Why are Wards Important

Wards are one the most underrated items in the game. The most skilled players always say “wards win games!” When placing wards you can only place 3 vision wards and 1 pink ward. It isn’t enough but if your whole team is warding, it is enough to get vision on hot spots in summoner’s rift. Wards can spot roaming enemies or ganks, this way you can easily escape or you can catch someone off guard and killing them with a team or just killing them by yourself. Being in lane with no ward coverage is like boxing while blindfolded. Don’t make things harder for you by not investing in wards. You could not believe how many people I have seen constantly lose games only because of lack of wards. If you can see where the enemy jungler is, you can either kill him and put yourself ahead of the game, or at the very least u can prevent yourself from dying. Vision is crucial to the game and yet, many people do not use it. It’s the difference that will take a mediocre player, who gets constantly killed, to a player who is aware of his surroundings.


Best Places for Wards

Here you will see the spots that have the most coverage and will have the most effect in every game. These are spots that most people like to go through when planning a gank or counter-gank. I placed a sign of whether to put a pink ward or green ward, but you can choose which ever you want. Hopefully it’s not too hard to see due to the size of the map. So here it is:

CSing and Freezing


CS stands for creep score, which means how many minions you have farmed/killed. The more minions you kill the more money you get. I’m sure you see people simply attacking and attacking minions mindlessly. Do not to that. Csing is actually a skill which you have to master and use with every lane. It’s one of the core skills of the game so practice it.

Every minion has precious gold attached to it. But you do not get gold for minions attacks; you get gold from minions you kill. Meaning you literally have to be the last one hitting the minion, so your attacks have to finish the minion off, this is called last-hitting. The more minions you last hit, the more gold you will get. This will then lead to more items you can buy and make yourself stronger. There are two ways you can CS, freezing your lane and pushing your lane. You have to master both and know when to use them.

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Freezing Your Lane

When freezing, you must always have fewer minions than the enemy minions while you let your minions do all the damages to the enemy minions and you simply last-hit it, getting the gold. This way you the minion wave tends to stay near the same area over and over again, if done correctly. Try it, next time you see a minion wave, let your minions attack while you wait until the minion is low enough to last hit it. This will help you with getting more gold faster. Sometimes auto-attacking messes you up with last hitting, but have no fear you can disable auto-attacking in the options menu of the game. Look around the options and you will find it.

Pushing Your Lane

Pushing your lane is the complete opposite of freezing. It means you use all your skills and attacks to kill the enemy minions as fast as possible. This will either allow you to take down an objective, or leave your lane to help your team. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still very important to last hit the enemy minions to get the gold, otherwise you are just wasting your time.

Runes and Masteries

About Runes

Runes are constantly changing depending on the updates of the game and the champion that you play; therefore it’s impossible to write about which runes you should use. A good rule of thumb is, if you are using a champion that scales up from the amount of AP, then get Ability Power runes and masteries. It’s fairly simple and self-explanatory. Same goes for AD-based champions, you buy AD runes. I suggest you save some in-game money to spend on runes once you get to level 30. In my opinion, runes are not worth the money prior to that. Once you have enough money for runes (about 6 to 7k), go online and look for which runes work best with your champion and your champion pool.

About Masteries

On the contrary, masteries are fairly consistent. For the champions that you use, search online for a good mastery builds and try them out. If you believe you can make a better mastery build, try to come up with your own and try it out. Most of them are similar to each other anyways. Using the wrong masteries will be a handicap against you. For every game you play, every role you play, every champion you use, make sure you set up your runes and masteries accordingly. Do not make the common mistake to only have 2 or 3 mastery pages; you can make up to 20 mastery pages so take advantage of this.


Nothing will improve if you do not practice. If you don’t practice, there will be no magical word or tactic that will help you improve. The saying “practice makes perfect” is correct it to certain extend. But it’s not completely true. “Good practice makes perfect”. There is no point in practicing something the wrong way. A good example is when a player keeps practicing his or her own techniques and keeps dying. So practice the tips and implement them into all of your games, and soon enough you will be climbing the ladder of ranks. I hope this guide has helped have a clear vision in what decisions to take in game and maybe we will meet one day in Summoner’s Rift. If this guide helped you, feel free to rate and give a review of this book. Your feedback is important and will allow me to build a better guide in the future.

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