A flexible support class, Specialists primarily act through their flying GREMLIN drones, which then later heal and protect their squad mates or harass and disable robotic foes. They also specialize in another of XCOM 2‘s new mechanics if you never know, hacking. Having at least one Specialist that is mainly focused on healing with you at all times is practically a requirement for keeping your squad alive as the game goes on. So because the two skill trees fill such different roles, then doubling up on Specialists can be one of the best ways to capitalize on the increased squad size bonuses from the Guerrilla Tactics School.

Battle Medic skills always tends to do exactly what you would expect, allowing for the Specialist to always keep their squad mates fresh with Medical and Revival Protocols and also Field Medic. You need to know that if you’re not bringing along a hacking-focused Specialist, then Haywire Protocol and Capacitor Discharge can be very powerful abilities to balance out their utility. Combat Hackers has become more important as the game goes on and you encounter some of its nastier robots, such as the Advanced MECS and the towering Sect pods. Combat Protocol may be slightly underwhelming at first, but don’t underestimate its ability to do guaranteed damage that ignores cover and armor, particularly against robots. This damage increases substantially as you upgrade the GREMLIN. ​

​Note that all of the GREMLIN’s Protocol abilities really require a single action and do not end the turn, allowing for immense flexibility in how Specialists conduct their turns. ​

Because Specialists benefit the most from med kits or the hacking-aiding Skull jacks, and they are particularly well served by the additional utility item slot in the basic Predator and Warden Armors.

Xcom 2 Specialists Class

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