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The ADC Blueprint – A Nostalgia Product – For Hyper Improvement

Hi I am Mike,

I am an ADC main I have written this book for people just like you on how to improve as an ADC in League of Legends and I hope you’ll benefit from my knowledge. I’ve tested the methods of my ideas and knowledge on a specific target group(silver 5-3) and they perform 75% above average and win more games.

Leave the struggle behind and use this knowledge to improve over 75% of your current level. Once you apply and see the results, you will be amazed with the results after finishing this book and applying all the details.

ADC is the most important role in late game team fights. In ranked games, all other things equal out, the team with the better ADC will generally win the game if the game goes over 30 minutes.

I see alot of people, making crucial mistakes in and out of lane that will cost them the game 80% of the time. Most of the time I already won the lane just by seeing my oponents move. The secret of my skills and knowledge I learned from playing League of Legends will now be on display. I will teach you how to, step by step with no steps skipped how to play the ADC role with amazing success.

Again the only thing that you have to do is:


I wish you many successes on the rift, Enjoy this book,


What is a Marksman/ADC

A marksman is a hero that is THE most important role in your team. You as the adc will make or break the game 75% of the games, by simply working on the damage output, positioning and handling your oponents.

Maining ADC

Maining the adc role will give you many opportunities to join 5v5 teams just because the role is hard to play and barely anyone wants to play the role. I myself have played all the roles on the rift for a long time saying I DON’T WANT TO ADC its horrible.

In ranked solo queue the feeders on your team are mostly the bottom lane and then team members flame each other resulting in a loss. I was sick and tired of bot lanes losing the game and took matters in my own hand. So I gave it a shot and at first I totally sucked at playing it. What is important to many things is practise is key and practise is the only way towards mastery.

Your Win Factor: Maining

One thing that will win most of your games before the game has started is Maining 2 to 3 marksman champions, champions that resonate with you, champions that makes you happy when you play them.

It is very important that you play your favorite heroes on the rift to boost self-esteem and creating a confident win factor. When you feel confident playing a specific hero you make less mistakes and more plays which result into a successfull game.

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Sometimes I still lolnexus specific games and I find that 90% YES 90% of the ADC’s play completely off runes/masteries which in turn make you win your lane faster and easier.

Alot of the players play 1 runepage for all their games and or 1 mastery page for all their games. It is very predictable how these kind of players play but I will go back into this in chapter 5. For high success rates on the rift it is important to know what your opponents have for team and adjust your runes and masteries accordingly to them.

Lets say they play Caitlyn/Karma Very high poke ranges. It would be unwise here to play crit runes. Instead play with lifesteal to gain some health points back so you can stay longer in lane for more gold. at the end of the day you play to earn gold for items.

Your masteries should always be 18/0/12 if you like to play passive as an AUTO ATTACKING ADC like Jinx and Caitlin and 0/18/12 on ADC champions who rely more on spells like Twitch, Lucian, Kalista etc. for passive players because these pages give more damage output and variates on what kind of teams you are playing.

However if you’re an aggressive ADC I suggest playing the 18/12/0 for auto attackers and 12/18/0 for spell reliant champions.

For example if you are playing a heal comp vs a poke comp i would advice you to not take “double Edged Sword” Because if your going to get hit alot without returning damage you will take extra damage.

For runes I would run:

14%Attack Speed

11+ Physical damage

40 Health

And 4 Armor

Mindset/Champion Select

It is very important to have a positive winning mindset. Unfortunately in League there are many toxic people from champ select to the end of the game you will need to deal with and having a positive attitude towards them is key to winning games.

Dealing With Trolls And Ragers

When I started playing League I flowed straight into the flaming because simply EVERYONE DID IT. Now dealing with toxic players is actually very easy. Take in mind that you play with people from a wide variety of age.

So put yourself in their shoes. They might have just had a bad day at work or school or simply HORRIBLY lost their last game. and drag that same attitude into the next one.

What is very important here is to find their switches THAT one key spot to snooze them.Ask them about their day or compliment these players even if they do make mistakes. There is ofcourse one magic button in League that is also very very important to winning the game. and that is the mute button.

When ever someone says 1 word that offends you in any way PLEASE just mute them. If you keep flaming eachother and typing that means you are having 0 ACTIONS PER MINUTE. Standing still means no gold, no objectives, no wards and no nothing while your opponents are getting ahead.

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Your Past Is Not Your Future

What I mean by this is that you should not take your last game into the next game.

Every match on the rift is different. If you win or lose a game do not take it with you into the next game.

1. Winning a match will result in overconfidence and you might make misplays into the next match.

2. Losing a match will make you tilt or get into the momentum of anger and block out rationalization in which it will make you screw up the next match.

This does not mean that you cannot enter a match being “the shit”

YOU are awesome, YOU will crush the laning opponents and win the game from there on, YOU ARE THE SHIT!

What Hero To Pick

Many people just pick whatever champ they like and go with the flow. This is bad. Remember when I said to main 2-3 ADC’s in chapter 1? Thats right, you cannot pick Ashe when the enemy team plays Zed and Kha’zix for example. Or Varus when the enemy team picks Warwick and blitzcrank.

Creating a variety of champ pool you can play will make you highly successfull on its own on the rift. For example if the enemy picks 2 or even 3 champs with heavy crowd control its advised to pick an ADC with mobility and escape abilities.

In champ select its very important to start theory crafting about what could happen in the game. What if they focus me with their Warwick pick? I need a Quik Silver Sash! For example.

1st To 5th Pick

Champion Select is just like playing poker. your position on the table will decide what plays you can make. If you are first in select picking a champ as Ashe or Twitch will unlikely follow up into a team of heavy assasin or heavy CC or even a combination of both to lock you down.

While if you would be 5th pick and being able to see 3 or even 5 of the oponents champ pool you will be able to decide and play Ashe or Twitch. Remember some games are played in Champion Select.

Becoming Unpredictable

What I figured out that will help you in your journey to become a better adc is becoming unpredictable. You will see alot of people in lane trying the same things on you everytime, it might work one or two times but when you figure this out for yourself its like taking the blue pill in the matrix .

You will see their moves coming and act towards those. Try hitting your lane oponents from different angles and move like a possesed zombie. Trust me they will go nuts.

Its like Leona’s popping their shield or moving towards an angle to Zenith blade. OR Vayne’s Tumble, mostly you will see Vayne players move to the side to Tumble in your direction.

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