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Portal knights is an survival action role playing game. It is played in third person view. Portal knights is closely similar to the game minecraft and terraria where you can craft some items and weapons like pickaxe, swords, bows , etc. you can also build your own house, scavenge for useful resources and fight your enemies in order to survive, but it is the improved version of these games in terms of graphics and gameplay. This game is a combination of creativity and adventure, choosing from 3 different character classes: The knight, Ranger and Mage. Each class has different set of unique items and set of exciting skills.

Strongest class

Class is not much of an issue in this game since you can have two higher stat growth in the game. And you can wear other class weapons and armors for stat combination, which is a really nice feature. Rather than adding more classes, I think they should focus on class talents and different types of weapons. Depends on your playing preference. I’m a Warrior with my secondary stat as Intelligence to play as a Paladin with Holy and Healing spells.

There are a couple of factors that can go into this:

  • Can the Ranger destroy blocks with his bombs / are boss platforms destructible?
  • Do bosses have ranged attacks?
  • Can bosses move outside of their area / are safe spots possible?This is the biggest concern.
    If a boss can move out of melee range while being able to attack for long periods of time… warrior is going to just stand around dodging attacks. I am going to guess that ranger is going to be the go to class – range + dodge

If any of these are true, it would shift to the Mage / Ranger over the Warrior, especially for Solo play.

Overall, it is hard to say which will be the best. But i only like playing casters. So mage for me. At least till and if a cleric type class is added then thats for me definitely because i love playing support classes.

How to play

In the beginning of the game, first is you need to make your own character. There are some sets of question that you need to answer in order for you to realize on which class that you prefer to use, after that you need to choose what class you wanted to use and you’re going to customize your character. In the beginning of the game you cannot explore until you finish the quest on the starter island, they will introduce you the basics of the game, you will also need to finish the tutorial in order for you to get some good setup such as house, workbench and good set of materials.

4.Portal knights - Exlore the world

Portal knights review

So after the tutorial is you need to scavenge some useful resources to improve your own house and your crafting. You need to explore the map to gather some useful items such as treasure and hidden items, after you already finish on improving your house such as expanding it and putting farm to it. You also need to kill some enemies to level up your own character and grow it stronger, if you’re strong enough you need to improve your weapons and armors by crafting and upgrading it. If you’re all geared up then you’re ready to fight the bosses in order for you to finish the game.

Portal knights PS4

Portal knights PS4

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Guide in playing

So playing portal knights is a survival game where you need to survive from your enemies, build your house and gather some resources to survive in the whole game, but what is the best character that we can use in this game? Warrior is the best class for beginners because of its toughness and high damage in close combat, technically you don’t need to run away from your enemies and use range attacks for combat strategies.

Portal knights - Image credited : Steampowered

Portal knights – Image credited : Steampowered

Mage and ranger are the best class for the skilled players because you need some combat strategies to use this two class such as dodging, running and keeping distance to your enemies, this two class have very high damage and they are good in range combat but they have low health. So think wisely what fighting style you prefer before choosing a class you’re going to use.

7.Portal knights - Exlore the world

Portal knights have a huge map, travelling is one of the most amazing feature of this game because you’re going to travel from randomly generated places but if you travel so far you will be lost, so I suggest that you need to put some mark on the road in order for you to remember where you came from.

8.Portal knights - Exlore the world

As I said creativity is one of the major aspect of this game, in order for you to survive, you need to build your own house, build your own farm to plant some crops, and craft different items to survive from your enemies. So how can we craft in this game? Crafting is very important in this game because that is the only way for you to get some unique and useful items for your survival, but in order for you to craft some items, you need to find the right tools that you need, but you cannot craft without any crafting items, that’s why you need to build your crafting tools which is the workbench.

portal knights ps4 release date portal knights switch portal knights multiplayer portal knights ps4 release date portal knights switch portal knights multiplayer

Scavenging is also important in this game, but your bag have a maximum capacity so basically you cannot carry too many items in your bag that’s why you should be good in calculating what is the important items that you only need and you should be good in analyzing the useful items that you can get. In addition you should be good in searching from different places because there are hidden treasures and hidden items that is scattered everywhere like in caves, ruins, etc.

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Playing portal knights is not for only for singe player

Portal knights is not only for solo player. You can also play with your friends. Multiplayer mode in portal knightss lets 4 players to play simultaneously in the same world. It is much funnier than playing alone because you can team up with your friends to build a wonderful houses and scavenge for greater and stronger items.

Buying the game Portal knights and its game code is very worth it.

Portal knights is not a free game. You need to buy it on steam for $19.99 or in amazon for $24.45. I know that this game is not cheap but I will assure you that it is worth it to buy this game, because you’re going to play this game for very long time and you will enjoy this game so bad.

Overall rating

So for me this game is very great, it has a great gameplay, it has a stunning graphics and it is very fun to play. Even though there are games that is similar in this game just like mine craft and terraria, this game is the best survival action role playing game that I ever played. So if I will rate this game from 1 to 10, I will definitely rate it a perfect 10. Portal knights is very unique from any other games. So if you’re looking for adventure games that you can play with your friends and have a combination of action, survival and creativity, I suggest to you that portal knights is the best game for you.

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