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Of the entire franchise, Metal Gear Solid 5 can be considered as one of the largest adventure games released. It’s quite large in terms of open world exploration, where there are a ton of collectibles to collect. Those include memento photos and cassette tapes, with a multitude of missions and side for the collection of blueprints. Through this guide, you will be given a series of advice and screenshots to help you through the game in multiple models, including multiplayer.

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General Exploring Tips

In terms of exploration, a lot of the previous Metal Gear Solid games attempted to limit that aspect. This is not the case with the 5th installment, where there are a lot of large areas to explore. One of the advantages of this style is that you have control over path movement, and your choices of evacuation spots. Regardless, this can be a disadvantage sometimes, since you may need to walk huge distances to get to the distance you need. Of course, you do have multiple transportation methods other than walking, where we’ll be listing some of those to you below.

A D-Horse is your top option for speeding up the pace of the game. The horse can gallop quite quickly, able to go through normally inaccessible areas, including mountains and hills. You can also choose the area behind the horse’s torso for hiding, in case you come across patrol attempting to take you down. Of course, we recommend you get a D-Dog as much as possible, rendering the horse slightly useless.

If you find yourself walking more often, we recommend you get a vehicle. In terms of speed, a jeep is best, but you can also use armored vehicle or trucks for better protection. Those can be found at bases of enemies, where they’re quite slow to escape in. Regardless, they’re excellent hiding spots from enemy patrol.

You can also utilize an option of fast travel, requiring you to unlock the locations in person. Regardless, those can only be reached in late stages of the game. Thus, you may choose to use a helicopter for the sake of being transported to one of those areas, landing there. You can also use helicopters for missions, and evacuation, though you may be become spotted in enemy areas who may try to shoot your helicopter down. Of course, you shouldn’t worry much about landing in areas with enemies, since they game will indicate to you probabilities of being shot while landing at the selected location.

While climbing and walking through the ledges avoid falling from great heights

While climbing and walking through the ledges avoid falling from great heights

Make sure you stay far away from areas such as villages and posts. Basically, you’re supposed to stay far away from areas where enemy forces are abundant. Focus on looking for non-crowded locations on your map. We’ll be providing information later on that through the guide.

Do take into consideration that the surface land of this game is not just flat. It is location that involves a lot of hill and mountain climbing too, which is especially done by Big Boss. The actions of climbing can enable you to dodge walls, or to reach rooftops. Mountains can also be used for enemy avoidance, or to get a birds-eye view of a location. Do take into consideration though that falls from high surfaces to the flat ground can seriously damage you, or even kill you. You should avoid walks close to edges or jumping across, unless you see an icon indicating that is would be safe to do so.

Exfiltration after missions

Select the landing zones for the helicopter that are away from enemy buildings

Select the landing zones for the helicopter that are away from enemy buildings

A lot of the big missions in the game end with exfiltration attempts. Those occur when it is necessary to leave the invaded location, heading back to the mother base. This is done in 2 manners.

– You can call a helicopter, which is really the fastest way for you to leave the mission. It takes a few seconds for you to reach the helicopter after finishing the objectives of the mission. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it’s the best in all situations. There are disadvantages to the helicopter calls.

One would be that it uses up a lot of your GMP. Additionally, the helicopter you’re about to take can be attacked by enemies if spotted. Thus, it is best if you find landing zones that are far away from the bases of the enemy. The game will give you information about threat potentials in the area, giving you an idea of how secure it is to land the helicopter there. Regardless, you can attack the enemies shooting the helicopter using the helicopter’s cannons, or run away on your own. Of course before getting to the landing spot, make sure you call the helicopter in advance, since it needs some time to get to the area.

– You can also run away on your own, but this takes a longer time to do so. Of course, you won’t be spending a ton of money to get the helicopter you need. If you’re running away alone, it’s best to do so with a stolen vehicle, or on a horse’s back if you wish.

Stealth Movements Through the game

Move mostly in crouching position or by crawling

Move mostly in crouching position or by crawling

Sneaking in the game isn’t complex, but there’s also a realistic dimension to it. Enemies have their hearing senses active, and they may also see you when sneaking. You have to take into consideration the time of the day too. Enemies in general have a large field of view of your activities, and can see much clearly in daytime. Thus, it is highly recommended if you sneak up at night time instead, which will make it more difficult for you to be detected. Regardless, do take into consideration that at night time, some enemies will use spotlights for vision. Night motion is the best option you have though.

Other options to reduce risks of detection is to move in a crouching motion, using the covers you have available. Your character will stick automatically to the available covers, where there’s no need on your part to click additional buttons. Crawling is really a desperate but sometimes necessary solution in open territory fields, where you have no backup routes to take advantage of. Since crawling reduces your movement speed, it is best for you to minimize its usage.


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