoming Unique

Another thing to keep in mind is becoming unique – when you become unique or special it would be the ultimate source of gaining loads amount of views and subscribers, it’s a great way for you to gather up exposure and make viewers want to come back and watch you again and again. The majority of reasons that makes many gaming YouTubers unique would be their hilariousness. Many people would rather watch something that would be reliable in making them watch and that approach any difficult situations into a comedic approach. Meaning you should approach the game with a comedic outlook and use observations, impressions, and jokes used to gather up and spill out a couple of laughs. Keep in mind that this prioritize around you commentating your gaming. You do have the option of just showing some worded texts as communication but think about some viewers would rather like to play along while watching you guys and cannot basically read from the video and play on their games at the same time. Being unique also means being creative, try thinking of other YouTubers and how they’re different from each other. Be creative and think of ways to set yourself apart from the crowd. One way you can be unique is try to use some of your talent you already have and incorporate it into your videos – if you do impressions of famous people then you should try to use them into your game.

Optimizing Your Videos

You have created some killing content and now it’s time to tell the world about your channel and videos – this depends on multiple factors. You might not want to just refresh and watch your videos over and over again because that’s not authentic. Let’s explore the ways you can gain views from your videos.

Video Title

Before you upload your videos you would need to think about creating a great appealing title, meaning have a title that just urges people to click on the video. Also make sure that your title tells the truth and is accurate – it would leave a bad impression for your channel if you create a title that does not express what your video is about. When you come up with a title, make it interesting and clear, something that people would search for.


Another thing that YouTube use to rank your video is using your description – in which it tells the viewers what your video is about. It also includes call to actions and social media links. The first 2-3 lines of words should include the important stuff (the words before the ‘Show More’ button) meaning add what your video is about there. Make sure your description is detailed and accurate, though they probably can tell what your video is about through the title, the description would help many watchers know what they’re getting into. You should also include a call to action or a subscribe to your channel for more. Also, you should add social media links to your description as well so viewers can connect with you.


Using YouTube tags would be important for gathering viewers. You should use tags that are commonly searched. When it comes to finding out tags for your video you should use a tag that properly describes your video. YouTube does show some suggested tags, so you might consider using some of those to generate ideas. And also make sure your tags actually relate to your video.

Social Media

If you haven’t have created a social media account for your channel by now, create it. The most popular and best social media for YouTube gamer channels would be:

  1. Twitter
  2. Facarticle
  3. Google Plus
  4. Instagram

That’s the basic most popular where gamers would go on. Making social media accounts for your channel would be best for you to connect with your viewers and to gather more potential viewers to your video.

Increasing Views

Comments – If you increase the numbers of comments from your video it would rank high – you can increase your comments by asking your viewers questions and answering it down below or asking viewers a suggestion of action to follow. You can also do giveaways and prizes for people who comment down below.

Shares – The more people who share your videos, the better – you can increase your share videos if you give off something worth seeing or something that can teach someone something.

Websites – Once you get deeper into creating videos you can create a website that links back to your videos and create blog posts with articles relating to your videos (We talk about this more later on) Video

Thumbnail – Your video thumbnail also effects whether or not people would click on your video or not. Your video thumbnail is the face and picture of your video and should not include just a simple screenshot of your video. Customize and be creative with your video thumbnail and make it look appealing towards the crowd.

YouTube Channel – Also when people do subscribe to your channel they would like to know more about you – when they land on your YouTube channel make it look attractive and detailed stating what they’ll find here and a detailed description. Also, you should have subscribed to “similar channels”, once you get more popular you would increase your odds of being shared on some other channels. When you create a stunning channel, use images that neatly identifies your YouTube content.

Team Up – You should try and work with other YouTubers in creating videos so your partner can share your channel through their channel, in which you’ll do the same with theirs. You can try to find people to work with by online communities and social media sites.

Creating Playlists – Once you have enough videos utilizing a specific category or you’ve created a series make a playlist in chronological order so viewers won’t have to stumble and find the next episode separately. This is also another way for you to organize your videos and to properly categorize them.

Create Longer Videos – The longer people watch your YouTube videos the more you’ll rank high in YouTube. Meaning you should try to create long videos – the longer the better, try to keep a minimum of 5 minutes per video

Create More Videos – If you create plenty of videos to watch from targeting multiple topics than you’ll gain tons of viewers with an endless supply of videos to watch from – meaning more advertisements and more cash.

Live Streaming

Much like YouTube you can consider live streaming – meaning playing video games live in front or with other players. The most popular website you could do this is from Twitch. When you do live stream your video games you’re looking for hours and hours of gaming – most live streamers play for more than 4 hours a day. With live streaming you can potentially make any type of game work with and become famous around it. However, the same logic from YouTube applies to live streaming, with additional information With live streaming you will need streaming software that can send your video feed to twitch. Console versions already have that built in – you would also need a great internet connection as well, nobody would want to watch someone who lags all the time. You then need to have a specific time and place to play on – so create a basic schedule. Also interact with your audience through social media and respond to many comments and answer comments. You could watch and play with other popular streamers to get yourself more known out there.


ESports is professional competitive gaming and plenty of gamers have found success and made tons of money from this. Much like the football, basketball, or any other sports, the same logic applies to gaming. ESports holds many gaming tournaments and many people from around the world attend and watch such events. Meaning that there are gaming tournaments being hosted around the world and if you do make it in, you would have to travel, and the only way for you to get money is by winning. When deciding whether or not this is for you, it depends on how good of a player you are, there are tons of competitive players who strives to be the best and even the best don’t make it in.

ESports gaming surrounds games such as:

  • Fighting Games
  • 1st Person Shooters
  • Strategy Games

Later on into eSports, you can then move on to other things such as attaining sponsorships and creating YouTube channels, many gaming YouTubers first started off from eSports themselves. Major League Gaming (MLG) is much like the NBA or NFL of the gaming world. But it’s where you can find and get notice to make money by competing with other players. Major League Gaming creates tournaments and the prize money can go up to $250,000 – and hundreds of people buy tickets to watch them compete against each other.

The hard part about being a MLG player highly depends on being notice.

Winning Tournaments

Winning tournaments highly depends on how skillful of a player you are, and the type of clan you are in. Winning tournaments would only require dedication and vigorous work. Whether or not you’re willing to put in your all and practice as much as you can in becoming the best player in the world would determine how successful you are. You should focus on accomplishing your dream and strive on it every day. That’s how many eSports professional gamers view it as. You should invest in yourself and buy the top notch equipment to take you there. Think every chance as a way for you to become better and not a way to just level up, but for you to gain the personal experience and grow.

The best way for you to make it in eSports is to join a clan or to create a clan. You’ll find players with some of the same interests and goals. When it comes to finding out whether or not you’re in a good clan doesn’t simply relies on their skill but on their attitude. If they’re inactive, non-communicative, and mean then it’s probably not for the best that you stay in the clan. You should find a clan that are both skillful and have potential. You can find clans from the Community and you would pose as a “Free Agent” and you would post something much like your resume, adding your skills and a little about yourself on the way. You can also find clans through social media sites such as Facarticle and Twitter or you can play the game you want to compete against in and find ambitious players through there.

Ranked matches are another way for you to get notice out there. That it’s a game that calculates how good of a player you are – scoring and ranking high amongst the ranks would ultimately improve your chances in finding a really great clan. Ranking high in matches comes from many variables such as the number of kills, points, captures, wins, deaths, etc. (depending on the game) .

Getting The Right Attitude

When you go towards fighting in game battles, tournaments, and climbing yourself high up in the ladders, you will find that there would be all kinds of players. You’ll find pleasant people, over-aggressive players, hackers, cheaters, and just anyone. When you lose in a game battle you should not give up so easily, but to keep your head up high and try harder next time, believe that you are going to be great at this. Get the right attitude because the guys and gals who don’t, are not going to make it so far in life. You will also have a chance to face constructive criticisms from other professional players – in other words criticisms that would help you grow as a person. The people who gives off some of these tips and tricks likely have found some potential success through this field and want to help you out – and when you do get good you should help others too, that’s a winner.


Sponsorships are another great thing that comes from eSports and from professional gamers. There’s lots of ways of being offered sponsorships and that is simply a way for you to make money over time beyond eSports. From time to time you will need to gather a notable gaming reputation of winning and conquering all, then you will have a chance to find someone who will want you to sponsor their game-related product in exchange for their free product or cash. Contact some companies and ask them for a sponsor positions, they will likely hire you depending on the number of subscribers you have. The more people you know the more chances you will get sponsored.

Game Development

You can also consider game development. Game development is another great way to make money from building an absolute great game that people would buy and selling it. These days many people wish to make games, many have decided to make the next Minecraft game and even today the next Call of Duty is being made. With the right amount of skills and knowledge that you withhold, it would be possible for you to make a game. Firstly, you should know that many of these high selling popular games are not solely created from one man, they’re created from a team of game developers and that would be the best way for you to go in the field.

However, some games are created from developers in which they have eventually sold off their games to large industries to work on themselves. But it is probably not for the best if you sell your game right away off the bat for $100. A successful game relies is built from older and experience game, it maybe something that a 7-year-old cannot do right off the bat. Many people go to college and to learn some of the required skills and to hope that some studio or game industry would hire them into their team to work on this upcoming project.

Types of Game Development Jobs

There’s going to be a lot of work involved in creating a game and would come off as a struggle. But there is other thing that surrounds the creation of a game, and you don’t necessarily need to learn programming skills to be in the industry.

There are other jobs in game creation that you can try to work on yourself such as:

Game Designer – A game designer works on the basic gaming concept or what the game is going to be about. Game designers’ controls what is going to be added into a game and how it would be played.
Programmer – A programmer would work and write computer codes that operates the game, meaning that they make sure the game works by fixing any errors and bugs.

Animator – An animator operates on the movement and behavior of a game, meaning that they work on making sure your characters and other objects can move.

Audio Engineer – Audio engineers are in charge of what you hear during a game. They can add music, voices to characters, and sound effects in the game.

Writer – There are different roles that carries along the writers. Writers can go from script writing, in which they create the story of the game and the dialogue for characters. Writers can also write any additional information and rules in the video game themselves.

Music Composer – A music composer is in control of composing and making music that surrounds the game.

Translator – A translator can add and translate the worded information in the game into other languages making it playable for players that not only know English.

Marketer – A game marketer is in charge of promoting the game. They make sure that your game is heard and people are buying it.

Game/Voice Actors – Sometimes games would have voice or physical actors to carry out some more realistic actions in the games. Voice actors as you know, would repeat the character’s dialogue among the gameplay.

QA Game Testers – QA Game Testers test the game and makes sure there are not any left behind bugs and errors to assure the best performance. When it comes to finding a job in these fields it mainly depends on the type of education and experience you have and what you personally specialize in. You should focus either on one of these things and be as good as you can in it. You can find many jobs by applying online, attending gaming events and conferences in which you can meet some fellow game workers yourself. You should not immediately make the next Battlefield game but you should start off small and work improve from there.

Before you ever start you should have a basic plan of what your game is about – it shouldn’t just be in your imagination and just name different things you want in your game. Make your plan realistic and if it’s your first attempt at making a game it won’t be that great, but don’t give up – it would take some time and it’s not something you can learn right away.

You should try and understand the game whether it would be a RPG, 1st person shooter, real-time strategy, etc. what would the game be about. What’s the software you’re going to use. The resources, the skills, and planning involved. The success of your video game relies on organization. There are tons of ways to learn how to make a video game from the internet, courses, videos, books, you should invest yourself in absorbing as much of information you can know and fully learn from that. There’s also plenty of game software used to create games such as UDK, Unity3D, Autodesk. Also you don’t necessarily need to know coding and programming to work in the industry, like said before, you can create cover art, character design, voice acting, writing among the industry as well.

QA Game Testers

Many people would love to play games for money that’s when QA game testers are involved. Most people would rather think testing games would be the same as just playing and beating the game but the truth is many things are involved and there’s a reason why the programmers and designers just don’t test the game themselves – it requires a long term playing routine and an observant mind that can detect any bugs or errors or find something that’s not so enjoyable within the game. QA testers play games over and over again to assure the best quality from the game. When being a game tester they would hire all kinds of people towards their ‘targeted audience’ so before applying into some of these jobs you should consider whether or not you would have the patience to play it. In fact, most programmers, animators, and designers, started off as a QA game tester and worked themselves up.

Selling Your Characters

If you are looking for a way to get money right now, then try selling off your characters. If you have a max account on a specific game that you don’t have an interest about any more than sell it on eBay, through friends and family, craigslist, and plenty of other reliable websites online. Selling characters would mean being a max character and something that people would want to buy – nobody would want to buy an account you just have mad right off the bat. If you have an account that you don’t play no more then sell it, the higher the level and precious the account is the higher amount of money you can sell it for. There are max clash of clan’s town hall 11s being sold for eBay for $500 and even higher. It may not be something to generate a number of passive income, but is great for getting money from things you have already did.

Blogging About Video Games

You can also have a chance to write for games or write about games, if you’re a little more to the literature side of video games and teaching others then this maybe for you. Writing for games does not have to be necessary be script writing, but you can be blogging about video games or also create game guides as well.

Before you start off you should know what is a blog – a blog is a series of frequently updated information or blog posts that tends to teach something to people. When you start a blog you should have a passion towards it and use proper SEO research to rank high in google. What’s required is your very own website, you can learn how to make your website through NameCheap where they’ll provide you with a domain name and hosting for under $10 a year.

But firstly, decide what your website would be about and find out what it’s targeting specifically. You can try to expand from there but stick to one topic or one game. One of the ways people make money from blogging is by including affiliate links – so if someone clicks on a specific link and buy something from a website you will receive a commission, you may describe this as promoting merchandise. But this all depends on the amount of people who goes on your website and clicks on the links. You shouldn’t ultimately fill every single word with an affiliate link.

Many companies offer affiliate partnerships, including Amazon and GameStop in which you can sell some of their products on your website, all that is required is signing up for their affiliate partnership that can be commonly found in the footer. Some companies however won’t offer affiliate partnerships to just anyone, make sure you have a trustworthy website that targets related products and they will agree and sometimes urge you to sell their merchandise. You can create certain blogposts that relates to gaming or tutorials on how to do certain stuff – you can even get some more ideas from forums. You can write about less knower games, write reviews for games, write walkthroughs, write about gaming equipment, and so much more. SEO or keyword research has to be the most important because it what makes your website rank high up in google. SEO just stands for Search Engine Optimization and it allows search engines like google to know exactly what your blog or website is about.

There’s many ways you can use SEO for yourself such as using something on Google known as the Keyword Planner – in which you can type in a certain word you’re trying to search for and determine whether it has competition or not. There are plenty of other software as well, such as LongTailPro in which they can tell you what are the common words that’s being searched for. You can SEO yourself by applying the words you are trying to rank for multiple times in your blog post. You can rank high in google depending on the competition and proper keywords. You can also use some of the strategies used in YouTube to rank high as well, same logic applies. Try to use interesting titles, tags, and use social media. You can also rank high if you have longer posts – meaning that the longer someone stays on your website reading information google will rank you higher.

Creating Game Guides

You could even consider making game guides as well. Game guides are simple books that help people know more about the game. When deciding what game, you want to create a game guide about simply turn to its popularity and competition. If there are numerous game guides about Call of Duty then you shouldn’t try to head in over there, unless you found a way to beat competition – try to look for popular games that people want to learn more about that has low competition. With many games coming out and many people would want to find out how to properly play the game with some tips guides, you should focus on the quality of your work instead of the amount of pages, include helpful tips and helpful information that you personally know. Don’t try and just copy and paste from the wikis, actually play the game first and make the walkthrough detailed Many people would want to find hidden items, easter eggs, secrets, among from the game guides so try to find out more from the games then just playing it. Make the game guide an absolute must have.

Once done, you can publish it from either Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing or sell it to companies that’s willing to take it from there. When you’re done with that you should market your game guide – meaning show off and tell people about your game guide as much as the actual video game itself. But you should sell it for the cheap because anyone else could just watch videos to solve their problems or maybe find a cheaper game guide. You should consider using marketing techniques such as video marketing, social media, podcasting, promotion partners, to help with the launch of your article, you should tell and announce your guide towards specific audiences too – if the walkthrough is about Minecraft Seeds don’t target people who plays Madden, keep that in mind.


With all this being put into your mind remember the ways you can make money from gaming, which is:

  • YouTube Videos Live Streaming
  • Winning Game Tournaments
  • Sponsorships
  • Creating A Game
  • Writing about Games

Use this as a chance for you to perfect and turn your life into a new direction – don’t ever give up and make sure that you believe that this would all turn out successful. Research more about these topics and learn everything you know about it. Also, be the greatest person you can ever be.



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