How to Increase Your Win Rate

#1 – Stick with your team mates. When I first started playing, I almost never stayed near my teammates. I zipped around the map and did my own thing, often dying very quickly and contributing almost zero to my team. After playing WOT for a while, and after acquiring a computer built specifically for gaming, I started to actually care about winning. Nowadays, unless I’m scouting, I travel with my teammates because a 3v2 encounter is much different than a 3v1 encounter. If you can make a point of sticking alongside your teammates and assisting them, your combined team firepower will significantly increase your team’s chance at winning.

#2 – Learn the maps. Every map has strategic sniping positions, artillery positions, and scouting positions. Learn those spots by paying attention to where the more experienced players position themselves.

#3 – Play with experienced crews. When you finally acquire a tank you want to play, make sure you play with an experienced crew. The more perks/skills your crew has, the more effective the tank will be.

Kill the Weak

The quicker you can remove an enemy tank from the game, the better chance you’ll have at winning the game. If you have the option of killing a 2% health tank or damaging a 40% health tank, always kill the 2%. First and foremost, you eliminate a working gun that can damage you or your teammates.

That’s the obvious benefit. Second, every time an enemy gets destroyed it has a negative psychological effect on the other team. Even if it’s a low tier tank, losing a team mate is never a good feeling and every player cringes when one of their teammates gets knocked out of a game.

Focused Fire

Have you ever watched a school of fish? They’re perfectly aligned and swimming in unison as one cohesive unit. Now imagine what happens if you drop a rock into the middle of that school. They scatter. And that’s what you need to do to the enemy team if you want to win.

Focused Fire is the most dangerous form of enemy organization. You must break up their teamwork and get their turrets spinning in different directions whenever possible.

When there are multiple enemy tanks pointed at one of your teammates, you need to figure out how to redistribute their fire power, even if it means taking a hit or two. If you’re at 100% health and your buddy is at 40% health, you can afford to take a hit. This might require driving directly in front of your teammate in order to protect his health from the next shot, or it might mean deliberately exposing your tank to draw enemy fire, or it might mean going for a quick jaunt through enemy territory to make them scramble to protect their artillery.

If you’re going to expose yourself, do so at a distance from your teammates. The more time required for the enemy to spin his turret to aim at you, the longer the time required for the enemy to spin his turret back to the original target. The more turret-spinning and aiming required from your enemies, the more time gets wasted between their shots.

However you do it, diffusing the enemies firepower is always a top priority. The longer you can keep yourself and your teammates alive, the more likely you’ll win the game.

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Aim for the Hatch

Sometimes you get stuck in close combat and you’ll be scraping paint with the enemy. This is never fun as it becomes difficult to aim with any kind of precision. When this happens, I always aim for the enemy’s top hatch. I’ll try to jam the enemy tank into a fixed position by pushing against it, and then I’ll zoom all the way in and try to shoot the top hatch. If you can squeeze off a shot and penetrate, you’ll usually knockout a crew member which will greatly increase your chance at winning the encounter.

Low Frame Rate

When I first started playing WOT, I played on an old office computer that was built for running Microsoft Office. As you can imagine, game play was sluggish. My frame rate hovered at 15 frames per second, which is almost unplayable. But I didn’t care. I was playing during work breaks with the intention of killing time. I played for nearly 10,000 games with that dismal frame rate before I decided to purchase a gaming computer. I can’t imagine what my win rate was but it had to be horrific. Now, with the gaming computer, my frame rate averages 75 fps.

If you’re playing WOT on a slow computer, you should crank all the graphics settings down to their lowest level, and you should disable any programs that run in the background of your OS. Also, shut down your antivirus programs. And if it still seems unbearable to play, I suggest playing artillery. The overhead view makes for a friendly FPS environment. One more suggestion: if you have low frame rate, stay out of bushes. They seem to further dampen FPS.


If you’re a medium or a scout, you have much more mobility than TDs and Heavies. When two groups of tanks are locked in a head-to-head battle, flank the bad guys. You don’t necessarily have to shoot, just get behind them and make sure they spot you. You’ll split their group up and, hopefully, at least one of them will pursue you or at least point its gun toward you. Any time you can split the enemy’s firepower is a good thing.

Just One Gold Round

The only tank of mine that gets a full load of Gold for every game is my T50. For the others, I’ll sometimes load the first round as a gold round, and that first shot typically takes a nice chunk out of the enemy’s hit points and makes the player think twice about getting hit again.

Shimmy Shimmy

When you’re stuck with nowhere to go and an enemy tank has you in its sights, do NOT sit still. Even if the most you can do is rotate your tank left and right, then that’s what you should do. The better players like to spot target their shots, and the more you can delay their ability to shoot, the more time you buy for your reload. Of course, if you’re in a TD, it’s best not to shimmy too much in case you get tracked and your aim gets locked in the wrong direction.

Take It in the Face

This should be an obvious one but I see a lot of players ignore this basic rule. Your tank is designed to mitigate damage from the front.

So, with that in mind, you should always face forward when confronting an enemy. If you need to escape, do so in reverse and try to keep the front of your tank facing the enemy while you retreat.

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Too many scouts are over zealous in the first few minutes of the game. I used to be guilty of this.

When the game first starts and you’re in a scout, either find a passive scouting position or find a good camping location to wait for enemy tanks to start along their path of travel. There’s nothing more foolish than to expose your tank to a line of trigger happy tankers with nothing to shoot. While it’s a good thing to be the first exposed in battle because you’ll draw fire and grab the enemy’s attention, it can easily get you killed if you move too quickly across the map because you have no support behind you as your teammates have barely left the starting point. Then again, if you can get deep behind enemy lines, your team can advance and get solid positions while the enemy pursues you or at least shoots at you and loses valuable time. Is it worth it to SuiScout? If you’re having fun, absolutely. If you’re a stat junky, probably not.

Stop Squirming

If you’re surrounded by brush and you’ve got shots flying at you from multiple directions, stop moving and cease firing. It won’t take more than a few seconds of sitting idle until your tank disappears from the enemy. At that point they’ll lose sight of you but they will keep their aim on your location just in case you move or start firing again. Instead, don’t do anything. Just wait, and within ten or twenty seconds they’ll focus their attention elsewhere.

Stick Around

If you die early in a game, don’t quit and go back to your garage. Spend some time watching your team mates play. Click your mouse button to switch between viewpoints of players who are still alive on your team. If you’re somewhat new to the game, you’re guaranteed to learn a thing or two by watching how your teammates play.

Disable Battle Chat

While I have a few sections in this article related to chat-channel issues, I now play with Disable Battle Chat toggled on. In my opinion, this is the best added feature in the game. Prior to this feature, my blacklist exceeded one hundred players. I used to add anyone who argued or debated in chat regardless of who they were arguing with. I’d wager 95% of pug chat is disruptive to game play, and the mute toggle was a welcome relief to someone like me who prefers to focus on the game rather than the chat line. I recommend activating Disable Battle Chat.

For those of you who enjoy arguing in chat, it’s impossible to win arguments. Even if you think you’ve won, you’ve still lost because you’ve allowed another player to waste your time. I don’t know about you, but my time is valuable. I’d rather bet on a horse race and watch my money run around the track than stick around in a WOT game and argue a virtual point.

One other thing to consider regarding the rampant hostility on battle chat is that video games are the last vestige of male dominated space. Without getting into politics/culture too much, the reality is that most male dominated spaces don’t exist anymore. Women have elbowed their way into practically every male dominated space in existence. And once they’re inside, they insist on changing the behavior of men: don’t use those words, don’t be mean, don’t hurt my feelings, don’t name call, don’t discuss certain topics, don’t be aggressive, don’t be competitive, etc.

Men are highly competitive. That’s our nature. And video games, particularly first person shooters, reward the ultimate alpha style game play: “kill or be killed”. There’s no diplomacy. No politics. No mercy. No “safe space”. No political correctness. You either kill the enemy or you die. So, the next time you see a player throw an extreme rage fit in battle chat, keep that in mind and don’t take his violent rant personally. He is most likely venting life frustration in the only “male dominated” space he has left.

Count Artillery

Enemy artillery is, accordingly, designated by a brownish icon on the team list. Before the game starts, you should always check to see how much artillery is on the enemy team. If they don’t have any, you can play the game in a much more fluid and careless manner without worrying about sky lasers. If the enemy has multiple artillery you’ll need to hug buildings and/or rubble/landscaping throughout the game or until the enemy artillery is eliminated. In short, pay attention. Know what types of tanks are on the opposing team before the game starts.

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