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Chapter 6. Itemization for Junglers in Season 7

The best starting items

You start out with having500 gold at level 1. What is the best way to spend it?

Well, the best way to spend it is to get your starter Jungle item as well as some means of regenerating health.

If you are a champion that relies primarily on your auto attacks, get the Hunter’s Machete (350 gold). Otherwise, your only other option is to buy the Hunter’s Talisman (at the same price).

Spending that extra 150 gold on a Refillable Potion as opposed to 3 Potions is more efficient, since you will get those 2 charges every time after you recall.

What to get on your first recall

The answer is – it depends on how much gold you have available, so let’s look at your different options.

The first option is if you have gone back with anywhere between 250 and 1500 gold available.

If you only have 250 gold (because you got killed in your Jungle) and your champion is having a really hard time sustaining in the Jungle, buy a Hunter’s potion. Since it builds off of your Refillable potion, it will only cost you an extra 250 gold, but it will make all the difference in the world for the situation you are in.

If that’s not the case and you have gone back with anywhere between 350 and 1500 gold available, you should buy items prioritized in the following order, according to how much gold you have.

Hunter’s Talisman/Machete (350g)->Hunter’s potion (if you need the sustain – 250g)/Enchantment item (300g)->Pink ward (75g)->Boots of Speed (350g)->The first component for your desired Enchantment item (350-435g).

Your Jungle Enchantment item can either be Skirmisher’s Sabre, Stalker’s Blade or Tracker’s Knife, depending on which one of these you prefer.

In most cases I would go for the Skirmisher’s Sabre, since the damage reduction and burn on it is far too strong for duelling and in my opinion, is superior to the other options. It’s your choice, choose the one that fits your playstyle better.

If however, you recall with enough gold to buy your completed first Jungle item, you should just purchase it in 100% of the cases, even if it means you need to skip the Boots of Speed for now.

Movement speed and mobility as a whole is very important to a Jungler, but having the powerspike of a completed item is far superior, as it will allow you to impact the outcome of the game at this early stage much more significantly.

Also, get the Sweeping Trinket after your first back, so you can scan the bushes for wards and then clear them out.

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Itemization after your first recall

Proper itemization for each Jungler character is different and individual, as it depends on a variety of factors.

But since it would be impractical (and impossible) to go over each Jungler’s individual itemization strategy, I am left with the only option of giving you some general advice for you can follow and adapt to your own situation.

When thinking about what your character’s itemization should be, the best angle to approach it is to think about the role you want him to fulfil within your team comp, and then build items that are congruent with that role.

Are you playing an assassin? If so, you should be getting items that will allow you to 1vs1 people and do the most amount of damage, so you can do your job.

This includes buying Skirmisher’s Sabre (Warrior), followed by more AD items that make sense and target your champion’s strengths.

If your champion would benefit more from the increased auto attacks (Kindred for example), you should be getting the Bloodrazor item with the Enchantment that makes the most sense.

If you are playing a tank and your job is to be a part of your team’s frontline and to soak up the enemy team’s crowd control and damage, you should get a Cinderhulk, followed by more tank items.

If you are playing an AP champion, you should get Runic Echoes, followed by more items that synergize with each other.

You get the point. Basically, you get the Jungle item that is the most congruent with your champion’s role, and then you follow that pattern with the rest of your itemization, while prioritizing items that synergize with each other.

Everything else is individual, specific and is really a matter of personal preference.

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