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Chapter 10. How to extend your Mid lane advantage and carry the game to a win

How to get the most out of a kill

So you have just managed to pick up a kill in your lane. Congratulations!

What do you do next, how do you make the most out of this situation? How do you know if you should go back or stay in lane?

If you have noticed the enemy Jungler somewhere else on the map, the very first thing you need to do is push the wave as fast as you can to the enemy Outer turret.

If your Jungler is around, use his help to push the lane faster. Don’t worry if he gets most of the last hits, that’s not so important.

After you have pushed the lane you are left with three options, depending on the situation you are in.

The first is to stay in lane and wait for your opponent to come back. This is far from ideal, because after dying, your opponent will have gotten the chance to spend whatever gold he had.

Early on in the game, this will be enough to neutralize the advantage you just got with that one kill, since you don’t get to spend your gold and he does.

Add to this the fact that you will most likely not be at full health and mana, so you can see why staying in lane is not great in this case.

The second option you face is to recall immediately, buy items with the gold you have available and come back to lane stronger than you were before.

This is what I would recommend that you do 90% of the time if you are not healthy enough to opt for the next option.

Your third option is the best case scenario. If after killing your enemy 1v1, you are still healthy enough and you see your team grouping for an objective nearby (Dragon, Tower, etc.) simply join your team and help them out to take it.

Then you can safely recall, buy items and get back to lane stronger.

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A few extra notes on playing when ahead in lane and vision control

So far we have gone over so many things you can do to build an enormous advantage over your opponent.

Let’s assume you are winning lane and you’ve just accumulated a gold, item and level advantage after you successfully got the first blood over your opponent.

How should you play now that you are ahead of him in lane? The answer is, you should always be looking for ways to push for further advantage.

Don’t get satisfied.

Use your strengths and trade as often as you can. Play around your powerspikes when you reach them, but don’t get too overconfident with your actions.

Ward your lane using the warding spots I talked about earlier to prevent unwanted Jungle interference.

When it comes to Vision control when ahead, remember that when you have an advantage in lane, you should be placing more aggressive wards deeper into the enemy Jungle.

Stay focused and take every opportunity you have to freeze the lane, zone your opponent out of experience range and punish him for every mistake he makes.

The absolute biggest mistake you can make when ahead is to trade 1 for 1 kills. It as it gives your opponent a way back into the lane, not only because he gets the extra gold and experience, but also since you cannot keep growing your advantage while you are dead.

Roaming: How and When should you roam – the right way to do it

Roaming refers to adopting an aggressive play style when a player spends a part of the laning phase moving across the map looking for an opportunity to get a kill, rather than spend this time laning against his opponent.

The main benefit of roaming is that if you do it correctly, you apply a ton of map pressure while not missing out on anything.

What’s interesting about roaming is that, depending on the situation, it can be the best option when you ahead, even or even behind in lane.

But how come?

Well, let’s take a look at the different scenarios when roaming is appropriate.

The best time to roam is when you have just pushed the minion wave into the enemy turret, which means that the wave will “reset” at the center of the lane when the next waves meet.

Remember that after you pushed in your lane opponent all the way to his turret, it takes a while for the minion waves to reset, as each new wave comes 30 seconds after the previous one.

Make sure that you have enough mana to do your full combo of spells, there would be no point in roaming to other parts of the map if you are out of mana.

Use the time your opponent spends trying to last hit under turret to roam and gank somewhere on the map. The options are different and it’s all up to you what you choose to do.

Since you are playing Mid lane, you have the options of helping top, bot or even invading the enemy Jungler if you have acquired some vision in the area he currently is in and are confident that you can take him on.

The key here is to prioritize whichever option seems the easiest to get results from.

Ideally, you would want to team up with your Jungler, head towards Bot lane and 4vs2 the enemy support and AD carry. Then take their Tower and secure the Dragon. That would be the perfect scenario.

If for instance, you know for sure that the enemy top laner is a level below you in experience and with his flash on cooldown, this means that the chances of the roam being successful are very high, so it’s best to roam to Top lane rather than force something Bot.

So, the key here is to always take into consideration what resources the enemy has available, how much vision control they have set up, and any other information that will help you determine what the overall potential of the roam would be.

Evaluate your options and take as many things into consideration as you can, to assure that you are making the best decision.

Roaming can be sometimes be the most adequate option when you are behind in lane and your opponent has either frozen the creep wave on you, or he is even zoning you out of the experience range.

In such situation, sitting next to your turret will not do you any good, so you might as well take a risk and try to impact any of the other lanes on the map by roaming to them.

Imagine that you are losing lane and your opponent is zoning you out. If he is too far ahead of you and you cannot even get near the wave to push it out, head towards the bot lane.

You might get a double kill, or at the very least get one kill and then you can recall to spend your gold.

As soon as the enemy laner sees that you appear at another lane, his first reaction will be to push the wave mid and try and match your roam, unless it’s too late for him.

Either way, since he has pushed all the way to your Tower, when you both get back to lane the minion waves will be reset and you will have a chance to get back into the lane.

How to prevent your opponent from roaming

Here is the thing – your opponent can do the same things.

So you need to have a way of dealing with that and preventing him from roaming altogether.

The easiest way to make sure your opponent cannot roam to another lane is to keep the wave pushed at his turret.

This way he is forced to stay in lane even if a great roaming opportunity presents itself, because otherwise he would fall behind in gold and experience. It would not be worth it for him, he would miss too much.

By pushing the wave right before he gets his Blue buff from the Jungler, you can really “tax” him, as he will be facing the choice of getting the Blue and missing out on half the minion wave, or getting the creeps but missing out on the Blue.

Not to mention that last hitting under Tower is never fun.

The obvious downside to this is your positioning. By pushing out the wave, you will be forced to overextend deep into the enemy portion of the lane, which can leave you vulnerable to getting ganked or being roamed upon by enemy laners.

To minimize the chances of this happening to you, watch the minimap and play to your strong side – the one you have warded and/or from which you have support from your Jungler.

If you were playing Top lane for instance, you would want to be more concerned with techniques like freezing and zoning, as opposed to pushing the wave, as they will allow you to get bigger advantages.

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