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Chapter 3. Mid Game: Group Objective Phase

When the game transitions into the mid game you’ll “feel it”. Usually around level 9-11 people start grouping up to get a dragon, rift herald or push a tower together. I personally believe that the outer and inner mid turrets are the most important ones to take because it opens up a while map for your team.

The mid game starts when one lane “has won” and roams to help out the other lanes.

In the mid game you want to avoid small skirmishes and instead focus on single ‘picks’. When you’re ahead and strong then small skirmishes are in YOUR favor because you can just stand on the outside blasting people. One of the most important factors in the mid game is to keep up on CS!

Many players don’t know what to do in the mid game and forget it is a 3D chess game. They start to play call of duty and HUNT for kills (not picks) and chase people into your opponent team, then die.You can see it with team mates who play champions like Fizz or Lee Sin or Riven when they have 3 kills they think they can 1v5 the enemy team then end up feeding the whole game.

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This is how most teams who are ahead throw the game.

Farming & Grouping

What’s more important is to keep farming and watching the map. You as the AD Carry are the most important player on the map, keep farming the lanes and the jungle and when these small skirmishes or team fights happen, YOU NEED TO BE THERE!

As I said earlier, people turn into zombies in the mid game, they stop farming and focus on killing. What you need to do as the carrier of the team is to farm your jungle, farm waves and group up before either team pushes a lane or goes for another objective like the dragon.

What happens when you ACE or obliterate most of their team?

Firstly, look if you can advance a tower or possibly get an inhibitor, then clean their jungle to deny experience & gold (puts your team ahead), and if other lanes are pushing into their towers, take that one as well. Thirdly, if dragon is up, take the dragon! 3 stacks on dragon provides your team with Movement speed!

It is really important to play around your team, so getting these objectives are in your favor. When your team mates are not that good or having a bad game, that bonus % movement speed could potentially mean that they can avoid getting killed and outrun the opponents.


So many times I see people winning a team fight, getting an inhibitor while they are low on hp. Then the enemy team respawns runs up with “nitro” and kill everyone who stayed, which is pretty sad. Always think of ways to increase your lead whether that’s taking their jungle, recalling after a massive fight and building the right items.

Occasionally what happens is that you have like 2000-3000 gold, don’t back before the next team fight or for an objective and your team gets wiped because you missed that extra item (now equaling the team fight!)

Getting Picks

As explained earlier getting picks on your enemy puts you ahead MASSIVELY! You’re now with only 9 players on the map (in your favor), if it is the jungle that you picked off, look if your team can secure a Baron! This is what I mean by playing chess, when there is one less person to deal with, your team is able to advance to their inhibitor, go all in on a team fight and/or take that baron and clean their jungle to deny gold and experience.

One of the best ways to get great picks is OF COURSE to ward their jungle, knowing where your enemy is puts you ahead and gains you the surprise effect! When you’re pushing in a 0-3-2 formation, usually one player “comes to the rescue” allowing you and your support to dive and kill him.

Sometimes, people want to ward a place, and are so keen on getting that ward that they are willing to risk getting killed just to place it (usually the supports). Getting a support kill means less team sustain, Crowd control and damage – depending on their support.

Lastly the old fashion “Bushwhack” and objective bait. If you’re REALLY ahead you can just sit in their jungle (if they don’t have a ward there of course) and wait till someone comes to ward or face check the brush, BOOM.. KILLING BLOW!

Also, the baron bait is still a game winning tactic, ward around the baron and sit in a brush till someone comes then you blow him up and take the baron or advance into a team fight. Depending on the death timers: Take the baron, Take inhibitors or just finish the game!

Once you have your primary items and/or with a bloodthirster, you can 2 man the Baron Nashor with your jungle or tanky top laner. Getting good picks opens the map and provides game winning opportunities!

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Warding The Enemy Jungle

As the ADC The longer the game lasts, the more important vision is for your team! Presuming your team is ahead and advancing into the enemy side of the map, you want to ward their jungle systematically.

This denies them the surprise effect, denies playable areas on the map and provides your team with the knowledge of what to do next; go for a kill; take objectives; split push; force them to team fight! The new blue orb now spawns a permanent ward with a low cooldown, so place it strategically. When you have room for a pink ward, place it as well in a good place!

Objectives in the Mid Game

Your mid game objectives are to stay ahead, or to catch up by farming hard and looking for picks with your team. Always play around your team. Recently I played a game on Jinx with my Duo queue partner, he was playing Fizz. I got blown up by Brand Tristana twice then died a third time. My duo was 8-3 ahead and managed to donate 3 kills to me while I was farming the bot lane and our jungle.

This allowed me to get my Infinity Edge and Rapid fire Cannon, I got 60 CS ahead and basically ahead on Tristana and we won the game.

So keep farming up and getting experience and gold, play around your team and don’t be greedy like I was in my Annie game the first 6 minutes so you get strong in the mid game. Focus on getting the mid inner turret and keep warding their jungle or places where they are most likely to pass by E.G. dragon/baron area.

Group up for skirmishes and itemize around how far you’re ahead or behind, plus what your enemy team are building.

The better you play the mid game, the better your team transitions into the late game, also in the late game, death timers and vision REALLY matter to gain a victory over your opponent. If you think you just have to get a lot of kills and CS, then you’re wrong because if the enemy team prolongs the game into the 40 minute mark and everyone kind of has a full build, it just takes 1 or 2 picks to grab a baron and you most likely lose the game!

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