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When it comes to racing, one doesn’t necessarily have to be racing the cups right away. One can always start practicing in solo races against other computer AIs. The thing to consider is that you can always just adjust the difficulty of the computer AIs. Start off by racing against them in an easy difficulty. The more times you land on first means you’re ready to go for the harder difficulties.

It also boils down to track mastery. You need to know & master the racing tracks. This means you need to get better & know the routes of each race track. That way you can pass through the shortcuts & avoid the hazards as well as map out the potential fastest route or at least allows you to adapt to the situation.

When you have a mastery of the tracks & racing in general, you’re ready to move on to the 200CC mode which adds more of a challenge. Just master this mode as well until you’ve fully mastered it. Then you can now move on to the actual racing for the Cups as you can surely land good places.

When it comes to online play, it is generally harder than regular play as players are people that can think & come up with their own patterns as well. Just remember at the end of the day you can always enjoy the game your way & it doesn’t have to be all about winning in the process.

Balloon Battle

Balloon Battle is a very fun yet challenging game especially when you have the desire to win most of the time. The thing you have to consider is that regardless of the weight of the character & vehicle the character will lose a balloon per hit. We’re going to have some tips when it comes to the Balloon Battle mode.

The stages in the Balloon Battles are the race tracks that you can race on so this brings about a nice challenge. If you’ve remembered a lot of the race tracks that take place in Balloon Battle so that’s an advantage in itself. You would already know where to go & the paths in each race track.

You should then take into consideration the vehicle that you are using. Depending on the race track then you should already be able to combine a series of vehicle combinations that you can use. Mastery of the tracks is good as it lets you come up with a suitable vehicle combination.

Mario Kart 8 Balloon Battle

In the actual battle, you need to use your items effectively. Use items for offense but time them precisely where it doesn’t leave you open to attacks. Speaking of defending you also need to be defensively alert as well as use items to defend as well. Then again if you’re just playing for fun then just play to a way that you would love it & enjoy it as well.

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