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Chapter 9. How to snowball a lane

What to do after a successful gank

So you’ve just managed to score a successful gank and you either got a kill, or you forced the enemy laner to go back to recall. What should you do next?

Independent of your intentions afterwards, the very first thing you need to do is help your laner with pushing the wave as fast as you can to the opponent’s Outer turret.

Ideally you would want to take that tower down and get the first blood Turret gold, but if that’s not possible then be satisfied with just pushing the wave.

By pushing the wave you will force the enemy laner to miss a whole wave worth of experience and gold, which is a really big deal at the beginning of the game.

Don’t worry if you get some of the last hits, although ideally you would want to leave them to your laner. Either way is fine.

Then, you face a few options for your next course of action.

If you’ve seen the enemy Jungler on the opposite side of the map, but you are too low to counterjungle him, you can get your Jungle camps on the side of the map you are currently on, or straight up recall to buy your items if you don’t have the health to clear them.

If you are close to full health though, you should immediately head towards that side of the enemy Jungle and get all the camps there, since you know their Jungler is too far away to stop you.

This will set him extremely behind, since he will be forced to wait for 150 seconds before they spawn again.

Your next option is the best case scenario. If after killing your enemy, you and your laner are still healthy enough and you see an opportunity to group for an extra objective nearby (Dragon or another Tower) simply join your team and help them out before you recall.

Maybe you are in the Bot lane and the Outer turret has already been taken down? In this situation you should help push the wave and then group for Dragon.

You get the point. Just go ahead and extend your advantage in every way possible after getting a kill, without doing something too risky that will turn things around the other way for you.

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When is it worth to camp a lane?

In order to decide if a lane is worth camping, you need to consider what you will get out of it. Often times a single gank should be enough to decide the outcome of a lane, especially if you follow the instructions of what to do after a successful gank.

Spending a lot of time camping a single lane is a double edged sword, especially if the enemy laner is smart and is able to predict your moves and does not die to your advances.

Generally, there are better ways in which you can spend your time and capitalizing on opportunities for counterjungling is one of those ways.

If you have decided to camp a certain lane, you need to ask your laner for any information he might know about the enemy laner’s key ability and Summoner spells’ cooldowns and ward coverage.

Also, very often you will notice that people on the enemy team “try out” champions they have little to no experience with. Use that to your advantage, and camp the crap out of them.

It’s VERY likely, that due to the enemy’s unfamiliarity with their own champion’s mechanics they will underperform when put under pressure and misplay a lot.

This opens up an opportunity for you to snowball not just yourself, but your laner as well. And it also lowers the opposing team’s morale, as they will be aware of this, too.

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