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Chapter 7. Vision control as a Mid laner and the Jungler pressure factor

Understanding vision control

If you have watched any of the Pro players’ streams, it is safe to assume that you have probably heard hundreds of times by now how important vision control is.

But why?

Well, if you have read my best book on teaching complete League of Legends strategy in detail “21 Days to Diamond and Beyond“, then you will know that a game is won by continuously securing the big map objectives.

The best way of getting to the point of securing objectives like Baron or Dragon is by establishing proper warding and denying enemy vision in the objective’s area when possible.

But that’s not the topic of this book. All the details you need to know about Vision Control around Baron and Dragon are contained in “21 Days to Diamond and Beyond”.

For the purpose of this book, let’s look at vision control from the perspective of the Mid laner.

The best warding spots for Mid lane

As a Mid laner, you want to have as much vision as possible. The more vision you have, the better decisions you can make.

In order to secure that vision you use wards. As a Mid laner, you can either use your Trinket wards or a pink ward.

As you probably already know if you’ve read my other books, I always recommend that you buy a pink ward after each time you recall unless you are playing as an AD carry.

The only exception to this is if you already have a placed pink ward somewhere on the spots I am about to show you in a minute. Then, you don’t need to buy another pink.

Remember that if you are getting pressured heavily by their Jungler or you have absolutely no vision across the map, you will need to ask your Jungler to assist you with placing wards. Otherwise, you would be risking way too much.

So where should you place your wards?

In my opinion, in order to give you the full perspective on what to do, it is best to show you each viable warding spot and then analyse the scenario in which it is best to ward that spot.

For demonstration purposes, let us assume that you are playing on the blue side of the map. Mind you, these warding spots can be mirrored when you are playing on the red side of the map.

When you are warding a brush, always, always, always place your wards at the edge of that brush. It is a small tip that allows you to get a little bit more vision.

We will first look at the right side of the Mid lane.

Take a look at the image below.

Note that the warding spots numbered in Green (1-3) are suitable for your Trinket Wards, while the spots numbered in Pink (4-6) are appropriate for placing pink wards.

Let’s go over each warding spot one by one.

The 1st and 5th spot are in your right-side brush. You should ward there when you expect the enemy Jungler to be on that respective side of his Jungle.

By warding those spots, you establish vision control in that area and helps you see if the enemy Jungler attempts to gank you.

The 2nd spot is a more aggressive one that gives you vision in that tight chokehold. This ward is especially good when you have advantage in lane, because it can not only protect you, but it can help you see if the enemy Jungler decides to head towards Bot lane.

The general rule regarding vision control is that you should place your wards deeper and more aggressively when you have advantage over your opponent.

The 3rd warding spot is the most passive one for placing your Trinket wards. It does not offer you much vision, so you should only ward there if you and your team are extremely behind.

The 4th spot is probably the best one for your Pink ward. It is the ward that will give you the most vision compared to all others, especially to the River area which is really helpful for Dragon control.

When you place your Pink ward there, you might be able to see if the enemy Jungler is heading towards Bot lane, especially if he is killing the Crab.

The 6th and final spot is actually in the brush that is covered by the champion spells. It is the most passive Pink ward placement option, but it’s still a good one when you are going even or behind.

The 7th spot is even more aggressive than the 2nd one. It achieves a similar goal and it is just another option that you might prefer in case you are facing a Jungler who can easily do a lane gank such as Zac or Rengar (past level 6).

Next, let’s take a look at your left side. Again, I am assuming that you are playing on the blue side of the map. These same warding spots can be mirrored when you are playing on the red side of the map.

Again, the spots numbered in Green (1-4) are suitable for your Trinket Wards, while the spots numbered in Pink (5-7) are appropriate for placing pink wards.

The 1st Trinket ward placement is a great first ward to be placed, because it gives you a lot of vision if the Jungler decides to gank you after he does his Raptor camp, or if he is just moving up to get the Crab.

The 2nd and 6th warding spots are the most passive one and they give you vision control in the left-side brush. Usually, these are good choices when you are behind in lane.

The 3th spot is a deeper version of the first spot. You should opt for that one when you have established advantage in lane.

The 4th spot is not necessarily better during the laning phase compared to the 1st and 3rd, but it’s just another option you have.

The 5th warding spot is, in my opinion, the best place to put your pink ward on that side of the map during laning phase. If you place it on the edge of the brush exactly like illustrated, it will give you the most amount of within that left area.

The 7th warding placement option is also great if you already have the 5th one covered by a Green ward. It gives you more vision toward the Baron Nashor area.

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Denying enemy vision

Denying your enemy as much vision as possible is really important, because it would give you a significant advantage not only in the laning phase, but especially in the later stages of the game when objective control becomes the main priority.

In order to deny vision from your opponents, you need to remove their wards from the area that you do not want them to have vision control established.

But in order to kill those wards, you need to be able to spot them and there are three ways in which this is possible.

The first is by placing a Pink ward in the area, which will reveal all wards present.

The second way is with a Sweeper Trinket, which is typically bought by Junglers and Supports.

The third way is by smiting the Raptor camp and gaining the oracle buff, but this is only doable from the position of the Jungler.

My point here is, your Jungler has more tools available to deny enemy vision around your lane than you do, so whenever you know there is an enemy ward somewhere, politely ask him to help you out.

Assessing the 2vs2 potential and choosing your battles wisely

This part of the chapter is not so much about technical stuff, but it mainly concerns applying common sense when it comes to the play style that you want to adopt.

In other words, you should consider 3 criteria when deciding how to adapt your play style (whether you should play more passively or more aggressively) for each particular game.

The first is the amount of potential (being the key word) Jungle pressure the enemy Mid laner has compared to you.

Or simply put, is the Enemy Jungler stronger (more fed in items and experience) and playing a champion that makes it more likely to gank for his teammate than your Jungler is?

If that is the case, you should keep in mind that if a potential for a 2vs2 situation occurs, which usually happens during a counter gank, you probably should not commit to a fight unless you have your Summoner spells available while the other Mid laner doesn’t.

I.e. play a little bit more passively until you gain enough advantage to allow you to handle such situation.

If that is not the case, then you should be looking forward to 2vs2 situations, especially when your enemy’s Summoner spells are down while yours are up, because unless you screw up massively, you are likely to be victorious.

Now, if you are strong enough to the point to where you can 1vs2 them, then you are in a great position and you can play as aggressively as you deem appropriate, provided that you are still paying attention to the minimap.

The second criteria is how much vision you have around the Mid lane compared to your opponent.

If you don’t have a single ward placed and you do not see the enemy Jungler anywhere on the map, you should be playing with extra caution, so you don’t put yourself in an undesirable situation.

The third criteria is how strong you are compared to your opponent. Maybe your champion counters the enemy laner really hard or you already have a full level and a small item advantage on him.

In this case, if both Junglers are doing similarly well, you are more likely to win a potential 2vs2 situation, so you should be more confident. But still keep in mind the first two criteria.

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The importance of playing to your strong side

All of this brings up another important point that I would like to make – you should always play to your strong side.

But what does “strong side” mean?

It means the side of the lane, left or right, towards which you have established vision control and ideally (but not necessarily), is closer to where your Jungler is right now.

So why is this important?

Because it gives you leverage. Think about it. If you are playing near the side which you have warded, what are the chances that you will not see a gank coming and you will not have enough time to react?

That’s right, they will be very slim. You will be more prepared to handle a critical situation and ultimately, you will be as safe as you can be in any lane.

And if your Jungler happens to be around, then you can use this to your advantage to try to bait the enemy to come after you, so you and your Jungler can get a free kill.

It’s all a matter of smart positioning.

How to get your Jungler to gank for you more often

Okay, I am sure that this is a topic that is just as near and dear to you, as it is to… pretty much everyone else.

How the hell do you get your passive, always farming, clumsy and unorganized Jungler to FINALLY come to your lane and help you out for once?

Jungler to gank

This is the million dollar question, right?

Well, if you have read “21 Days to Diamond and Beyond”, you will know a lot about the communication skills that will serve you well in League of Legends.

Knowing what to say and what not to say in chat can mean the difference between you getting help from your teammate or him stonewalling you.

Just say that you are struggling in the matchup and that you are aware you need to play safer, but you think that it would really make a difference for both of you if he comes to help you.

The next thing will help you get more help from your Jungler is your ability to do well in lane. And if you’ve read all my books on League of Legends on Amazon, you have that part covered as well.

In fact, I am pretty confident that once you really grasp and apply the concepts I teach in my books, you will not even need your Jungler’s help in the first place, which is awesome.

But look at it from the perspective of a Jungler. He has the ability to go to any lane that is nearby, and it would only make sense for him to gank a lane, where the potential of getting something out of this gank is greater than the possibility of failure.

In other words, your Jungler must see you as someone worthy of helping out. You have to help them to help you, think of it as a symbiotic relationship.

So if you are doing well enough that you are at least even in creep score and kills with your opponent, you have a pretty good shot of getting a gank for yourself as long as you ask for it in a polite, friendly way.

Another tool you can use to signal to your Jungler that you would appreciate a gank from him, is by pinging your lane opponent as soon as your Jungler is around.

What happens very often in Ranked is that you will often get Junglers that wonder around aimlessly around the map without a clear idea of what their next step should be.

Which is why I wrote a whole book on Amazon, which explains everything about Jungling the right way- “League of Legends Jungle Mastery”.

So in the cases where your Jungler just circles around doing nothing, when you ping your lane opponent, your Jungler will often think about ganking for you. And this is only a result of you directing and leading him, in a sense.

Another strategy that can net you more Jungler ganks (of the type you want, of course) has to do with providing information that will be useful to him.

Time the enemy laner’s Summoner spell cooldowns and key Ability cooldowns – his escape tool (if he has one) and his Ultimate. Timing and pinging wards will also help you, because it will give him information he can work with.

All you need to do to time Summoners is press the Tab button and then hover your mouse cursor over the Summoner spell that relates to your opponent and you will see the specific cooldown he has.

Another factor which will help you in getting your Jungler to gank for you is to not stay at low health. Think about it, what is the point of him ganking for you, if you are just one combo away from dying?

Apply what I teach about trading in lane and you will pretty much always be with enough health for your Jungler to consider coming to help you.

Another thing you need to be aware of is your attitude. Now, I know we have a full chapter on cultivating the attitude of a winner, but I think it’s appropriate to mention that negative attitude will not help you get more ganks.

If you are spam pinging and/or raging at your Jungler in chat, there is no way he will gank for you. In fact, if you push beyond a certain point, what’s more likely to happen is him coming to your lane only to tax your minions and then go back into his Jungle.

Why would he help you, if you are being horrible to them, right? Learn how to maintain a positive attitude.

The last point I want to make on the topic of getting more Jungler ganks has to do with the champion you are playing.

Do not expect to get many ganks, if you play champions that are hard to gank for, such as those with no crowd control (stun, slow, chain, taunt, fear, etc) or without much burst damage.

Instead, play champions that have the tools to facilitate and set up a gank properly.

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How to get your Jungler to give you Blue Buff every time

You see, if you don’t ask for something, then you won’t get it. It’s a pretty simple concept.

Your ability to communicate in a friendly, effective, non-threatening way and your attitude will often times determine whether or not you get that Blue buff.

Blue Buff

What I’ve personally noticed when it comes to getting the Blue buff, is that as long as you ask for it in a nice way, your Jungler will be happy to give it to you, unless you are doing really poorly, or he is playing a mana-hungry Jungler.

Similarly to getting more ganks, getting your Jungler to give you Blue Buff has a lot to do with how well you are doing. Think about it from this point of view.

Him depriving himself of the buff and donating it to you can be looked at as an investment on his part. And why would he want to invest in someone that is not doing well to begin with?

If you have died 3 times before level 6-7, chances are that you will end up donating that Blue Buff to the enemy laner anyway, which would make things even worse.

The next point that I want to make is that you should play as if you are not expecting to get the Blue buff.

A huge tendency that I have noticed over the years of coaching players is that a lot of them always seem to expect to get the blue buff when they play Mid lane.

So a minute or so before it spawns, they spend all of their mana assuming that it’s okay to do se, because they will get a Blue buff soon, anyway.

This tends to lead to a lot of frustration on their part when they find out that, for whatever reason, their Jungler refuses to give them Blue buff. They let that affect them and it usually leads to them underperforming.

I think that this is completely unnecessary and preventable as long as a proper mindset is applied.

So, the right mindset should be the following – “Sure, it would be cool if I do get it, but if I don’t, it’s not the end of the world”.

Make sure you are managing your mana properly and you are not completely dependent on getting that blue buff.

If you apply the principles I teach in my books, you will be strong enough to where you will be able to win lane without being dependent on outside factors like Buffs.

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