Get Support from the Enemy

If you find yourself going one-on-one with an enemy tank in an open field, always position the enemy tank between yourself and the opposing team’s side of the map. That will make it much harder for the enemy team to shoot you, and sometimes enemy players will accidentally shoot their own teammate.

Dead Tank Use #1

When caught in the open, find the nearest tank carcass and park alongside it. Or use one for cover when a more powerful enemy tank is approaching you. Dead tanks can be quite useful for protection. You can often scoot around a dead tank and use it for cover while your teammates chip away at the enemy tank pursuing you. In this situation, the key is to stay alive and let your teammates do the work. Don’t bother trying to shoot, just focus on staying alive.

3rd Person View

In regard to third person view, WOT is very much like most first person shooters: it’s a handy way to cheat. If you zoom out as far as you can go and then right-click your mouse button, you can spin the view of your camera until you can see around corners.

If the enemy tanks have their turrets pointed in the wrong direction, you can safely scoot forward and take a quick shot at them before they are able to swing their turrets back around. You’re welcome.

Right-Click Hold…Shift

When sniping from a considerable distance or simply pinning an enemy down, you’ll often find one optimal location to aim at. You’ll find that spot, zoom in, and then wait for the enemy to expose himself. The downfall to this strategy is that you’ll be unaware of what’s going on around your tank because your field of vision is focused on one small area. Do this instead: zoom in and then Right-Click Hold. Now you can zoom out and spin your view around as much as you want. And when you want to return to that ‘zoomed in’ viewpoint, just click the SHIFT key and your viewpoint will immediately return to near your original zoomed in location. You’ll still have to fine tune in order to return to the exact spot of the Right-Click Hold, but the SHIFT key will instantly switch your viewpoint back to its original location (not exact, but very close). This is extremely useful for keeping an eye on your surroundings while sniping. Try it.

Artillery Tracers

When you’re playing artillery, focus on the exact map location where artilleries typically camp and then watch for their tracers. Once you see one, zero in on that location and blast them.

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When you and a pal are facing off against 2 or 3 enemy tanks and he decides to charge into the fray between them, you should follow him into battle. That’s a great time to do some damage as all three of them will be focused on his tank and you can freely shoot any one of them. You should always target the weakest of the group and try to eliminate it as quickly as possible.

Dead Tank Use #2

If the enemy isn’t lit but you know it’s behind a nearby building or hiding behind a boulder, pay attention to dead tanks and other map items such as trees, fences, scarecrows, barrels, etc.

While the enemy is hidden, you might not be able to see them but you can see anything their tank smashes or bumps into. When you’re stuck in a corner waiting for the enemy to expose himself, use the furthest 3rd person view possible and watch your immediate surroundings for invisible tanks crushing things or moving things.

Learn From the Best

If you’ve played the game for awhile, you’ve probably got a good sense at what types of tanks suit your natural play style. For me, it’s TDs, and when I’m in a speedy TD I’m a damage dealing machine with high win rates. But why am I better on TDs than other tanks? That’s something I need to figure out. Obviously, when I play the game with limitations associated with a fixed turret, I play at a higher skill level. I should take note of exactly how I play with TDs and apply the same style to other types of tanks. You should do the same thing.

Bad Match Making

A long time ago, when I could see team and global chat (prior to the mute option), one of the more common complaints from other players related to bad team balancing. Quite often, teams are poorly balanced and regardless of how well a person plays, the game quickly dissolves into a lopsided victory. Bad match making shouldn’t occur. Ever. It’s my belief that bad match making is deliberate to facilitate expenditure of credits and the purchase of gold. But maybe I’m just being paranoid.

Watch Them Die

Sometimes a teammate will get boxed into a terrible position with no hope of escape. And sometimes the best thing you can do is just watch him get destroyed and refrain from shooting or assisting in any manner because you’ll blow your camouflage. In situations like that, the best option is to do nothing and watch your teammate die.

Stale Mate

If I can pin down an enemy tank that’s more powerful than I am, I’m completely OK with that. Removing a more powerful gun than yours from game play is a winning strategy. However, if you’re the one with the more powerful gun and you’re letting a weaker tank keep you pinned down, shame on you. Get your gun into the game and start helping your teammates.

Shooting Blind

When an enemy tank disappears into camouflage but you had your cross hairs on him the moment before, take a few blind shots, especially if your shooting doesn’t trigger your Sixth Sense. Heck, if he’s invisible and you’ve got good reason to believe he’s still hiding in those bushes, take 3 or 4 blind shots. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and kill an invisible tank.

Snipers: Aim Once

When you’re sniping, sometimes it’s best to just aim once. As a sniper, your first shot is always the best because the enemy isn’t expecting it. But after that first shot, the enemy tank will squirm and try to reposition, and when you’re aiming from a distance, it can be difficult to make minor adjustments to your aim. So, instead of trying to adjust your aim, just maintain your original target. More than likely the enemy tank will shift back into a targetable position once again, and you can blast it.

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Dead Guys Shouldn’t Give Advice

Prior to Disable Battle Chat, I had to deal with distractive Dead Guy Advice in the team chat window almost every game. If you’re dead, do everyone a favor and shut up. You’re dead for a reason. You made a bad decision and a red guy destroyed your tank. Next time make better decisions.

Wired or Wifi Connection

Wired is always better. Always.

Scroll Wheel

If you don’t use a mouse with a middle scroll wheel, you should. It makes zooming in and zooming out a breeze. Anyone who uses a mouse with a scroll wheel definitely has a hardware advantage over players who don’t use one. Don’t be cheap. Buy one.

Standard Account or Premium Account

When you’re playing on a premium account, it definitely makes the game easier because you’ll almost always earn enough credits to pay for tank repairs and ammo. The experience bonus earned from premium accounts is also nice.

Unless you only play tier V or lower tanks, a standard account will almost always deplete its credit reserve faster than it can replenish it.

If you’re a dedicated player, I believe it’s worth it to pay for a premium account. Look at it this way: if you’re playing 2 hours every day, that’s 60 hours per month of entertainment. A premium account will greatly enhance your level of game enjoyment at a relatively inexpensive cost.

The other solution, at least in regards to earning credits, is to purchase a premium tank.


My recommendation for earning credits: buy a premium tank. My favorite is the SU-122-44. It’s a hell of a credit earner. I average 50,000 credits per game, and it’s common for me to exceed 75,000 credits in one game.

The one time purchase of a good credit earning premium nullifies the need to pay a monthly fee for a premium account, at least in regards to earning credits.

Crew Training

If I’m working towards a tier X, I will keep and play the tier V that’s along the same nationality line. I’ll spend gold to train the crew to 100% and then I’ll play that tier V as often as possible while I’m working up the line toward the X. When I finally acquire the tier X, I’ll switch the crew from the V to the X and pay gold for retraining.

By playing a tier V to train the crew, it’s much cheaper than playing in tier X games. Additionally, most tier V players are squishy so your crews will gain experience quickly.

I’m not one to own a bunch of tanks that I don’t enjoy playing, and when I’m following a line past tier V, I usually earn enough experience to purchase modules and buy the next tank as quickly as possible, and I’ll sell the previous tank and dismiss its crew. Of course, if I enjoy playing one of the tiers between V and X, I’ll hang onto it, but most of the time I sell them as soon as I’m able.

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Accelerated Crew Training

Buy a premium. Use it to earn credits and to accelerate crew training. You can stuff the crew from your favorite tank into a premium tank without having to retrain them. Thus, premium tanks are great for two things: (1) earning credits and (2) accelerated crew training.

Additionally, I believe premium tanks get better match making. I have a 58% pug win rate on my SU-122-44 and I’ve played over 1,000 battles in that tank. Admittedly, I’m a solid player on TDs but I don’t think I’m that good. I’m guessing everyone has high win rates on their SU-122-44, and I’ll bet it’s because it gets favorable match making. So, in that respect, I believe the SU-122-44 is a worthwhile purchase in lieu of paying for a premium account.

Tank Gear

Camouflage is the only piece of gear I install on every tank. Other than that, I’ll choose the following:

  • Scouts: Coated Optics + suspension durability
  • All else: Gun Rammer + Binocular Telescope or suspension durability

Other than the above mentioned gear, I believe other gear options aren’t useful enough to warrant taking a slot. C02 tanks, for example, are worthless. Again, it goes back to asking the question: how often does this item benefit my game play? The C02 tanks won’t benefit you very often, especially if you’re a decent player. Why install a piece of gear that provides zero benefit 95% of game time? The answer: you shouldn’t.

World of Tanks O-I Experimental Weak Spots Side

World of Tanks O-I Experimental Weak Spots Side

Friendly Fire

Accidents happen. Don’t have a hissy fit. Then again, sometimes it’s not an accident. The question is: did you deserve it?


I will update this guide from time to time as I continue to play the game. To make sure you have the latest version, make sure you comeback again once every few months.

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For those of you interested in stats, checkout If you’re in the U.S.A., you’ll have to choose “NA Server” from the pull down option and then enter your account name to see a variety of your game play stats.

Most players focus on the Win8 rating which is based on a variety of factors. At the time of this latest article update (January 2017) my Win8 is 1587 which is a solid rating. I’m an above average player but it took awhile for me to get there.

If you’re interested in elevating stats, just remember that you can’t do everything in one type of tank. For increasing average damage output, play a high tier TD. For capping and/or base defense, play mediums and lights. Want a high win rate? Use a tier 5 tank with an excellent crew and you’ll easily have a high 50%+ or even 60%+ win rate in that tank which will increase your overall win rate. Each type of tank has its natural talents and you should focus on those talents rather than trying to do something the tank isn’t built for. (Example: trying to get your average damage output to 2,000 per game by using a light tank that gets tier 10 match making.) Players with incredibly high Win8 ratings are using several different tanks to accomplish elevated “average” stats across the board.

View Range Indicators On Minimap (Important!)

If you go into the Settings section and click on the “General” tab, you’ll find a section titled “View range indicators on minimap”. Make sure you activate these:

  • Show the view range circle
  • Show the maximum spotting range

With those check boxes toggled ON, you’ll now see the maximum spotting range on the minimap as well as the maximum view range for the tank you’re playing. Knowing these distances is extremely important. By knowing the maximum spotting range, you can snipe enemies from just beyond maximum spotting distance and keep your tank hidden. The only way to understand how important these two options are is to toggle them on and see how beneficial they are to game play.

Enlarge the minimap

Use the plus and minus keys (“+” or “-”) on your keyboard to expand the size of the minimap. As my skill level has increased over the past few years, I find myself focusing more on the minimap than on the actual viewpoint of the tank. By watching the minimap more often, you’ll be less likely to play with tunnel vision. I keep my minimap two sizes larger than the default size.

Split Decision

Inevitably you will find yourself alone facing two enemy tanks. When this happens, one of them will peel off and try to flank you. If you sit still or turn and face the flanking tank, you’re more than likely going to lose the encounter altogether. Instead, charge the tank that remains in front of you. This will reduce the fight to a 1v1 encounter (at least for a few seconds) and you’ll have a chance at winning. Of course, the flanking tank will eventually get behind you or return to help his buddy. Either way, you’ll do much better by charging the solo tank than waiting or turning to face the one that’s flanking.

Seal Clubbing

One method of elevating your stats is to play low tier games. This is called “Seal Clubbing” and is done deliberately by skilled players. A friend of mine brags about his 53% win rate but he rarely plays outside of tier 5 and tier 6. His favorite tanks are a Chaffee (tier 5) and a Hellcat (tier 6). His Chaffee crew has 7 perks and his Hellcat crew has 8 perks. So, when he plays those tanks, he’s playing with an extreme edge as low tier battles typically have lower quality players with poorly trained crews. There’s nothing wrong with beating up on low tier players. However, if you want to play against the best players in the game in order to test your tanking skills, you’ll need to play the higher tiers.

Stealth Predator

The French Foch 155 TD is my current favorite TD. In my opinion, it’s the deadliest tank on the battlefield for a variety of reasons (most notably the ammo clip). Since I’ve acquired the Foch 155, I’ve learned an entirely new set of strategies for playing TDs that I’d never considered.

I now let enemy tanks commit to open ground before I fire the first shot. Most players will poke out of their position to see if their Sixth Sense goes off or if an enemy tank shoots at them. Instead of firing at them the moment I get a clear shot, I wait. They will poke out a few times and then – after not getting fired upon – leave their cover and expose themselves in open ground. That’s when I blast them. Even if they reverse course and try to get back to their original position behind cover, I can typically hit them with all 3 rounds while they’re fully exposed. If you’ve ever been shot by a tier X Foch 155, you know that 3 rounds will most likely destroy your tank or cripple it to such an extent that it’s practically useless.

High Explosive

The Foch 155 uses Armor Piercing, High Explosive Anti-Tank (Gold), or High Explosive rounds. I normally stick with Armor Piercing (the basic ammo). However, if I’m on a map where I know my first encounter will be against front-facing heavies, I will load High Explosive ammunition to start the game. By using High Explosive rounds, I will do a lot less damage but I will kill crew members and destroy modules instead, and I’ll be doing it immediately within the first few minutes of the game. Any heavy tank that takes three heat rounds in the face and loses crew members and modules will back away from that encounter. It’s very common for my Foch 155 to kill/destroy 10+ crew members/modules by the end of a game where I used heat ammunition. If you find yourself on a map where you’ll be facing well-armored, front-facing heavies immediately, try loading high explosive ammunition for that first encounter.

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Foch 155

Everyone says this TD has been nerfed repeatedly. I only recently started playing it so I don’t know what changes occurred. Regardless, this “nerfed” tank is overpowered. Not only can it do tremendous burst damage, it has very good armor and is pretty quick at scooting around the map. Additionally, it’s heavy and is quite effective at ramming (I often push enemy tanks off cliffs and race down hillsides to ram low health enemies – this tank is FUN!).

SPG World of Tanks AMX 50 2160

SPG World of Tanks AMX 50 2160

If you can dedicate yourself to working the line toward the Foch 155, I highly recommend it.

Three More Premium Tanks

I purchased the French medium AMX CDC (tier 8) with the intention of using it to train a crew that I would eventually switch to my Foch 155. In my opinion, the AMX CDC shouldn’t even be in the game. It’s basically a gigantic light tank that gets ammo racked the first time it gets shot, and being a tier 8 tank, it’s often in tier 10 games. It took a while for me to get used to this tank and learn how to play it effectively. Its best use is for flanking and for mobile sniping. Other than those two strategies, this thing is nothing more than a giant target for the enemy that gets destroyed within a few hits. I don’t recommend it.

The Cromwell B is your basic medium tank. There’s nothing special about it. If you’re proficient with mediums, it’s a great tank for ‘seal clubbing’ the low tier battles and for earning a decent amount of credits. I bought it because it came with a fully trained crew (Brothers In Arms trained at 100%). My intention was to buy the tank and retrain the crew but I soon learned that you can’t retrain Brothers In Arms – that perk is permanent. If you like playing mediums, the Cromwell B is a worthwhile purchase.

The Type 64 is a tier 6 Chinese light tank. Very quick and very fast and small (making it hard to hit). It’s a fun tank and great at earning credits. I recommend it.

Advice for Heavies

If you’re pushing around a corner, stay conscious of the supporting TDs behind you. Quite often, as a TD, I am in position to support the heavies but they push too far around a corner and effectively eliminate my gun from the encounter. The only way for me to contribute to the fight at that point is to move forward and reposition my TD at a new angle. So, if you’re in a heavy, make sure it’s the right time to push a corner before you do so otherwise you’ll find yourself alone without TD support.

Advice for Scouts

Pay attention to whether or not your teammates are behind you. While it’s easy to race across the map to your favorite location for spotting enemy tanks, if your team has moved to an entirely different location on the map, then your spotting is basically useless.


That’s quite a bit of info to absorb. I hope my observations can enhance your game play and provide a more enjoyable gaming experience.

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, I’m not a hard core gamer. I’m more of an active player without too much vested interest in the outcome of a game or player stats. WOT is a form of entertainment for me, nothing more.

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