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Chapter 4. Late Game: Team fight Phase

When the game progresses and slowly enters the late game, your team golds value increases if you’re behind and decreases when you’re ahead, how come?

That’s because the closer everyone gets to a full item build, the more “even” the game gets. This means that the game now relies around team play, baron nashor, dragon stacks and your own individual strengths as a mid laner.

This is also VERY IMPORTANT to know because specifically on low elo players want to surrender when they are just 25-45 behind, get killed or are still angry because someone gave first blood etc. This is ignorant, ESPECIALLY on low elo EVERYONE makes mistakes! The amount of games I personally defended when my team where feeding 2-18 (I had the 2 kills), or even a game 1-25 and we still won because I capitalized on my opponents mistakes, got picks and got even STRONGER.

That then allowed our team to regain vision, win small skirmishes, and get my team up to par for the late game team fights.

Team fights

Be prepared to get flamed by team mates with bad knowledge of the game. There are many team fight dynamics as an ADC. Because you’ll have to factor in if the enemy team wants to blow you up, in that case stay behind till they’ve used there spells.

Occasionally you will see that their whole team is willing to Flash onto you just to kill you. Stay behind. When they are not focusing you, then hit the enemies who are their strongest aka their mid laner and Ad Carry. But mostly you will get zoned out by the tank, then by you running in to kill their ADC or mid laner is a bad choice because you can get Crowd controlled and killed.

This is a controversial topic. As the Ad Carry YOU ATTACK THE OPPONENT WHO IS THE CLOSEST TO YOU. You cannot afford to run into the middle of the team fight to help out. Hit everyone who you can hit and melt the tanks.

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Track Enemy Cooldowns

Riot has made League of Legends significantly easier to play in season 5. You no longer have to time ‘Global Buffs’ like Red, Blue, Baron, Dragon since the game simply does that FOR YOU. However another key element to tracking cooldowns is knowing your enemies spell cooldowns on each level, this comes with game experience, knowing when they use their summoner spells and when they come back on.

This is highly effective in the late game, for example if you’re playing a very squishy Ad Carry like Varus, Ashe or Jinx and you know the enemy Zed doesn’t have Flash and Ultimate or even just Shadow Stepped to last hit a creep, going in and critting him with auto attacks has very little downside!

This brings me onto my other point. Baiting ultimates and essentially any other spells. Mostly before a MAJOR TEAM FIGHT, it’s like 300 the film. 2 teams just standing in front of each other trying to poke and use AOE spells to gain an advantage in the team fight.

Baiting ultimate’s means the difference of the opponent Alistar not having 75% damage reduction, no Collateral Damage from Graves, or Annie’s Tibbers. Outside of that advancing and attacking the enemy when they’ve used multiple spells (when they are on cooldown) can mean that your team is more likely to win the fight!

If you’re really confident and far ahead, then you can risk standing a bit on the front line and baiting ultimate’s BUT if you do not see a Flash Tibbers coming or Orianna’s ball on Lee sin or Alistair to go in and ultimate you, your team will most likely lose the team fight. Also with a Sejuani hitting her ultimate on you can mean that your team gets wiped.

You need to calculate for yourself if you need to play QSS (Quick Silver Sash) in a game. Usually when playing against a Warwick, Sejuani Malzahar or just many champions who can CC you, play it to be safe. I played a game on Graves and the enemy Sejuani was so keen on ulting me that she was willing to flash past my team mates. In one particular team fight around the baron after I bought QSS, she did it again and if I didn’t buy QSS we would’ve been aced.

I used the item and started hitting Sejuani with massive crits while my team were still frozen, I then ulted their whole team for 20% health, we aced and won the game.

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Objectives in the Late Game

The main objectives in the late game is to out play your opponents on the map. You do this by having better vision around main objectives so they can’t sneak a Baron for example. Having vision in places they are more likely to go so your team can be “safer on the map” and try to divide the enemy team into 1-1-3 or 4-1 or 3-2, meaning you get the full advantage. Always stay around your team.

As the Ad carry the mid lane is YOURS from the mid game on. This is to break enemy lane pushes with your range and wave clear. Of course the primary objective is to destroy the nexus and the fastest way there is to get a Baron buff, demolish the turrets and slay some enemies.

This doesn’t always go as planned though. In many games the primary reason people lose is they keep pushing the mid lane after they already have the inhibitor destroyed/exposed. To put the most pressure on the enemy team is to expose and destroy 3 inhibitors so your team gets double Super Minions in each lane, this allows your team to get Baron, Drake or recall to buy items and then finish of the game or as said above, get Baron after you recal.

Baron Nashor is the key to winning the game 80% of the time, So many players just mindlessly push a lane, get pushed back and that happens till the game is basically over.

But gaining the Baron Buff on your minions/Super Minions and the damage bonus is WAY more beneficial and game breaking than trying to bait a team fight (which you can potentially lose) to get to a turret, inhibitor or nexus turrets.

Points to go for Baron:

1. You spot the opponent’s jungle in the blue jungle or farming/pushing in the bot lane – GO FOR BARON.

2. You’ve aced your opponents team on your side of the map – GO BARON.

3. The enemies are VERY low after a successful team fight – GO BARON.

4. Your team KILLS their jungle close to the Baron – GO BARON

– Bait their team into the Baron pit and finish them off

– Take the baron and recall.

5. 2-3 Of your enemies are spotted on the bot lane. GO BARON

Aside from getting the baron, taking 3 inhibitors is the next big GAME CHANGER.

To finish it off with, your 4 MAIN PRIORITIES to END-THE-GAME are:

• Dragon Stacks – Team Advantage

• Baron Nashor – Push Strength

• Dividing the enemies – Team Advantage

• 3 Inhibitors – near impossible to lose

When playing from the mid to late game, these 4 points in the right order wins you the game, even when your team is playing from a gold deficient.

Dragon stacks allows your team to get STRONGER, FASTER, MORE MINION DAMAGE and eventually a buff that deals TRUE DAMAGE as a DOT (Damage Over Time). So even when you’re playing with bad team mates, securing dragons makes THEM better.

Baron allows your team the push advantage and puts HEAVY PRESSURE on the enemy team. Dividing the enemy team (in your advantage), gives your team POWER and chance to pick off opponents, even when your team is really bad. You can call the shots because your damage is to high, you can basically solo Baron Nashor, pulling your team mates to you.

Be vocal with your team to make sure that they are not playing ARAM in the mid lane and destroy towers on the side to deny vision and map control. 3 Inhibitors gives your team MAP CONTROL, PUSH CONTROL and overall GAME CONTROL to finish it off and win the game!

I toast to you, may you win many more games in League!

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