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Chapter 10. Decision making for Junglers – how to think like a high elo Jungler

How to think like a high elo Jungler – VERY IMPORTANT

I have already covered in detail most of what your thinking as a Jungler should look like and I really want to avoid being redundant.

But I’ve deliberately left out a few important points for this chapter, in order to stress upon their significance to your success as a Jungler.

The first has to do with paying attention to what the other Jungler is doing at all times. Look at the minimap, what do you see?

You constantly have to be thinking “What would I be doing if I were their Jungler?” Which would be my next course of action?

Knowing which side the enemy Jungler just ganked gives you a ton of information you can now work with and you can weigh your options of invading his Jungle or doing something else.

That way, you can plan your own actions ahead of time and make better decisions.

The other thing that should be a part of your thinking has to do with your efficiency, or how efficient you are with your time. Efficiency is almost everything for a Jungler.

When you think of efficiency, don’t just limit it down to your Jungle route and pathing. It’s about how you use your time.

There is only so much time to impact a game of League of Legends, so how you spend your time as a Jungler makes a huge difference to the impact you have on its outcome.

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When thinking about whether it would be more efficient to farm or to gank, use the following principle.

Basically, you should be farming when you don’t think you are going to have a meaningful impact if you decide to gank a lane. In other words, if there are no good ganking opportunities.

If needed, go back to chapter 8 to learn how to recognize those opportunities.

But as a rule, you should always prioritize putting pressure if you can choose between that and farming. By pressure, I mean actions that result in putting your team ahead and/or the enemy team behind.

The final part of thinking like a high elo Jungler has to do with your decision making.

Decision making in itself is simply your ability to make informed decisions about what the right course of action to take is in each situation you encounter.

In other words, expert decision making is the root of good shot calling, but it is also what you do in the smallest situations. Believe it or not, you take hundreds if not thousands of small decision in each game.

How should I spend my gold? Should I push the wave all the way to the Tower or go counterjungle? Where do I place my pink ward?

These are some examples of decisions that you make on a subconscious level – you don’t really stop to think about them out loud, you just make them. And the only limiting factor you can have for your decision making skill is your level of game knowledge.

Knowing what to do and exactly when to do can sometimes be a challenging task.

It requires one to have a very deep understanding of the game dynamics and as much game knowledge as possible, all of which you can acquire from my different books about League of Legends on Amazon.

There is really no shortcut for this, gentlemen.

You have to put the time and effort in learning about the game from the best sources and then practicing the ideas over and over, until you understand them to the point that they become natural to you.

Repetition is the mother of skill, as the saying goes. Until you really put the time into learning about the game, making the wrong decisions over time will continue to cost you most of your games.

What I have noticed in the last few years of coaching players is that once you fill in those knowledge gaps that you have at first, high level decision making starts to come naturally.

You don’t even have to think about it at this point, it becomes instinctual to you.

If you read my books on Amazon on the different topics I’ve written about and apply what they teach, you will fill all those knowledge gaps that are preventing you from seeing what the right course of action is in each situation you encounter.

When should you give the blue buff to your Mid laner?

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This is a choice that you will have to make as a Jungler in pretty much every game, so I have decided to include some directions that will help you see the right course of action.

Deciding whether you should give your Mid laner the blue buff has a lot to do with how well he is doing.

Think about it from the following point of view.

You depriving yourself of the buff and donating it to him can be looked at as an investment on your part. And why would you want to invest in someone that is not doing well to begin with?

If he has died 3 times before level 6-7, chances are that he will end up donating that Blue Buff to the enemy laner anyway, which would make things even worse.

In this case, you should keep the blue to yourself and avoid any verbal confrontation with your Mid laner. The blue buff is much better off being on you, than it is on him.

If he is already doing well, going even or being slightly behind in lane, you should absolutely give it to him, since he is likely to make good use of it.

The other thing you should look for is whether his champion really needs it and would benefit from it. And is your Mid laner pinging or asking for the Blue buff at all?

If not, then chances are he doesn’t need it and he would much rather have you keep it for yourself. If you see he is doing well, feel free to still ping the Blue and ask him if he would like to have it.

Remember, this is yet another way in which you can do your job of supporting your laners.

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