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Chapter 5. The most optimal Jungle paths in Season 7 and when to go for each

Before we move on to the paths themselves, I want to make a couple of notes.

League of Legends Season 7 most optimal Jungle paths

League of Legends Season 7 most optimal Jungle paths

My idea for this chapter is not to tell you which path you should take, but rather, to give you the information you need that will help you decide what’s best to do in each game.

The first thing worth noting is that the Junglers with high single target damage abilities will kill solo camps faster, but they will struggle with krugs/raptors/wolves.

And vice versa, the Junglers with more AOE abilities will have an easier time with the krugs/raptors/wolves, but will take more time for the solo camps.

This should be one of the factors that determines what first clear path you should go for.

Also, note that using Smite on a Monster now restores 100 health + 10% of your maximum hp.

And since the recharge rate on Smite was increased to once every 90 seconds (from 75), you will now have your second Smite available for your 4th camp in your first clear, instead of the 3rd one.

The last thing worth noting is that the Gromp and the Krugs both spawn at 1:50, which is 15 seconds after the other camps. Therefore, you can no longer start with them, but rather do them as the second camp in your Jungle path.

Obviously, your first Jungle clear will not include any use of the Plants, since they respawn later on. But let me give you just a quick note on how you can benefit from them as it relates to your second Jungle clear.

You should use the Blasting cone in order to get to your destination a lot quicker by jumping over walls. When you are about to walk into the River area (maybe to get the Scuttle Crab or an early Dragon), always scan that area for wards and champions with the Scryer’s Bloom.

Lastly, use the Honeyfruit in the River area to restore health and mana, which you can either take yourself, or give it off to any of your laners that are in that area.

Overall, the most important thing I can advise you is to test out each clear path with your favorite Jungle champions in a Custom game and then decide which one you like the most.

Okay, now with that in mind, let’s take a look at the different Jungle paths for Season 7 and analyse when you should go for each one.

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Path 1

Blue Sentinel->Gromp->Murk Wolves->Red Brambleback->Raptor Camp->Krugs->Recall.

This is also known as a full clear.

It is a really good option for most Junglers, since it will get you to level 4.7 in about 4:00 minutes if you do it correctly. It is also appropriate when you know you have strong laners and you don’t worry that they will fail miserably in the first few minutes of the laning phase.

This path will give you the most gold, so if you are playing a Jungler that has no real ganking potential in the first few levels, this is your best option.

After you do a full clear, you can recall to heal back up and get your Jungle item so you can be more of a threat to the enemy team.

Make sure that you ask your allies to ward your second buff with their Trinket, since this will help you foresee invades from the opponent’s Jungler.

Also, keep in mind that due to Raptors’ extremely high damage output, some champions will not be able to do the full clear safely. Remember to always try out each path in Custom games for each of your different Junglers to see how well they do.

Path 2

Blue Sentinel->Murk Wolves->Red Brambleback-> Gank

This path is a lot shorter, since you skip on the Gromp, Raptors and Krugs. It is really good if you are playing a champion that has an early game advantage you can press.

And it is especially good if you feel like one of the enemy lanes is likely to push in the first few levels, because you can plan ahead and get a gank on that target using this Jungle path.

Also, this happens to be the quickest way to get your Double buffs and get to level 3 simultaneously, while also giving you the chance to get the first blood in a lane and get an advantage for yourself and one of your lanes.

The drawback of this path is that if you fail your gank, you lose a lot of your momentum if the enemy Jungler has done a full clear, since he will be about a level ahead of you at that time.

Path 3

Blue Sentinel->Gromp->Murk Wolves->Red Brambleback->The Scuttle Crab->Deep ward into the enemy Jungle->Recall

This is a great alternative to the full clear path, with the difference being that you will get some vision control in the Bot/Top side area of the map, depending if you are playing on the Blue or Red side.

So even though you are not directly impacting the map by ganking, you are doing it indirectly by providing some form of vision control for your laners that will help protect them.

Its drawback in comparison to the full clear route is that you get to miss out on the Raptors camp and therefore some gold and experience, but this makes this path perfect for the champions that cannot deal with this camp’s damage output.

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Path 4

Red Brambleback->Murk Wolves->Gromp->Blue Sentinel->The Scuttle Crab->Deep ward into the enemy Jungle-> Recall

This Jungle path is worth considering if you expect that the enemy Jungler will go for a full clear as his first choice of pathing. It will put a lot of pressure on them, especially if they are playing a champion that gets low in health during the first clear.

It is also really good if your Mid and Top laners are shoving their opponents, because then you can rely on their support if you decide to invade the enemy Jungle.

Path 5

Red Brambleback->Murk Wolves->Gromp->Blue Sentinel->Look for a gank on any of the solo lanes

This path is different from the previous one, in the sense that you miss out on the vision control you would provide if you stick to Path 4.

On the other hand, this route is more effective if you are playing a champion that is really good at ganking the solo lanes in the early few levels.

Otherwise, sticking to Path 4 will be your better option.

Path 6

Blue Sentinel->Gromp->Murk Wolves->Red Brambleback->Look for a gank on any of the solo lanes

The difference between this path and Path 3 is the same as the one between Path 4 and Path 5, but you will also have your Red buff for gank on any of the solo lanes.

Similarly to my recommendation about Path 5, you should prioritize this path to Path 3 when you are playing a champion that is really good at ganking the solo lanes in the early few levels.

How to clear the Jungle camps faster and with minimum amount of health lost

Knowing what to do to have faster and healthier early clears in Season 7 is of paramount importance, because it will help you take less damage from those camps and reduce the danger of you getting killed in your own Jungle.

This is where I see Junglers struggle the most, believe it or not, because they take too much damage from the camps in their early clear, which limits their potential to get an early gank off.

So here are my tips for you on this topic.

The first thing you need to do is to ask your teammates for a good leash to help you out to get your first buff quicker, which means a few auto attacks and a couple of their spells.

And you want to smite the buff right before it dies, so you get the heal from smiting it and you also secure it for yourself without risking it getting stolen from you.

The next thing you need to do is to move in between your auto attacks while you are attacking the Jungle camps. This cancels the animation that your champion has post auto attacking, which makes it so you attack earlier than you would if you were to not cancel the animation.

It kind of works like increasing your attack speed a little bit.

The next thing you can do is to take this a step further and actually kite the Jungle camps as you move backwards and forwards in between your auto attacks.

The idea is that you make the Monsters chase you in the time while you are preparing for your next auto attack, so they don’t get the chance to hit you since you are outside of its attack range as you kite it around.

This is what you need to do at all times during your early clear, although it will be a lot harder to do on the Gromp, than it is on the melee camps.

Kiting the Jungle Monsters will help you save a ton of health not just on your first clear, but afterwards too, so it is worth learning.

The thing you need to be aware of is to not kite the Monster too far away from its original positioning, because it will reset its health back to full and you will basically shoot yourself in the foot this way.

It’s best to practice kiting Monsters in Custom games to learn the limits you can exploit when kiting each camp.

The last thing you can do to have healthier and faster clears in the Jungle is to reset your auto attack with any ability that your champion has that allows for it, by using that ability as soon as your auto attack is finished.

This completely cancels the whole post auto attack animation of your champion.

The effect of auto attack resetting is even better than moving in between your autos, because you basically get an extra auto attack on the Monster for free.

Some Junglers you can use this mechanic with include Kha’zix (with his Q), Vi (with her E), Jax (with his W), Warwick (with his Q), etc.

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