This review is all about the game H1Z1 King of the kill.

This game is a third-person shooter game, It is a Free for all shooting game where your character is visible in your screen and it has a very realistic gameplay. I really love this game because it has a stunning graphics, It Is very easy to play, the game is not complicated and this game is very suspense because it feels like you’re in a real war.

H1Z1 is a shooting game. But unlike any other shooting games, it is very unique because of its realistic gameplay, but it’s not only a shooting game, I can count it as a mind game because you need to think of different tactics in order for you to win this game. Its gameplay is in a different whole level, It’s the only game that surpass my expectation because every time I play this game I feels like I’m in a warzone.

H1Z1 have some unique features that other shooting games don’t have.

If you’re guessing what it is, it’s the realistic gameplay where you need to scavenge some items and equipment to use for combat. It has a big map and a realistic settings where there is houses to find items or equipment for your character and you can also use it to hide from enemies for combat tactics. You can use vehicles for easier transportation. If you kill other enemies, you can pick up their items just like in a real fight. You cannot carry too many equipment because your bag has a maximum capacity. You can craft items for combat and survival tactics, but crafting is not that easy, because you need to find some items or shred your equipment to craft it as a new and improve equipment. If you wear some gears, it literally change your characters look. And if you have teammates or party members, you can share your own equipment to them for survival strategies.

But the most feature that H1Z1 have is that you need to heal yourself first when you get shot or else your blood will runs out and you’re going to die. And the most important thing is when you die, the game is already over, there is no coming back, just like in a real fight. And that’s what make the H1Z1 king of killing unique from other games.

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How to play H1Z1

So how do we play the H1Z1 king of the kill?

Our character will be drop in a random location. When you character has been drop into a certain location, First thing you need to do is to find some valuable equipment like guns, vest, boots, helmets, Etc. and that’s why the game feels so suspense because you have nothing in your inventory when the game starts. So after you gather some useful equipment is you need to go to the safe zone so the gas won’t reach you, other players will also go to the safe zone in order for them to survive, but you should watch out for them because they will going to kill you as soon as they see you, that’s why you need to be aggressive too in order for you to survive. As the games goes by, the map will be smaller because the gas is spreading.

So you need to survive and kill the other players in order for you to survive. Because the rule of the game is Last man standing wins. Exciting right? That’s what I feel when I’m trying to survive from my enemies.

Playing H1Z1 is very fun especially when you’re playing with your friends.

Playing with duo or playing with five member is very fun, because you’re not just going to survive alone, you need to look for your teammates. You’re not the only one who’s going to win the game but all of you will going to win the game as a whole team. That’s what the game H1Z1 are more exciting and fun. According to the other player from different forums, H1Z1 is one of the best game for them because of its gameplay and graphics, even the sounds and the ambiance of the settings of the games suits the game very well. Many of the players of this game are satisfied on what are the gameplay of this game even though it’s not done yet and they can still make a better update for this game.

As a player of this game. I learned many tactics and strategies because of the gameplay and it suits very well to the other gamer just like me, but even if you’re just a casual player who play this for fun, it will greatly suits you because It is very fun to play. Playing this game isn’t just about fun, It is about discovering something new and improving your skills in shooting and tactics games. It can also improve your communicating and playing as a team because of the features when you play with party. It also greatly improve my reflexes skills. So technically, playing H1Z1 is not just making us fun but it also improving our skills as a player.


So basically H1Z1 king of kills is a game that is very fun to play, good for team play, a good time consuming game, it is not boring to play even if you play it for several hours, it is very suspense because of the killings and survival in the game, and it is one of the best shooting game I ever played. So if I’m going to rate it from 1-10 I’m going to rate it 9 because the game is not done yet and they can still make changes and updated to make the game better. So if you want to play a different level shooting game, H1Z1 king of kills is the best recommended game for you. It suits to any player because of its easy and fun gameplay. Just like the other reviews of the other players in this game, I have no negative comment with this game. So if you need and like to play this game, first you can buy this game code and download after that here: H1Z1: King of the Kill [Online Game Code]



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