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Salt and sanctuary is a 2 dimensional hand drawn visual game. It is an action role playing game and this game is hardly inspired by the Souls series game. Playing salt and sanctuary are very fun especially when you’re playing with your friends. This game has a cool graphics and it is great for time killing. I recommend this game to all of a casual players who wants to play for fun.

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Gameplay of the game Salt And Sanctuary

Salt and sanctuary is very fun to play. This game will not only make you fun but it also boost your strategy skills because it has different types of weapons, classes and skills to choose from to make a unique and strong character. You can choose from 600 different types of items that can be used in this game depending on what fighting style you prefer, this game also have a different categories of weapon and every weapon has a special moves including the air attacks. In this game your character can jump and stay in midair as long you attack and perform a different combos for combat strategy.

Review / Salt and Sanctuary – A great challenge

Review / Salt and Sanctuary – A great challenge

Unlike any other role playing game your character can wield two weapons for additional damage or shields for defending your character or parrying the attacks of enemies to perform a counter attack but if you do not want to use shield, you can also roll to avoid enemy attacks. There are also magic and range weapons that can be used in this game, depending on what strategy that you need to defeat the boss and enemies that you will encounter. You can choose from different classes and develop your characters stat depending on what fighting style that you prefer. There are also extensive skill tree in this game for a unique combinations of your characters skill.

Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary review

Unlike any other 2 dimensional role playing game, in this game you can choose from 8 different classes. Every classes have different starting equipment and skills from skill tree, but the main stats of the classes are not affected on which class that you choose. The 8 classes in salt and sanctuary are knight, mage paladin, thief chef, cleric, pauper, and hunter.

Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and sanctuary has unique feature which is the 12 different races in this game. It depends on what location that you select. It can change your character appearance and color but it doesn’t affect the skills of your character. In this game, you can transmute your items to generate a new and stronger items. transmutation is when you convert a weapon, shield or armor into another equipment type using the remains of bosses and enemies. Items in the game are slightly different from any other game because the items in this game are divided into 3 different part, the consumable, key and material. Those are different from equipment and offerings.

Salt and Sanctuary

This game is very unique to the other 2 dimensional sides scrolling game because of its concept and gameplay, and that’s why this game is very fun to play.

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Best weapon in salt and sanctuary

I used Kureimoa until I could transmute to Shrouded Bulwark. This is very good early game because of its flat damage, and then (when I had the materials) transmuted a second Kureimoa into a Jaws of Death. I played the game with Kureimoa/Bulwark/Jaws and a Warhammer in the 2nd set (more raw strike damage). To kill weaker monsters, the Warhammer was usually 1-shotting or 2-shotting, faster than the greatswords. In boss encounters, the greatsword was always much much stronger than the Warhammer (except for the last boss, which died to 6-7 hammertimes).
If greatswords are your thing then I’d aim for Jaws of Death as your next weapon. It’s one of the best until endgame, and even gives some of the weapons then a run for their money (that stun lock scissor action!)

And remember, once you get the Stone Alchemist you will be able to transmute that sword into a better one.

Salt and sanctuary TeamPlay – Online Multiplayer PC

Playing Salt and sanctuary are very fun to play especially when you’re playing with your friends or share play.

Unlike any other 2 dimensional side scrolling game, you can play with your friends in salt and sanctuary. Playing with friends is a bit different when you’re playing alone, that’s why it is very fun and exciting. You can play as a teammates in this game. It is called as co-operative. In co-operative, you’re going to team up with your friend to defeat your enemies and survive the game, but the monsters will be granted an extra hit points and damage and that’s why playing co-operative are thrilling and challenging.

You can also fight your friend to scale who is the stronger between you. Fighting your friend is called PVP. In PVP both of you will going to fight each other and the last man standing will win. Playing PVP are fun, exciting and challenging because you’re not going to fight against monsters but you’re going to fight another player. So if you have a friend who’s looking for a fun and exciting game with you. I suggest that Salt and sanctuary is the best game for both of you.

Salt and Sanctuary

Story of Salt And Sanctuary game

The story of the game salt and sanctuary is all began when a the player sailed into the sea with the princess from another country who will marry a king in the opposite kingdom in order to for her to stop the war, but the ship was attack by a group of marauders and killed all of its crew. The player killed the marauders and escaped to the deck but he needs to face a giant kraken of the sea resembling Cthulhu. The ship was drift into the shore of a mysterious island where different monsters dwell. The player needs to survive and escape to the mysterious island with the princess in order for him to stop the war.

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salt and sanctuary hager's cavern map

Salt and sanctuary hager’s cavern map

Salt and sanctuary world wiki map

Salt and sanctuary world wiki map

Salt and sanctuary coop

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Overall and Rating for Salt And Sanctuary

So generally this game is so great. For me this game is perfect because of its graphics, gameplay, game modes and story. The graphics of this game are very simple and cute, the gameplay are nice, simple and fun. The game modes are exciting because you can play with your friends and spend a lot of time having fun with them and the story are thrilling and exciting. So if I rate this game from 1 to 5, I will definitely rate it perfect 4.5. This game will not only challenge you but it will also help you boost your playing strategies by thinking a new combos and skills that your character can acquire to make a unique and powerful player. I play this game for a long time and I’m not bored to it because I always try a new class and skills. So if you’re looking for a game that is fun, thrilling and exciting especially when playing with your friends, this game is what I recommend.

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