Polarity is a fun first person puzzle game similar to portal. The game revolves around changing colors and going through barriers of colors. This game is a smart and game where you will have to think before you act!

The game itself is fun and it does have Split screen missions for those who want to have a challenge for themselves and their friends. With the intriguing level design, you can spend a lot of time figuring out the way to finish the level. It is definitely a recommendation for anyone who is looking for a quality puzzle game. Polarity is definitely a high end indie game with simple controls but fun content. BlueButton Games did succeed in making a fun portal like puzzle game for PC gamers.

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Polarity has 14 single player campaign maps which scale from beginner to hard, from introduction to needing to think about what should be done and with the 10 bonus levels you have a lot of playtime to look forward to. BlueButton Games succeeded to bring the music and the game together in harmony, it feels like the both are made for each other and it makes the playing experience a lot more enjoyable. The side objective of the game is to collect data fragments makes it more interesting as they are used to progress through the game, they are used to unlock levels further ahead which makes you want to replay a level if you missed the fragments. The controls are fluid and works like a charm. As the game is made in the Unity engine and is optimized so it will run with high FPS on any pc without any problems.

There isn’t much story behind the game but it is basically about the player being a hacker collecting data fragments and enough fragments opens the next levels. The concept itself is unique and works great and has full controller support which is a huge pro. As it is an indie game it has potential to lead to something bigger, maybe even Polarity 2. The game itself is cheap and can go as low as $0.2 dollars, which is a complete steal for this puzzle game. This game is great to be used for problem solving and could work great for a younger audience to help them find ways to solve problems and with the simplistic controls anyone can play it without any major problem! Something that would make the game better would be to add a “Map Creator” so that people could share maps with each other and make it so you have more content to play as well or they could release more levels themselves.

In conclusion the game is fun, makes you think and makes you start problem solving. I would highly recommend this game as you can get it so cheap, get a good amount of playtime out of it and a lot of enjoyment at a really good price. Polarity is currently on Steam Summer Sale for 90% off.

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