I see a lot of people struggling to gain elo (rank), and the reason is because they do not have the knowledge on how to improve and get GOOD, CARRY THE GAME and win 75% more of their games. In this book you will learn many of the mistakes people make as the ADC and playing around the team, then recognizing your OWN mistakes in them and start improving RIGHT AWAY. Sometimes people are able to win most of their games early on, but then throw it because they don’t know what to do in the mid and late game phases of League of Legends…

I’m Michael Gladon, and I love to play league and study the game (I know it is weird), I have also mained every role for a long time period and I’ve spend more time researching the game than actually playing it. The result: It’s high-end 3D chess and LoL should be treated as such, IF you play to get better. This book is not for casual players who just want to have fun and build “BloodThirster on Ahri”.

This book may seem similar to it’s “other lane variants” (Top, Jungle, Mid, Support) But all lane variants are specifically focused on that specific lane and role. In the other books you’ll find very different information to getting better in league, but in the same context. If you want to improve in the other lanes then I highly recommend getting the other books as well.

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Chapter 1. Champion Select

Let’s start of hard and say that some games ARE indeed lost/won in the champion select phase. This is more commonly to happen in the gold and beyond ranks, primarily because in the lowest elo’s (Silver, Bronze) people make a lot more mistakes that are punishable by you, especially if you’re the AD Carry, who just needs 2 core items to deal a lot of damage and handle the opponents.

According to your pick order rank, you chose the suitable ADC champion. For example, picking Ashe as first pick is un recommendable, Ashe is a very immobile champion that shines only in the late game, she’s weak early. Your enemies can create a team that totally counters yours like a Yasou combination or Zed.

How do you make sure that you get the upper hand in the Picks n’ Bans phase?

Picks N’ Bans Phase

There are 3 critical factors to the picks and bans, firstly, what position are you picking from? Secondly, are you picking according both teams? And thirdly, if you’re banning, who do you ban?

The picks and bans phase is much like high stakes poker, your place on the table depends what hands you’re going to play and what hands you’re going to fold. For example if you’re in the top 2 slots, you might want to pick a champion that’s:

  • A. One of your best
  • B. Has high mobility

These two things increase your chance of winning your lane in a early pick spot, because your opponents can pick according to your team. If the opponents pick a heavy tank composition, you don’t want to play a champ that can easily be tanked out and killed “Ashe”. Rather picking a more versatile champion that deals High damage and is mobile, “Lucian or Graves” could be great picks!

When your opponents play a heavy armor based team like Rammus jungle, Malphite top then playing Twitch, who has high attack speed, long range on his ultimate Rat-tat-tat and magic damage on his E proc is a great choice. Now we’ve handled the first two factors, let’s dive into the third and last one. Who do you ban if you’re first pick? The more you play league you realize that most people just ban the “META BANS”. The best way to approach this is to formulate it in:

Hard to get fed and snowball against + Most played + Team troubles + Snowballs easy. (I use this analogy every game).

The right way to ban is to remove the champions from play that are hard to kill in lane, can snowball easily or save their team mates (team trouble) and are mostly played. We can add something else to the table as well, think about your top 3 best ADC champions that you can play, snowball and carry the team with? You don’t want to get stumped if your main champion gets banned or picked by the enemy, you then decrease your own chance of winning, especially in the new upcoming season where Ad Carries are going to play a big role next to top laners.


  • Write down the top 3 champions you have trouble playing against.
  • Write down the top 3 champions that are currently most played (In the meta).
  • Write down the top 3 champions that can snowball easily and can cause your team trouble.
  • Write down the top 3 champions that can easily save your enemies “every all in”.

After you’ve written down the 12 names circle the ones that overlap, write them down on another sheet of paper, if you’ve done this right, you either have 6-9 names left, now do it again and Voilá, you got your ban list!

Mastering Your “Top 3”

We just touched on the “Champion Stump” in the picking phase and that you decrease your win probabilities by “getting stumped”. How do we fix this?

I suggest that you choose your 3 favorite champions that each has its own specialty.

– High Mobility – Backline Damage – Attack speed for example. You now decrease the chance to get stumped in the picks n’ bans, have versatility in your champion pool, which in turn gives you the power of freedom of choice to pick the right champ for the job!

Example: Lucian – Graves/Miss Fortune – Jinx

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Pick For the Team

Even if you picked your 3 favorite champions, and you pick your best one to play, you can actually decrease your win percentage if the team doesn’t need your kind of champion. If you’re picking Jinx, Ashe or Varus, while your team is very squishy or the enemy is full with versatile or heavy CC champions… you again, decrease the chance of winning a game.

So pick the right champion that fits the requirements:

— you’re really good at — and Supports the team – sweeps enemy champs = Snowball and carry.

Spells, Runes & Masteries

We’re nearly ready to enter the game, but before we go in lets check and pick the right spells, runes and masteries for the job. Let’s start with the spells, if you’re laning mid there’s a multitude of spells to choose from. You can take ignite, teleport, QSS, Barrier or even heal!

Summoner Spells:

With the spells it’s really simple because 99% of your games you’ll rune Heal and Flash, it’s just the way it goes. We can discus about this, but the bottom line is THIS IS THE WAY TO GO.

The only reason apart from playing heal is if you play with a ‘Duo partner’ who you have an AMAZING synergy with, then running exhaust/Flash is a great idea when your partner plays Ignite/Flash. I still don’t recommend you playing that, just stick to Heal/Flash.

Benefits of Heal:

  1. • Heal before a critical skill shot or ability
  2. • Heal a team mate who’s about to die
  3. • Grant movement speed to outrun opponents
  4. • Outplay opponents by a last second heal
  5. • Heal yourself to stay in lane

Benefits of Flash:

  1. • Escaping ganks
  2. • Avoiding critical skill shots and abilities
  3. • Chasing enemy champions
  4. • Kill securing
  5. • Repositioning
  6. • Outplaying opponents


There’s 2 rune pages you need as an ADC main.

1. Overall Page: Attack speed – Armor – Magic Resist – Damage

2. Crit Page: Attack speed – Armor – Magic Resist – Damage – 1-2% Crit Chance

The overall page is used for champions like Lucian, Graves type champions, the ones with the burst damage and high mobility. For the crit page, champions like Kalista, Jinx and Caitlin who focus on attack speed and crit to deal damage have a high chance in lane to Harass and crit the opponent.

A great tip to focus on is trying to add and ply around with CDR Scaling Runes, Magic Resist or armor scaling runes when playing against heavy AP or AD teams.


For masteries it’s the standard for nearly every ADC. 18/0/12 or 18/12/0 depending on your play style and what you need. The key differentiator is the last tier of masteries.

For heavy attack speed ADC’s I suggest getting Fervor, this increases your damage output significantly! For more spell reliant and burst champs Warlords Bloodthirst is a great way to get a % health back and and gain 20% attack speed for 4 seconds. However this is just advice, pick what’s best for your own play style, I’ve seen Kog’maws run 12/18/0 with Thunderlords Decree (shocks the area) and doing a great job.

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