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Chapter 4. The Season 7 Jungle objectives

Keep in mind that one of the biggest Season 7 changes in the Jungle was the Smite buff removal.

Back in Season 6, Junglers used to get buffs for smiting certain camps, which would last a certain time.

Over time this contributed to the complexity of the game which made adding new content harder, so monsters no longer give those buffs upon smiting.

Instead, you now get healed for 100hp + 10% of your maximum health every time you smite a Jungle Monster. Keep that in mind as move forward.

Red Brambleback (Red buff)

We will first take a look at the red buff.

The biggest change from Season 6 is that the red buff is now a solo camp, after the removal of both cinderlings. It also has negative armor, which makes it easier for AD champions to take it down.

Upon slaying, the Red Brambleback gives you a buff, which causes your auto attacks to do damage over time and slow your opponents. In total, it gives 210 experience and a 30 extra for each level below him.

The Blue Sentinel (Blue buff)

The blue buff is also a solo camp now, similarly to the Red Brambleback.

It has negative magic resistance, which makes it easier for champions that deal AP damage to kill it.

Upon killing, it gives the “blue buff”, which grants increased cooldown reduction, mana/energy regen and raw Ability Power, depending on your current AP stats.


The Gromp no longer poisons you, but instead he gets 100% increased attack speed as soon as you attack him, which decays over 5 seconds.

Essentially, the Gromp deals less damage now, as his DPS gets significantly reduced after those 5 seconds.

It also spawns 15 seconds later than other camps (at 1:50), which was a change made to counter the level 1 camp strategy for Bot lane that was very popular in Season 6.


Krugs now split into progressively smaller and easier to kill Krugs as you slay them, similarly to chopping off Hydra heads.

The large Krugs split into 2 normal Krugs, each of which splits into 2 mini Krugs for a total of 10.

This makes the Krugs the most time-intensive camp to take compared to the others, but it also brings the most gold.

Similarly to the Gromp, they spawn at 1:50 in order to make the level 1 camp strategy for Bot lane impractical.

Murk Wolves

The wolves didn’t really change over the last season.

They are three in total, consisting of the Greater Mur Wolf and the two Murk wolves.

This is by far the easiest Jungle camp to take, especially when you have some sort of AOE damage ability.

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The Raptors are now 6 in total, after the addition of 2 extra small ones compared to Season 6.

This camp deals enormous amounts of damage and your goal should be to kill the small ones first. Otherwise, you would take too much damage as their damage combined is more than the big Raptor’s.

Due to this fact, if you are already low on your first clear for whatever reason, it might be best to skip them unless you have a reliable source of AOE abilities that can help you take them down fast enough.

The Scuttle Crab

The Scuttle Crab spawns at 2:30 min mark with a respawn time of 3 minutes. After each time the Crab is slain, it comes back with more health and resistances which make it harder to kill next time.

It gives you a bunch of gold which progressively increases as time goes by, a little bit of experience and an indestructible ward when slain (positioned either towards Dragon’s pit or Baron Nashor’s pit), which creates an area that lasts for 75 seconds, which gives champions buffed movement speed when they pass through it.

The duration is not much, but it’s more than enough for preventing ganks through river (mainly for Top and/or Bot lane). The Scuttle Crab is especially useful before an upcoming fight near Dragon or Baron at any stage of the game, mainly because the movement speed it provides is a great tool for engage or disengage.

As a Jungler, your job is to kill this as often as you happen to be around the area, except for your first jungle clear.

During your first jungle clear, your priority should be to get ahead of the enemy Jungler and have some sort of impact on the map, secure your buffs and get a successful gank/countergank/invade off.

The Scuttle Crab at that specific time is secondary, but once you are back from recalling, it’s your job to establish control over that objective as often as you can.

And again, always make sure you get this when Dragon or Baron is about to be contested. As a side note, the easiest way to kill the Crab is to apply some sort of stun or knock-up to it, as this reduces its resistances and it becomes very squishy.

The 3 types of Plants

There are three types of Plants that were introduced to this season’s Jungle.

Blast cone is very similar to Zigg’s W, in the sense that anyone within its blast radius will be knocked back if the Blast cone is attacked. Each blast cone spawns at a fixed point in the Jungle.

They allow you to go over walls and escape an opponent that’s chasing you. They also help you with moving faster in the Jungle, if you decide to use them to reposition yourself and jump some distance.

They also might be impactful in late game teamfights, as a rapid shift in positioning can change the whole dynamics of the fight.

Scryer’s Bloom is the second type of Plants.

It is the new Vision tool and it serves as the replacement for the Raptor Buff in Season 6.

When you auto attack it, the Scryer’s Bloom sends a large cone that travels in the direction opposite from the angle you auto attacked it from, and reveals champions and wards as it travels.

In order to decide which way you want the cone to go, you can position yourself behind it and auto attack it from the desired angle.

The Honeyfruit is third type of Plants, and it spawns in the river next to both Dragon and Baron pits.

Upon being auto attacked, it drops several healing fruit in the area surrounding it, which will restore a mix of flat, scaling with champion level and % missing health and mana.

It will also slow you down as you walk over each fruit, so keep that in mind. It’s really useful to get if you get chunked down before a teamfight so you can heal up, or when you are simply too low in the Jungle and you happen to be around the area.

The Rift Herald

The Rift Herald is a neutral objective that gives ONLY the player that has slain it a buff, which stacks as you move to a total of 100 stacks. At 100 stacks, you deal up to 270 bonus magic damage with your next auto attack, which counts for turrets.

It’s an amazing splitpushing tool. It also gives a little bit of global gold for your team (50g) and occupies the Baron pit area until the 20 minute mark.

Treat it as a baby Baron Nashor thingy. One thing you want to make sure you do, is when 2 people are doing it, the one that is facing it back must aim for the eye, as each auto attack in the eye does true damage and makes taking it down so much quicker.

Honestly, I you should not be prioritizing The Rift Herald, unless the following situations are in place. You should go for it if you have the enemy Mid and Top outer turrets taken down and good vision control at the top side of the map.

Preferably, get the Scuttle Crab as well. Also, you need to have your Smite up in order to secure it. Otherwise, you are much better off just pushing down a turret, or Dragon.

Also, go for it when the enemy top lane is way too behind and the enemy Jungler is too far to steal. Make sure you establish vision in the area around it so you prevent a steal or an unwanted fight. Again, the buff is great, but make sure you get it without risking too much.

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Dragon (and when to go for it)

Over the last season, there has been a huge change to Dragons, which was made in order to improve the slow pace of the game, by forcing teams to fight over neutral objectives earlier in the game.

So, for the first 35 minutes of the game, one of 4 types of elemental dragons will spawn. Each of them provides a specific buff, which can stack up to 3 times when you have the same Dragons killed of the same type.

The type of Dragon that spawns is completely random and there is an icon displaying on the minimap which kind is about to spawn. So, here is a brief explanation of what each Elemental Dragon gives:

Infernal Drake – Grants % increase in attack damage and ability power.

Mountain Drake – Grants % bonus true damage to epic monsters and turrets.

Cloud Drake – Grants extra bonus movement speed while out of combat.

Ocean Drake – Every 18/12/6 seconds, restores % of missing health and mana.

After the 35 minute mark, only Elder Dragon will spawn. It gives a 2:30-minute buff that increases all other dragons’ buffs by 50%, while giving burning, true damage to auto attacks. This buff will disappear upon death.

So, when should we focus Dragon? There are 4 situations when I would suggest that you do it.

1st, when the enemy Jungler is dead or you saw him walking around top lane (it takes about 30 seconds to walk from top to bot), your team has just gotten a kill either mid lane or bot lane AND you have your Smite up. Then you should definitely go for the Dragon, making sure you get the Scuttle Crab as well and that bot lane is pushed towards the turret.

The 2nd situation is when the enemy players on the Bot lane have just recalled or are low enough so they cannot successfully contest the Dragon. Maybe you even saw the enemy jungler smite a lane minion (yes, it’s a huge mistake) in an attempt to clear a wave quicker. Just go for Dragon in that case and make sure you push the Bot lane first.

The 3rd situation is when the Enemy Outer turrets have just been destroyed and right now the enemies are busy farming the incoming minion waves near their Inner turrets.

The 4th situation is when the game is going really well and everyone on your team is much stronger than their enemy counterparts. In this case, you should aggressively push for every objective and Dragon is not an exception.

In any case, before you start doing the Dragon you want to make sure that you have established proper vision control around the area. More on that in chapter 10 of this book. It is also desirable that you have a Scuttle Crab Buff going, and preferably your abilities and Summoner spells up.

Pulling the Dragon

This is an important mechanic that you want to practice and learn, to increase your chances of successfully getting this objective. So what is it about?

First, once you get into the pit, you sweep the area and clear any wards there are, while staying safe. When you use an auto attack or a spell on the Dragon and you run away towards the outer area, you provoke it to move out of the Dragon pit.

The Dragon’s first reaction is to cast an AOE knock-up, which is followed by heading towards the attacker that provoked it. How is this going to help you get the Dragon?

When you pull the Dragon it serves two purposes.

First, you can easily disengage an unfavorable fight if the enemy team comes to contest it, since you will not be trapped in the pit area.

This is absolutely huge, and also by pulling the Dragon you make it harder for the enemies to reach it from the blue side of the jungle.

Very often that puts them at risk by making them overextend in an attempt to steal it, which usually is unsuccessful because their vision is denied, but also sets you up for an easy kill or two once one of the enemies gets greedy and steps up. Use this mechanic when necessary and remember to do all steps correctly.

Baron (and when to go for it)

Baron Nashor is a huge objective. Except for the massive amount of gold (1500 total, 300 for each person) granted when slain, the Baron Nashor buff provides the strongest tool for pushing – Hand of Baron.

I would honestly say that the only thing that can compete with this buff in terms of value is the Elder Dragon buff. So, what does it give you?

– Increased attack damage and ability power.

– A reduced recall time of only 4 seconds, which gives a massive heal and an 8-second movement speed buff post recalling.

– minions around you get bonus movement speed, slow resist, damage reduction vs AOE, turrets and damage over time, and bonus attack range.

It’s just so powerful for winning the game. So, how to make sure you get it?

There are 4 situations in which I would advise that you go for Baron Nashor (note that this only goes for after the 20th minute, as this is when it spawns).

The 1st opportunity is when someone on the enemy team (preferably a carry) appears on the bottom lane, while your team is grouped in the top side, establishing vision in the area. This automatically means that you need to start Baron (unless you are terribly behind), because you will have the numbers advantage. Make sure the tankiest person on your team tanks Baron, since he will take the least amount of damage while the rest of your team DPS the worm.

The 2nd opportunity is when you have a super minion wave pushing their bot lane deep into the base, forcing 1 or 2 players to recall and defend. In this case, you first deny the enemy vision control to prevent steals from happening (yes, they do happen often due to the above reason), and then you start the Baron Nashor, making sure you have your Smite up.

The 3rd situation is when you and your team have just gotten a pick around the area. This is exactly why vision is so important because it creates opportunities for picks. You always want to make sure you use sweepers and get as much warded as possible. Once you get the pick (especially if it happens to be on their jungler), just rush Baron Nashor and be ready to counter attack at any moment.

The 4th situation is when your team is in majority in that area and you have enough damage to slay Baron Nashor before the enemy team would be able to come.

In all cases, just remember this one thing. Kill opportunities are created when people try to re-ward the Baron pit right after you have denied them the vision.

This is how most throws happen, make sure you understand that and take advantage of this fact as often as you can in your future games.

You always want to prioritize Inhibitors for Baron Nashor, unless you are absolutely sure you can end the game using the buff.

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